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Phenomenal success of Shruti Goyal from Noida​

Dear all learners

Cheers for a Leader!! 

Shruti Goyal , student of Shriram Millennium, Noida  has roared her way to success by becoming the highest scorer in AP and SAT 2 in India. In SAT 1 also she scored remarkable 1540/1600 in her March 9 th 2019 first attempt.

AP score – 5/5 

Physics C – Mechanics, Electrostatic and Magnetism – 5/5
Calculus BC – 5/5
Computer science A – 5/5
Chemistry – 5/5
These scores are rare and have made this Journey towards IVY LEAGUE.
SAT 2 – 800/800
Maths level 2 – 800/800
Physics – 800/800
Chemistry – 800/800
PERFECT SCORES IN (5 AP) AND ( 3 – SAT 2 ) WITH 1540 IN SAT 1 – It’s a wow combination.

Rupali Sharma: a mentor of Shruti at EduQuest says that it is a proud moment for them as they polished this gem for the international world. Ms. Sharma also added that Shruti will be filling up application in EA and AP along with SAT 2 will help her getting scholarships and her favourite course in top universities.
We are really proud of our Adaptive model of coaching which revolves around improvement areas of a student but yes, No doubt that student commitment is needed in order to help us being a successful mentor and helping us in taking out the best from the student.
Shruti command over language and science is at the top. She is very humble and calm girl with all-rounder track record. Being a throughout best in her studies never became a hurdle in her extracurricular activates which is actually making her profile strongest to impress IVY LEAGUE. She wants to go for computer science course in her college. Shruti is self motivated which made our journey with her interesting and successful.
Thanks for making us Proud !!


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