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Dear All Learners,

Considering that you are all having a mind that is logical enough and has pretty much sharpness, we may like to have some words with the students. In collegeboard Eduquest, we ensure that we will deliver proper respect to their unique learning manner as well as their views respectively at SAT Coaching in Saudi Arabia.

People, who are willing to work as a mentor for any student college board, need to have this ability to understand where the student is standing in the graph of education. Having a system of teaching which is adaptive enough is better since, in that way, the student’s exact ability will make progress as much as it could adapt itself with the mentor.

Learning has been defined by Eduquest via a few steps of teaching that one can incorporate in their style. Here are the ones listed below.

  1. Clear Conception- To have an understanding of the SAT exam concepts along with a mind that can reason logically behind anything happening around, plays a very pivotal role in learning.
  2. Further, one needs to apply their skills on a few questions and move a step closer towards attaining 100% accuracy.
  3. You can start challenging yourself against the time to check your efficiency collegeboard for SAT exam.

One can opt for classes for any boards or olympiad examinations. Also, you can go for our experienced teaching for PSAT, ACT, AP, SAT coaching in Saudi Arabia, tuition or test related to any class given in EduQuest as well.

The classes that we provide for SAT Coaching in Saudi Arabia, PSAT, AP, ACT including a test or providing tuition for any of the boards or even any olympiad examinations, has made its commencement in the year 1995. Since then, Eduquest has acquired multiple levels of the students in the extensive training experience. To activate the individuals for designing, that is to customize a particular curriculum to make preparations for the examination that they want to crack, we provide a double mode of study. They can opt for “Online Live” if they want, or even “Classroom Sessions” are also available. But before that, we make sure that our students go for the “Diagnostic Test Framework.” With a huge number of students that have been trained by our institution in Eduquest for SAT Coaching in Saudi Arabia, our students have also scored great ranks in every examination, they sat for. This apart, we also work in helping and advising the students on how to write applications. Also, in Eduquest, we not only provide SAT Coaching in Saudi Arabia, but we also put the focus on providing end-to-end service and guidance for the students to make the right choices while deciding which university, school, college, or institution to go for further studies. We also offer our students to get ready for coaching classes provided online for SAT II as well as AP in Delhi.

A lot of schools out there have already sent us an invitation so we could hold seminars and sessions for career counseling for their students. For our SAR/ ACT – 360 – degree approach program in Eduquest, we have been honored by the prestigious school that we work on building the student’s future. Now we are in collaboration with some of the renowned schools with our 360 o degree approach program in Delhi and NCR. As it has been already mentioned that Eduquest, besides SAT coaching in Saudi Arabia, proudly provides complete mentorship programs for a lot of examinations that are listed below

• Any board – IB, IGSCE, ICSE, ISC, CBSE
• AP

• Board exam assistance.
• Olympiad and NTSE
• Application end to end support

You can follow the link to know more:

Career Counselling

To mentor for career counseling at Eduquest in Saudi Arabia is pretty sensitive. It is because if anything goes wrong in the process, even the slightest ones can cause a mess to the lives of the students.


Impacting the development of career, potential, characteristics, interest, values as well as the circumstances too some of the factors work without being visible. To recognize and notice your attributes, this one is considered as an important step. Also, you can step into the professional world choosing your suitable education, a career as well as life-related decisions.

Career counseling is not only restricted to the part where a student chooses the major or maybe the job after he or she has done the graduation. Life is entitled to keep on changing in the aspects of technology, interest as there are a few influencing factors that work on to bring changes in the priority in life. Career counseling also aims at providing the right knowledge, attitude, and skills that one might need to make life decisions in the future, apart from enabling the ability of the students to make current decisions for the present situation. To proceed with this process, SAT Coaching in Saudi Arabia at Eduquest incorporates the help of the Psychometric test followed by discussions that we engage with our students.


Personality Development at Eduquest in Saudi Arabia

Self-awareness works in a way that your life decisions would get better with more self-awareness that you have. In Eduquest, we involve this as our aim to develop a personality with proper sessions.

Our main aim with the help o these classes is to stay engaged with the student as well as strengthening the inner as well as the outer personality of the students. This will help them with the ability to see through any given situation.

Even if the candidate has a smart appearance, proper etiquette of doing things, or even can impress people with their speaking skills, it cannot still be termed as a developed personality. It is entirely the scale of maturity that one possesses which makes him or her strong emotionally and enables them to become nervous or feel helpless in any given situation which has been a failure. The type of standard that the students will need to meet for their graduating years, should comply with even with the smallest details with them.

We aim to train our students in Eduquest which will meet the international practices that will be the best suit for them. Also, the students in Eduquest will be heading to the long-term benefits that they will be receiving from our program, apart from SAT Coaching in Saudi Arabia.

  • We, in Eduquest, work on building up the level of confidence and boost their enthusiasm to a great extent.
  • Our students get promoted with the outlook imbibed in them towards their life that is filled with passion.
  • Incorporating in them the ability to think positive thoughts and commit good actions.

A developed personality would improve in every circumstance of life. Keeping in mind the areas that a person would need to work on, Eduquest frames the program. For the entire curriculum session, we will be following the same program.


Why should you take the PSAT/ACT/SAT/PSAT/SAT-subject test/AP Coaching in Saudi Arabia with Eduquest?

Get our 360 - degree approach program from Eduquest in SAT coaching in Saudi Arabia that will include training for examination with personalized packages and we take care of the sensitive aspects, that is the moral training, skills to debate, proper skills to present along with etiquette and growth in personal features


Students will also receive videos and books from Eduquest for attending extra classes that will be conducted via the online interactive classes. Also get doubt clearing sessions, that too, as many as you want which getting on hand the practice materials that are the best o its type.

Eduquest will provide a total class that will count on to 100 hours. Opt for any topic and we will provide free and unlimited classes.

We mainly aim at the weak points and work dedicatedly to fix that. We encourage the students to do the classes because we move accordingly to the needs of the students. this helps them to stay motivated throughout with efficient potential.

Our course commences from the elementary level so students do not feel heavy with the syllabus. We increase the speed and the level by taking regular examinations.

There is a facility for the Generation of the Test that we provide in Eduquest. Students can customize it by choosing the number of tests they want to take, along with the number of questions as well as the level of difficulty. With this, we can directly target the areas of the students that will need improvement.

Each level will have 600 questions. We have a total of such practice papers that might count up to over 10,000

There will be reality-based questions taken according to the examination. Our exam experts have designed and edited the questions to make them relevant enough for the students in Eduquest.

A school will also be offered from our end, where the students will be making preparations for competitive examinations while yielding results that we can take guarantee on.

Let’s have a look at the complete mentorship program below which has been designed with 5 years of segmentation.










5 Years

1.      We provide the training in Eduquest for 5 years integrated program and the students can avail of mentorship for the following exams.

·         PSAT Exams

·         SAT I Exams

·         SAT II Exams

·         AP Exams

·         TOEFL and IELTS Exams

2.      Get guided exclusively for Board examinations.

3.      Training for Olympiad and NTSE is also available.

( fees will be as per the courses chosen)

Follow the link to know more:

Also, check this out::






4 Years






3 Years

1.      In  Eduquest, our goal is to provide the student with the proper preparation for the following exams for 3 years integrated program.

·         PSAT Exams

·         SAT I Exams

·         SAT II Exams

·         AP Exams

·         TOEFL and IELTS Exams 

2.      We will also be providing training to the students who will opt for Board examinations.

3.      Also, the students in Eduquest can get training for examinations like Olympiad and NTSE too.

( fees will be as per the courses chosen)

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2 Years

For 1 and 2 years of an integrated program, it is different from the above options. That is because the applicants can opt for the following courses for a shorter period.  

·         SAT I Exams

·         SAT II Exams

·         AP Exams

·         TOEFL and IELTS

·         Also, get trained for any board exam.

·         Get assisted for other exams like Olympiad and NTSE as well

( fees will be as per the courses chosen)



1 Year



360-degree approach

Diagnostic test framework

We keep evaluating the students without missing any step. The module that we craft in SAT Coaching in Saudi Arabia at Eduquest entirely focuses on the areas of the students that need to pay attention to. Therefore, this restless graphing in the course is mandatory as well as a regular thing.

Important aspects that our course offer

  1. For every student coaching is provided only after crafting a map guide.
  2. We add an “Improvement ladder” which will be available in the mark sheet for each student.
  3. Preparation done according to the prepared module.
  4. Along with assessments taken on each section, we also pay special attention to areas where they are lagging.
  5. We do not leave up the course unless the student has reached his or her ultimate potential.
  6. We provide all our online tests which are grounded on the basics of Artificial Intelligence.
  7. The students are entitled to facilitate Test Generation.
  8. Incorporating a “Diagnostic test framework” which is a proven adaptive model, we ensure regular assessment which will yield better performance.
  9. Get along with the testing phase done relentlessly.
  10. Eduquest will provide all the materials required as well as the books to the students.



In the very first week, we will be analyzing the students, either in groups as well as personally. Then we will shift to warming up the test to corroborate the evaluation. A subjective and objective approach will be adopted.


The test to warm up or to the guide map is done to craft the modules in a way that will trigger the areas of the student that is down for improvement.


Students can avail of our one-on-one class provided in Eduquest, even for SAT Coaching in Saudi Arabia, if they require any special attention on any topic. In this way, we focus on personalizing the course as per the needs of every student. We provide three groups to choose from.
Platinum – Designed for students who are connecting at a speedy pace and in a group of 1300 – 1500+ groups.
Gold – Designed for students whose speed is paced at a medium rate and in a group of 1100- 1300+ group. .
Silver – Designed for students who are relatively slower at paced and in a group of 800 – 1100+ group. Also, in eduquest, apart from providing SAT Coaching in Saudi Arabia, we work hard to get every student are above 1500 from our unlimited classes provided. Our training consists of 90 hours. So, after this, our goal in Eduquest is to prepare all the students to be able to reach the level of 1500+.


Generation of Test is also available for the students to make choices from the number of questions, the level of question difficulty, and on which topic, he or she needs to.


Eduquest provides the students minimum of 15 full-length papers to take the est. We also can produce 5000 such readily available papers as such.


Not only the Psychometric test, but we would also be concentrating on the assessment of building the profile, sessions for career counseling too. Also, the results for the same will be shared with the parents too


We, in Eduquest, besides SAT Coaching in Saudi Arabia, would advise the students to go for the activities for building the profile if we notice any gap.


The task to match profile is going to be done with several colleges. Also, we will be keeping in mind that the profile and interest of the student may vary from each other.


We will guide the students to write for SOPs, Essays, and LOR too.


Scholarship writing application guidance will also be provided.

We have received expertise in the following:

1. Admission Process Acknowledgement

We have gathered experience over the years of practice which has enabled us to develop an in-depth understanding of the admission processes engaged internationally while accumulating insights that have been specified by schools. The cultural gaps are entitled to get abridged within the applicants as well as the international institutions.

2. Personalized Counselling

We understand that every individual possesses different meaning while understanding everyone’s aims, strength as well as uniqueness in profile. Our motto is to provide the students with a better identification of options available to highlight the area of their potential to express with confidence, their way of individuality.

3. Approach with team

Even after being in touch with consultants who will work dedicatedly, the students will have the support provided by a team which is ready for writing essays, resume as well as the interview specialists. Technology aided process is followed to streamline as well as go for seamless work with the individuals, regardless of their locations.

4. Technology Upliftment

Technology assists us to collect information, filter insights as well as aid our clients to make better decisions.

SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP, SAT II Online Test Series at Eduquest

Our new Artificial Intelligence will help us to take a test series for the students.

It will be a precious present formulated with unique questions and strategies that have been proven to start with your presentation.

in Eduquest, you can avail of classes for PSAT, SAT, SAT II, AP which come in both online life as well as offline courses that will enable the students to get a proper pace for learning.

Best of Breed – We aim to exploit the preparation taken by the students to have the international standard in the materials. That will provide the students to opt for the aptitude test that is taken internationally. Our resources are enough to strike directly on the needs of the students. With a specialized set, our workbooks contain a series of questions for the students to prepare for examinations.

To get a customized package, you can get in touch with our experts who can explain the ones with your best needs.

Our 360 – degree approach program in Eduquest will be made available to every student so they can opt for full guidance which deciding on their career, their style of learning, keeping an eye n the level of their motivation, passionate outlook towards life, and polishing the aspects of their personality. We also provide SAT Coaching in Saudi Arabia that you can opt for too.

This can be done by regular mapping, notifying the areas that they are lagging on. The customization of the class will be provided after the evaluation of the courses done at every step.

  1. We will prove 15 full-length tests at least.
  2. Tests will be taken according to the topic.
  3. Even sub-topics are also entitled to be evaluated after each class is taken.
  4. Assessment to be taken as per the topic.
  5. Our teachers are well equipped with strategies that have test-taking capabilities.
  6. If any student requires extra attention, we will be providing special helpline sessions too.
  7. We will also hold surprise tests whose results will be reported via e-mail.
  8. We recommend the usage of software and applications such as Zoom and Webex.
  9. Students can go for the Generation of Test to choose their aspects for the test.
  10. We will provide unlimited sessions and design the classes as per the target of the students.
  11. Get classes for IELTS and TOEFL as well
  12. Get equipped with application writing which will be provided by an end-to-end career counseling by the experts.
  13. Focusing on the growth of personal features while incorporating better skills for debating.
  14. We will be guiding the students by providing classes till the students can reach their final potential.

SAT Coaching in Saudi Arabia

You can get Eduquest provided online live group courses available at a price – of Rs. 40,000/- only

If you opt for one-on-one session, you will be charged – Rs. 60,000/- only

For the hybrid group course, you need to pay – Rs. 50,000/- only

For the hybrid class with one-on-one session, we charge- Rs.80,000/- only + GST

PSAT Coaching in Saudi Arabia

The prices of the courses that we offer are as under ONLY PSAT with orientation sessions on AP and SAT 2.

If you are opting for the group classes that will be conducted via online life, you will have to pay – Rs. 35,000/- only

For getting all your sessions via on one mode, your fees will amount – Rs. 40,000/- only

The amount for Hybrid Classes will be charged – Rs. 50,000/- only

For opting hybrid with one-on-one session will amount you to – Rs. 60,0000/- only


SAT II Coaching in Saudi Arabia

Here is the price list that we offer in Eduquest.

For one on one online live classes held in a group, your fees will be – Rs. 50,000/- only

For Hybrid courses, you need to pay – Rs. 60,000/- only

There is a Hybrid one on one class available which will cost you – Rs. 70,000/- only + GST

Advanced Placement Coaching in Saudi Arabia

For an one on one sessions, the amount to be paid is – Rs. 60,000/- only

For hybrid with one-on-one sessions, the amount is – Rs. 80,000/- only + GST

Undergraduate Application Writing | Admission Counselling in Saudi Arabia

There will be personalized crafted application available for the training. It is going to cater to the individual needs and goals while opting for the college, while putting highlights on their special strength, defining the areas of growth, and providing a guide map for a hit application. e incorporate the great experience laid out by our expert team to match college students with universities that will be their “Best Fit”. It will be based on things like unique personalities, their particular specializations, and vicinity in their choices as well as on their requirements which is framed.

  1. Building a profile presentation.
  2. Providing advice on crafting the individual profile
  3. Work on getting a match to their profile
  4. Guidance given for writing on the writing of Essays, SOPs, LORs
  5. Writing for scholarship application is also provided.
  6. You can also get a walkthrough for the visa.

 Applicants will get unlimited access to the application at just – Rs. 60,000 only



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