SAT is a standardized entrance exam pursued by those who want to study their undergraduate courses from US universities. SAT exam is widely accepted by all the universities like Harvard University, Princeton University, and other colleges of UK, Australia, and Canada.

It is taken in offline mode that is pen-paper based entrance exam. It has multiple choice-based questions. The total time given for completing this exam is 3 hours and 40 minutes without an optional essay of 50 minutes. The total number of questions in the SAT exam is 185 including one question from an optional essay.


There are no eligibility criteria for giving the SAT exam. But still, there are few things that you should know about the SAT exam.

  • SAT scores are accepted by all the prominent colleges in the world.
  • There is no restriction on maximum age or minimum age of the applicant. Mainly the student aged 16-17 years appears for this exam every year.
  • The SAT exam is controlled and administered by a non-profit organization in the US, known as College Board in India.
  • You can get admitted into universities of the UK, Australia, US, and Canada with your SAT score.


SAT 1 is pursued by those who wish to do their undergraduate courses from foreign universities. It checks your 10th and 11th class knowledge of reading, writing, and mathematics. The exam is 3 hours and 40 minutes long. It assesses a student’s ability to enter into colleges. The subjects of the normal SAT exam are literature, mathematics, sciences, foreign languages, and history.


SAT/New Digital SAT question paper consists of:
  • Evidence-based reading and writing
  • Mathematics
  • Essay (optional)



  • 500-600 long passage of classic or contemporary world literature.
  • each passage comprises of 10-12 multiple-choice questions.
  • the passages could be based on recent events, US literature, and international fiction.


  • it consists of four long passages and a total of 44 multiple-choice questions.
  • passages could be from science, history, and humanities.
  • vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation based questions


  • math consists of maths questions with calculator and math questions without a calculator.
  • algebra- linear equations, linear inequalities, and graphical representation of a linear function.
  • problem solving and data analysis- ratio and proportions, percentages, unit conversions, calculation of mean, median, mode, and range.
  • passport to advanced maths- quadratic equations, polynomial equations, function notations, and trigonometry.


  • A passage of 600-700 words has to be analyzed in 50 minutes and given a conclusion in a form of an essay.

• The essay score is not counted in the total SAT score. It is shown separately from the composite SAT score.


SAT is a costly exam. SAT with essay amounts more than SAT without an essay. The following table provides the required information about the SAT exam fee.


  • Make your account on the College Board website.
  • Provide your full and legal name and other authenticated information. Make sure your name is the same as mentioned in your documents and ID proof.
  • Now choose the exam which you want to give- SAT with an optional essay and without an optional essay.
  • Choose your preferred exam center and the date of the exam.
  • Submit all the information asked for the SAT exam.
  • Pay the fee, check out, and keep your admission ticket.


  • The SAT score was measured on a 1600-point score scale.
  • The optional SAT Essay is calculated and shown separately.
  • Subscores and cross-test scores are combined to find out the total SAT score.
  • College and Career Readiness Benchmarks help students and educators measure student progress every year.
  • Percentiles show the relative performance of a student in comparison to others
  • Each cross-section score ranges between 400-800 and combined to get the total composite SAT score.
  • SAT score is accepted by universities in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.

SAT/New Digital SAT Coaching at EduQuest

Message from Mentors

Dear aspirants

All the learners have a sharp mind along with an equally equipped logical and reasoning mind. We know all about you, so at EduQuest, we not only provide sat coaching but also talk to all the aspirants and learners. We respect all your views and your style of learning remains the same.

A mentor of students must recognize a student’s position of learning. So, to teach students, you need to be comprehensive and your teaching methods should be simplified enough. You need to adapt your teaching methods if you want to help them in making progress.

We have a few things about which are required at all levels of teaching. These things given below will change your definition of teaching.

  • Clarity of Concept – it is very important to understand the concepts, logical reasons, and everything behind it.
  • If you want to have 100% accuracy, you should focus on target-based questions.
  • Efficiency- it means to complete your work within the prescribed time.

We provide highly professional PSAT/SAT/AP/ACT subjects with the needed Test/Tuition for all boards/olympiad exams for SAT coaching. EduQuest gives you physical classroom-based as well as online training for sat coaching.

Since 1995, we are providing endless classes know PSAT/SAT/AP/ACT subjects. It provides test/tuition for all the boards and Olympiad. We have got highly experienced staff that is always there for all students. All students have to do our exclusive “Diagnostic Test Framework” which is available for all the students. Through this, we have designed modules for an individual that are customized as per sat coaching. With this, we help students to get ready for all the examinations that they want with the help of “Online Live” and “Classroom Sessions”. The learning programs in EduQuest have trained thousands of students worldwide and the outcomes are also drafting. We also help students to write applications as well as provide you guidance so that they can the right university, institution, and college which they admire to get in. We provide online classes in Delhi also for SAT/New Digital SAT and AP.

We have conducted many sessions and seminars in different schools that invited us themselves for career counseling. They highly liked our job and honored us with the utmost respect. We mentor students to have a 360-degree approach to ACT and SAT coaching. Right now, EduQuest is in collaboration with our 360-degree approach with some reputed schools in Delhi and NCR.


Career Counselling at EduQuest

Career counseling is one of the most sensitive processes and should be conducted with proper care. If you do not choose it properly, then you may regret your whole life and this mistake will stay with you forever.

 Many influencing factors work to influence many aspects of your life. These aspects consist of your potentials, likes and dislikes, circumstantial values, and you’re upbringing. To know and identify your potential, the entire world puts up their opinions and makes decisions, career plans, and education for you.

Career counseling is not about choosing only a student’s desires and ambitions, a job that you want to do after your graduation. Life circumstances are not constant. They keep on changing through time. As long as technology is changing, our interests also change and are influenced by them. They change our priorities in life. Hence, EduQuest with the help of career counseling focuses on the student’s ability to make rational decisions as well as help them with the skills, knowledge, and attitude they require to make life decisions in the future. The very first step that we do before going on with the process is Psychometric tests by a discussion with the students.


Development in Personality at EduQuest

If you know about self-awareness, you might also know that when one possesses better self-awareness, he /she takes better decisions in life. EduQuest helps students in their personality development by conducting sessions. These sessions provide strength to students by developing both inner and outer personality. This enables them to overcome any kind of problem in their life.

 Personality development is not only about speaking fluently or looking smart and having proper etiquette. It is an emotional power to overcome nervousness or the feeling of hopelessness if they see any failure in their life. All this entirely depends upon the maturity level of students. Keeling in view, the type of expectations that students should follow in their upcoming years, it might work on them for every meticulous detail. Sat coaching from EduQuest, seeks at training the students as per the best methods lie the ones that are talked out internationally which helps them throughout their life.

  • EduQuest seeks at developing confidence in the students as well as boost their enthusiasm and morale.
  • They aim at promoting a passionate opinion towards lives.
  • Our motive is also to inculcate them with all the positivity through activities.

Personality development enables a person to sharpen their skills in every phase of their lives. We aim at designing our programs keeping in mind the areas that require attention. We conduct this program With thorough studies.


Why should you take the PSAT/ACT/SAT/PSAT/SAT/New Digital SAT-subject test/AP coaching with EduQuest?

EduQuest gives their 360-degree approach program that helps to incorporate personalized guidance for the examinations as well as they look at the softer views of life. These things comprise personality development, giving moral teachings, skills for debating, skills to present themselves with proper etiquette.

The approach is easy: all the courses on anything including SAT coaching from EduQuest starts at an elementary level. This makes the individual prepare with ease for the exam. We aim at increasing the speed so that you can move toward a higher level after conducting a series of consistent tests.

We provide personalized classes along with customized tests for your help.

We aim to provide you with UNLIMITED AND UNMATCHED COACHING.

Quick Results: A student is free to ask for the Generation of the test when going for the final stages of examinations. In this process, they can choose the topics as per their choice, skills that they want to measure, the number of questions they want to solve depending on the level of difficulty. This enables EduQuest to make a target strike just like what is needed for the improvement in different areas.

Additional support from experts: We care about the student's need starting from books to extra classes along with online which provides them with interactive sessions of videos and special sessions of doubt clearance. The students receive the study materials that are the best from everyone when they do SAT coaching from EduQuest.

We aim at providing at least 600 questions for every level.

We provide at least 100 hours of total class to make you prepare for all of your exams.

There will many realistic questions depending upon your examinations. Our professional teachers and exa experts in EduQuest have crafted these practice paper sets Bey finely, as well as multiple-edited questions to make them very relevant.

We focus majorly on the weak points and helps to overcome them while working with determination. We increased the morale of the students in a way that they feel like to get coaching from EduQuest. It is because we make available the entire course as per their needs and requirements. This makes them to remain influenced and to speed up and bring out the best of them.

EduQuest, besides SAT coaching, offers schooling for year-round programs. In these programs, students are trained for their competitive examinations as well as yielded to get results that are guaranteed.

Programs at EduQuest

Many Complete Mentorship Integrated programs are provided in Chandigarh. Let us have a proper look at them.

5 years integrated program:

Under this, we aim at offering assistance for various types of competitive exams like PSAT, SAT I, AP, TOEFL/IELTS, Board exam guidance, Olympiad, and NTSE. Those who opt for these should be in the 8th standard, and the entire program ends when you are in class 12. (fees will be as per the chosen courses) – https://eduquest.org.in/five-year-sat-integrated-course-8th-12th/

 4 years integrated program:

in this program also, we offer help for the same types of competitive exams like PSAT, SAT I, AP, TOEFL/IELTS, Board exam guidance, Olympiad, and NTSE. Anyone can opt for this who is in 9th standard, and the course will complete by the time when you are in class 12. (fees will be as per the chosen courses) – https://eduquest.org.in/four-year-sat-integrated-course-9th-12th/

3 years Integrated program:

In this program, we offer to provide coaching for similar types of competitive exams like PSA, SAT I, AP, TOEFL/IELTS, Board exam guidance, Olympiad, and NTSE. Those who opt for this should be at least in 10th standard, and by the whole completion of this program, they would be in class 12. (fees will be as per the chosen courses) – https://eduquest.org.in/three-year-sat-integrated-course-10th-12th/

2 years Integrated program:

In this program, we provide assistance for competitive exams such as TOEFL/IELTS, SAT I, AP, Board exam guidance, Olympiad, and NTSE. The students who opt for this program should be in 9th standard, and the program completes by the time they are in their class 12. (fees will be as per the chosen courses)

The diagnostic framework at EduQuest

 Students get evaluations along with design for modules at each step. It is carried out based on the need and wants of students according to the areas where they need extra attention. Therefore, there will be a stagnant mind mapping done in the whole course.

 The major points of the courses are as follows.

  • Our SAT coaching seeks to provide tuition after making a roadmap that is provided to every student.
  • On the paper of each student, we mark “ladder of improvement” at every step.
  • The modules depend on the preparations.
  • Only when the student has got the maximum potential, the course will terminate.
  • Online tests are based on Artificial Intelligence so there is no scope for cheating.
  • The convenience for Generation of tests.
  • The “Adaptive model” is proven as a model of teaching works on a “Diagnostic framework”. It makes sure to conduct a continuous assessment, which in return brings out a constant improvement.
  • A phase of rigorous teaching is also given by us. All the resource materials as well as the books are also given by EduQuest for SAT coaching.

There are classes for one week to analyze students. These classes are taken out both personally as well as in groups. After that, there will be a warm-up test that will verify the assessment that we have done. A subjective and objective approach is adopted for the entire process.


Through that warm-up test, we generate modules that are required for the students. These are designed based on the weaker areas of the students that need to be overcome and work upon.


After finding the weaker areas, we keep personalized sessions for the students to give special attention to them. This is our method to change the course and make them as per the requirements of the students.


4. The three groups are as follows.
Platinum –This phase is for the fast-paced students who grasp things quickly and is taken out in a batch of 1300 to more than 1500 students.
Gold – This one is provided for students who are medium paced and is conducted in a batch of 1100 to more than 1300 students.
Silver – This level is slow-paced and is conducted in a batch of 800 to more than 1100 students.


Hence, we in EduQuest goal at teaching the students so that they can achieve up to or more than a 1500 score.


We are focusing to make our students achieve more than 1500 scores, we never-ending and unlimited sessions for SAT coaching too along with the other ones. The proper training is given for at least 90 hours.


If the students think that they can choose the number of questions they want to attempt, choose the level of difficulty along with the topic, then they can go for Generation of Test.


Every student is asked to have a minimum of 15 full-length test papers. We have a proper bundle of such question papers counted up to 5000.


We will be conducting career counseling sessions as well as profile assessments along with psychometric tests. After this, we will provide the reports to the parents as well.


We will advise for activities to develop a profile when we notice any gaps.

We match the profiles of the students with all the colleges keeping in mind the interest as well as the student's need.

We make them learn to write SOPs, LOR, and essays too.

EduQuest also makes students learn how to write the application for the scholarships.

Our Area of Expertise at EduQuest

EduQuest is not a new institution without any experience. We have listed the points below, and you can understand what a great advantage it will be to have experienced mentors at your side.


Knowledge of Admission Process

With the help of our expertise and professionalism acquired from the years, we have made the teaching level that is crucial enough to score up to the processes that are used to conduct admissions internationally while collecting the insights that are prescribed for schools. We consider that this is important to bridge the gaps in the environments which is there in both ways - in the international institutions as well as the applicants.


Personalized Counselling

We know that every individual comprises of different level of understanding. Everyone has different goals, different profiles along with different strengths. Therefore, we help them in finding out from the given options and unveil their potential and express themselves with confidence, their individuality.


Group-based approach

We provide consultants that work with the learners with utmost dedication. Also, they get support from a large number of people. They assist in areas like essay improvement, resume as well as interview specialists. To enhance the process of the learners to work smoothly, technology is used by EduQuest, despite the problem of their location boundaries.


Leverage of technology

We used technology to collect the data, find out the insights as well as assist the clients to make rational decisions based on detailed information. We take the help of technology to work smoothly after making the process, despite the problem where the learners reside.

SAT Test, ACT, PSAT Test, AP Test - Online Live Classes at EduQuest

We in EduQuest, aim to introduce you to our excellent and exclusive sessions of examinations that are fully conducted based on Artificial Intelligence specially designed for the learners.

This can be taken as a personal gift that includes techniques that are made as well as filled with different and unique questions. This helps students to kick start their exam preparation.

We provide live online classes and Offline sessions for in-depth study of subjects like PSAT/SAT/AP. In this way, the students can learn and cope up in the classes based on their speed.

Best in the Breed– Internationally identified resources are developed by us to give the student the idea of all the concepts in-depth as well as resource materials that will enhance the skills of the students and they can prepare for tests like aptitude, taken worldwide. We provide the study materials based on the requirements of the students. With our books and materials, we give a set of specialized and unique questions. This enables them to figure out the best for preparing for the exam for the students.

 You can also contact our team to get a customized and negotiable package that will be perfect and suits for you.

SAT/New Digital SAT/ACT/PSAT/AP Test – Our Offerings

 In EduQuest, we give each learner with a 360-degree approach, where we will be providing guidance and mentoring them to choose their career, methods of learning, and keep an eye on their motivation level. Those who have a passion for learning and improve the aspects of their personality.

  1. There will be a minimum of 15, full-length tests.
  2. We conduct the tests after every class based on subtopics.
  3. Tests are also conducted according to the topics after completing the final class on any concept and chapter.
  4. We also take a complete assessment of every topic.
  5. Tests have already been developed by our teachers.
  6. For students who require extra practice, will be provided with special help sessions.
  7. After taking the tests, we will notify the results through email.
  8. Zoom or WebEx are used for taking interactive online classes.
  9. Test Generation Facility- every student is free to choose from the desired topics, the difficulty level along with the number of questions that they want to attempt to solve.
  10. We provide unlimited classes. (all the classes are designed as per the given dates of the students)
  11. We provide classes for IELTS/TOEFL
  12. We provide career counseling from professionals for an end to end application writing.
  13. We aim to develop a personality with skills to debate.
  14. We focus on guiding the students and give them support with classes until the students reach their maximum potential.
  15. Our package includes assisting the students with career counseling. In this, we guide them to find out the path of their career. So, they can choose their AP subjects and can prepare themselves for building profile activities.

PSAT Coaching Fee Structure

Refer to the link below for more information https://eduquest.org.in/four-year-sat-integrated-course-9th-12th/

Our course pricing is as under ONLY PSAT with orientation sessions on AP and SAT 2.

Undergraduate Application Writing| Admission Counselling

 In EduQuest, we give well-equipped applications to mentor students which is important for student’s particular wants and needs, goals, showing the unique strengths they have, finding out the areas which need improvement, and creating a path to get a perfect application.

With the help of the excellent expertise by the team, we can match the college-goers with the universities that will be the “Best Fit” for developing their personalities, maintaining concern specializations, vicinity choices along with economic needs.

  • Presentation of learners profile
  • Advice for building their profile
  • Matching their profile with universities that suit them.
  • Essay writing including SOPs, LOR too
  • Application writing is required for scholarships.
  • Walkthrough with the help of visa


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