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AP Physics 1 & AP Physics 2 Test Preparation

AP Physics 1 & AP Physics 2. Test Preparation: Physics has had a hand in almost all of the major inventions and developments. Be it the steam engine or the modern-day nuclear power reactors. Thus it is no wonder that physics is a detailed and complex area of study. Students with an avid interest in Mathematics and Science often find physics to be a sweet spot. Physics is a perfect mix of skills like innovativeness in science and precision in mathematics. AP Physics 1 & AP Physics 2 is a college-level course that aims to introduce interested students to the basics and the principles of physics. Taking up the said course helps the student if they further want to pursue studies in the Life Sciences, Pre-medicine, and other Applied Sciences.

AP Physics 1 & AP Physics 2. Test Preparation

It requires utmost focus, determination, and dedication from a student if they wish to cope up with the demands of an exhausting yet enriching course such as AP Physics 1 & AP Physics 2. Thus most students opt for the combination of self-study and online tutoring to deal with the subject. We at EduQuest helps students with online tutoring. Given our expertise in the field, we ensure to provide efficient and adequate resources to the students to ace AP Physics 1 & AP Physics 2.

We firmly believe that rote learning is temporary learning. Thus, we try our best to ensure that our students comprehend and understand the underlying principles behind the topics and concepts. We ask open-ended questions to assess how well a student has gained clarity in the topic and how well can they articulate what they understand.

Our Expert Mentors for AP Physics 1 & AP Physics 2. Test Preparation

We at EduQuest pride on our teaching faculty and techniques. Our tutors and mentors are very well-qualified in their field of study. They are also exceptionally well at dealing with the pressures and dilemmas that come up with exams like the AP Physics 1 & AP Physics 2. We ensure the classes interactively take place. Our teaching faculty makes use of mathematical reasoning to elucidate and interpret a physical situation including describing the physical descriptions with the correct terminology. They also explain the next steps for instance how to observe, note, and analyze the obtained data.

During the classes, the teachers discuss and talk about tips on how to tackle laboratory-related questions. Topics such as designing and defining an experiment, collecting the data, visualizing the data with the help of tables, charts, graphs, etc. are also discussed. Our team of tutors and mentors also provide tips and tricks for organizing and formatting the collected data and interpreting inferences out of the presented data.

The faculty is also ready to provide a student with extra help should they need it. Multiple tests are conducted throughout the program to ensure that the student has a good grasp of the concepts that get taught. But a test is of no use if the student doesn’t learn from their mistakes. Thus, our tutors and mentors help the student pinpoint their weak links and loopholes. The faculty makes sure that all doubts about the weak links get cleared and consequently, the test scores improve.

AP Physics 1 & AP Physics 2. Course Complete Details

At our coaching, an effective and extensive teaching program for the AP Physics 1 & AP Physics 2 is of 96 hours. It is critical to ensure that the student understands and comprehends the syllabus of the curriculum and the test. Hence, we dedicate 72 hours solely for teaching the basics and the concepts essential for AP Physics 1 & AP Physics 2. By April we guarantee that our students are over with the syllabus in its totality.

 Thus our schedule also allots 12 hours for a thorough review with the tutors and mentors. However, to eliminate the chances of exam nerves and give students a confidence boost, we conduct four full-length tests of 3 hours each. Post the test series a session takes place to review the test and to advise students with a few useful tips and tricks.

Our Pricing Plan

The entire comprehensive program of the AP Physics 1 & AP Physics 2 is available in two assortments of pricing.

The first being $152 per month. Under this pricing set, 8 hours’ worth of classes takes place every month that is equivalent to $19 per hour. The second one being $80 per month that is $20 per hour. Under this pricing set, 4 hours’ worth of classes takes place every month.

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