GCSE Chemistry Exam Preparation

Chemistry helps students to understand the functioning of Science and how to have a scientific approach for solving a particular problem. Chemistry is the basic science that is involved in our lives and knowing its basics is important for every profession and not just for doctors, scientists, and teachers. Chemistry is included in GCSE because it describes the working of the world and is used to answer questions to various happenings around us like why does cycle rust? or why does water float on an oil? GCSE Chemistry caters to our curiosity.

GCSE Chemistry Exam Preparation Course Details

Chemistry is considered to be one of the hardest subjects that are included in GCSE but it is also very important. So mastering the subject well and knowing the concepts at the fingertips is important for every student to clear the exam. The course that is provided by EduQuest deals with all the fundamental aspects of chemistry that includes atomic structure matter bonding quantitative chemistry and equilibria. Students have the ease of studying chemistry in the comfort of their house through online lessons. Through online classes, they can access their study material whenever and wherever they want and can also give extra attention to the topics that they find hard with recorded lessons on the site.

Our Experienced Mentors for GCSE Chemistry Exam Preparation

The main aim of our teaching faculty is to develop practical skills among students. Teachers provide a clear and logical understanding of the concepts of chemistry rather than just telling them as it is. The course that is structured by the EduQuest is structured as per the exam pattern of GCSE. The GCSE exam pattern consists of two papers on which students’ ability and understanding skills are evaluated topics that are assessed in the First paper or not assessed in the second one except certain topics that are very important in Chemistry such as atomic structure, bonding, etc. The exam pattern includes multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, and calculations.

Thus, our teachers have formulated chemistry lessons that help students to memorize formulas, concepts, and periodic tables well. EduQuest provides students with live recordings and notes in pointers that summarises the basic points of the topic. After every class and every session, students are given multiple choice questions and quizzes to assess their understanding of the topic that is taught in the class. Our tutors and mentors use daily life experiences and things like water that they drink and vegetables to make students understand bigger concepts through an easy approach.

Pricing of Our GCSE Chemistry Course

The fee structure that we provide for the GCSE Chemistry course is divided into two plans. Students can choose whichever plan suits them and can enroll themselves in EduQuest for the preparation of chemistry which guarantees them the best result.

  • If a student opts for 8 hours per month structure, it will cost 152 $ per month in which per hour cost is 19 $.
  • The second fee structure is 4 hours per month which costs 80 $ per month and the cost per hour is 20 $.

Both the plans offered for this course have the same lesson structure and the cost does not affect it.


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