IGCSE Physics Exam Preparation

The IGCSE, one of the most advanced educational boards, is seeing a surge in the number of students enrolled. The International General Secondary Education (IGCSE) is supported by the Cambridge Exam Board. The IGCSE emulates the GCSE curricula but is more content-oriented than the former. Many parents choose to admit their students into this renowned board because of their approach to student-focused schooling. The Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Examination) Physics Syllabus allows students to understand the crucial concepts of energy and matter, which are the fundamental building blocks of the Universe. It relies on a stringent evaluation model which is assessed by the board appointed by the school. The examination shall be conducted by the board chosen by the school, based on the assessments carried out by the Cambridge Review. Cambridge Review International Education and Edexcel are the most common.

Students are exposed to several interesting phenomena and explore theories for the technical universe in which they work, which in essence, build up an informed interest in technology and scientific advances. They learn how to assess and appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of scientific disciplines and methods.

IGCSE Physics Exam Preparation

STEM as a discipline has seen a surge in the number of student enrolments all over the world. However, the advent of online learning or e-learning has delayed their opportunity to access education. STEM education, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is one of the most pursued disciplines. In the Information Age, STEM lays down the foundation for the future. This is why most curricula have regarded Physics as one of the most essential disciplines, which requires a comprehensive understanding in addition to its counterparts.  The physics syllabus maintains the principle that IGCSE carries in other such subjects. The course of EduQuest explores topics such as General Physics, which comprises Length, Time, Mass and Weight, Density, Forces, Function, Pressure, Momentum, and Scalars and Vectors. In addition to these, Thermal Physics is taught as well, which covers the concepts of Kinetic Molecular Mass and Thermal Processes; Wave Properties. Concepts of Light, Sound, and Electromagnetic Spectrum; Electricity and Magnetism are analyzed too.

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Subjects like these require a sound explanation. The goal of our teaching faculty is to impart a systematic body of scientific information and skills and to nurture an understanding of the real essence of physics. Our efficient IGCSE Physics tutors explain the theoretical ideas by guiding students through all the important sections covered in the course. This framework enables students to recognize, classify, and present knowledge simply and objectively, using relevant science terminology and conventions.

Our Pricing Structure for IGCSE Physics Exam Preparation

We provide hourly tutoring and includes two plans for IGCSE Physics Exam Preparation. The student can choose all of them, based on their needs. The classes are designed to meet the individual interests of the pupil and their learning patterns and times. The student can opt for one of these plans. A relaxed schedule may be sufficient for others but a recurring class plan may be suitable for some.

  • 80 $ per month – A student may opt for 4 hours per month pricing plan which will total cost 80 $ per month. The cost per hour is 20 $.
  • 128 $ per month – If a student opts for the pricing plan of 8 hours per month then the total cost will be 128 $ per month. The cost per hour is 16 $. Students who are willing to have an extensive approach to the subject can opt for this pricing plan.

 Irrespective of whichever plan is chosen, we assure you that there will be no difference in the quality and the content of the education nor a compromise in the mentorship provided to a student. The above two pricing structure provides the same study resources and study materials and does not compromise on any stage in the exam preparation.


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