IB Math HL & SL Test Preparation

Maths has always been a very integrated part of both of our day-to-day and professional lives. It is so necessary and essential in our lives that we expect even the underprivileged to be able to do mathematical calculations.  Knowing and understanding maths not only makes our brains sharper, but it also helps us do our most fundamental chores in our daily lives.

Program Highlights of IB Math HL & SL Test Preparation

The curriculum for the IB Math HL & SL test covers the following topics in Math: Algebra, Functions and Equations, Circular Functions and Trigonometry, Calculus, Vectors; Probability and Statistics, Sets, Relations, and Groups, and Discrete Math. The syllabus in one look seems to be difficult and daunting. The comprehensive program for IB Math test preparation covers each of the mentioned topics in a detailed and relevant manner.

The program not only helps the students build a firm foundation in the basics of maths but also allows them to be a step ahead of their school peers. We at EduQuest also assign regular homework and conducts tests to keep constant tabs on the student’s progress and clarity of the concepts that they learn in our classes. Our dedicated team of tutors and mentors do their level best to ensure that the students gain a stronghold on the prescribed topics of the IB Math HL & SL test.

IB Math HL & SL Test Preparation Course Details

Many students find the prescribed syllabus of the IB Math HL & SL test to be too much to cope with just by self-studying. Thus they look for online courses to help them out with their preparation. Our coaching provides a comprehensive and efficient program for IB Math HL & SL test preparation that covers the syllabus in its entirety. We assure every interested student that the content we provide in our program is not only apposite but also very organized and clear. The program is well-structured but still allows enough space to accommodate the student’s pace and doubt sessions. Our dedicated teaching faculty is open to providing extra help to any student, should they require it.  We also conduct tests to gauge the student’s progress during the course.

Our Experienced Mentors for the IB Math HL & SL Test Preparation

We believe that one of the factors that influence the student’s interest in any subject is the teacher’s competency. The teaching faculty of EduQuest are well-qualified in their subjects and well-versed in their field of study. Moreover, they are trained and adept in dealing with the challenges and problems that might arise during the comprehensive program for IB Math HL & SL test preparation. Our dedicated teaching faculty has ample experience in guiding students to acing the IB Math HL & SL test.  Maths has always been a hands-on subject that requires precision and perseverance. Our teaching faculty believes that rote learning doesn’t do much good for any student in mathematics.

Thus their primary focus is on making sure that each topic of the curriculum is crystal clear to students. Our teaching faculty also makes sure that each session is as interactive as possible. Regular tests get conducted during the IB Math HL & SL test preparation course. These tests not only help the students get a sample experience of the actual test and help them overcome their exam fears but also help the teachers investigate the weak links and areas in the student’s preparation.

Once the teachers and the students know the weak areas of the preparation, they then accordingly alter their plan of action. Bit more effort and hard work are put in by both the teachers and the students into the weak areas to make sure that the student gains complete confidence in their preparation. Our teachers are readily available to solve any student’s doubts.

Pricing structure

We keep the student’s convenience and financial constraints in mind. Therefore, our coaching offers the entire comprehensive program of the IB Math test preparation is available in two assortments of pricing.

The first being $152 per month. Under this pricing set, 8 hours’ worth of classes takes place every month that is equivalent to $19 per hour. The total cost incurred in this price set is $1824 a year.

The second one being $80 per month that is $20 per hour. Under this pricing set, 4 hours’ worth of classes takes place every month. The total cost incurred in this price set is $960 a year.


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