Mentoring Services for Class 10 Students

Grade 10 is a turning point in the lives of a student. Not only are they expected to start taking charge of their lives and future but also of their educational interests. No wonder, this is a critical and confusing phase for many parents and students alike. Our mentoring services for class 10 students is a one-stop answer to all your confusion, queries, and inquiries that are discussed below in the article. 

The guidance services and plans of EduQuest have the following features to build a strong profile of Class 10 students.

Academic Enhancement

Although the motive of all institutes is to impart education, each institute goes about it differently. Every institution has an independent choice of following any curriculum they wish, be it CBSE, A-levels, IB, etc. Moreover, the student has been a disciple of a myriad of subjects till grade 10. The purpose of teaching, so many subjects was to let the student realize where his or her interests lie. Given the plethora of options and possibilities about their future education, the student might lack clarity about how to venture ahead. Our team of dedicated and well-informed mentors provide apt guidance and help the students make an informed choice about which subject, board, and school selection. The motive of our mentoring services for class 10 students is to ensure that every student of ours, ends up in a place where they can nurture and develop their skills and talents and also flourish academically.

Community Service Projects

Most successful applications share a common activity that is community service projects. Participating in community service projects shows that the student is a pro-active and empathetic member of society and is willing to work for the improvement of it. However, it might be exhausting and time-consuming to find credible ways to provide community service. Hence our mentoring services for class 10 students come up with reliable and impactful opportunities and projects for students to gain experience. Our mentoring services for class 10 students also help our students to construct and maintain independent projects that will teach them leadership qualities and help build an impressive and strong profile.

Guidance for Standardized Admission

There is no set way to impart and promulgate education around the world. To provide all applicants with a level playground, a standardized test is taken for admission.

Some popular standard admissions are the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc. The key to performing well in any of the tests is efficient time management and proper preparation. Our mentoring services for class 10 students suggest the most favorable test options for students and also help them come up with a proper and effective plan of action to manage time, syllabus, and revision to achieve the desired results. We also realize that some students prefer an offline mode of education while others are more inclined towards an online mode of education. Thus, our mentoring services for class 10 students cater to both types of students, by offering Classroom Coaching and E-Learning services. Irrespective of which mode the student chooses to avail, the tutors ensure that all concepts and tricks are clear to students and are ready to take up doubts.

Profile Building Activities

An impressive profile can open a lot of doors for any student. The most common mistake that students, parents, and teachers make is to force their children to copy the footsteps of someone else and urge them to build the same profile in efforts to replicate their success. This not only lowers the self-confidence of a student but also makes profile building seem like a chore.  We accept the fact that each student is unique with their own set of skills and talents. Thus, our mentoring services for class 10 students first assesses the skill, talents, interests, and hobbies that student has and on that basis suggests various activities, internships, and opportunities to not only hone existing skills but to also learn new ones and form connections. Our mentoring services for class 10 students also ensures that each profile building activity suggested not only complements their profile but also, provide young students to gain valuable experience and gain confidence in their abilities.

Plan of Action

Building an extraordinary and amazing profile requires perseverance, dedication, smart work, and hard work. But parents and teachers must not ignore that the student is, after all, a child, who is bound to feel tired, pressured, or simply low. Our mentoring services for class 10 students acknowledge that it is natural for a student to feel pressured and exhausted and therefore is always ready to encourage our students to take a break, then refocus their energy and time to get back on track. We also exhort our students to continue to believe in themselves and their caliber. Our mentoring services for class 10 students go beyond simple mentor-student formalities. We readily supervise the plans and progress. In case of any roadblocks, we try our best to re-route the plan to ensure that goal the student set out with is met.

 Apart from all these elements, we also provide individual sessions, parent interactions, and workshops for students to make sure that all queries and doubts of students and their parents are cleared to their satisfaction. Such interactive sessions also give students a platform to form connections and provide parents and children with the freedom to gain first-hand exposure from people and experts in the field.

 We firmly believe that if given proper time, attention, and guidance then any student can bloom and flourish.


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