GCSE Physics Exam Preparation

Physics is the subject under the category of science that helps students to understand the scientific discipline and the technological development that is changing rapidly. GCSE Physics is the fundamental field of study that deals with particles, forces, and radiation that have kept the entire universe intact. It is a dynamic model that is interlinked and teaches students the basic idea of physics, its relevance, its impacts, and the various ways in which new technology may emerge in the future.

GCSE Physics Exam Preparation Course Details

The course that is offered by EduQuest has a wide range of topics including energy, force, waves, motion, matter, light, electromagnetic waves, electromagnetism, atomic structure, and space physics. All these wide ranges of topics help students to develop a solid basic understanding of the universal application of Physics. We provide online learning that students can access as per their wish. There is no restriction, hardcore time table that has to be followed which eases the schedule of students. We provide students with live classes and with recordings of those classes that help them to revise whatever they have started in the class during self-study. GCSE Physics is the subject that needs more attention and taking an online class saves students a lot of time as they don’t have to travel back and forth from the sessions.

Our Experienced Mentors for GCSE Physics Exam Preparation Course

Our teaching faculty support students throughout the course and assist them at every stage. Hiring a tutor from EduQuest gives students the advantage of having one on one classes online. The lessons that are prepared by teachers for GCSE are prepared by keeping the pattern of questions that are asked in the exam. The exam pattern consists of two papers where the first paper deals with multiple choice questions and the second paper deals with calculations and open-ended questions. Our tutors prepare lessons in different formats that cater to all the questions in MCQs and a question and answer manner as well. It helps students to understand how the same question can be asked differently and how to answer it. We, at EduQuest, provides students with the study material that is specially designed for physics and also gives them brief written notes that students can refer to while their preparation. The main motive of our mentors is to develop the analytical skills among students and widen their approach towards the universe. Our teachers also provide students with detailed feedback on their performance in the assessment so that they can improve in future tests and quizzes.

Pricing of Our GCSE Physics Course

EduQuest provides two plans for the GCSE Physics course and students can choose whichever plan suits them based on how much time they want to spend on the preparation and can start their online GCSE preparation journey with us.

  • If a student opts for 8 hours per month structure, it will cost 152 $ per month in which per hour cost is 19 $.
  • The second fee structure is 4 hours per month which costs 80 $ per month and the cost per hour is 20 $.

Both the fee structure of this course provide students with the same lesson structure and the study material and choosing a lesser day plan will not cut out on their preparation material.


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