GCSE Mathematics Exam Preparation

A general certificate of secondary education (GCSE) is a certificate that is provided for leaving school in the United Kingdom. It is a compulsory education certificate for students who prepare for two years and appear for an exam when they are 16 years old. There are sets of examinations that are taken under GCSE by England, Northern Ireland, Welsh, and other British states. The main motive of these exams is to create a strong foundation for students’ education for their further studies and employment. To make this certificate, students have to prepare three major subjects: Mathematics, English, and Science.

It prepares students for various other UK exams and certificate programs. Like, A level (which they take after getting GCSE), Cambridge Pre-U, and BTech. The boards that conduct these examinations are AQA, OCR, Pearson Edexcel, WJEC (It is in Welsh), and CCEA (Northern Ireland).

GCSE Mathematics Exam Preparation

Maths is one of the most basic and important subjects whose importance stands high in our everyday life and the employment sector. Therefore in this examination, students are assessed based on their problem solving and analytical skills. The scale of grading is from 9-1, 9( A ) being the highest, and 1( F ) being the lowest. GCSE Mathematics examination is happening on two levels with three papers. Paper 1 is a non-calculator examination whereas the second and the third paper are calculation based.

Study for GCSE Mathematics Course Online

With online learning Platforms, students can assess and take classes from their homes. The math course provided by EduQuest gives you a detailed understanding of the major topics of the subject. We cover topics that contain higher weightage and are important for GCSE, which are, Numbers, Data handling, Algebra, Shapes, Space, and Measure. The course that we provide also covers the concepts and basics of probability and statistics, ratio proportion, trigonometry, vectors, and rate of change. By choosing our online learned platform for the preparation of GCSE, students can save a great deal of time and the course also provides them with regular live lectures and lesson recording with tests regularly.

Why join EduQuest for GCSE Mathematics Course?

The teaching faculty at EduQuest focus on providing a detailed understanding of concepts to students with brief notes which makes it easy for students to grasp the lesson. With their lessons, our tutors focus on developing problem-solving abilities in students by taking tests and quizzes on the regular basis.

Maths is also about calculation and our experts teach easy methods of long calculation, deduction, interference, drawing conclusions, and teaching students how to save time during the examination. Tutors at EduQuest also provide students with notes and a checklist that helps them to achieve a higher grade in the examination. Our teachers focus more on practicing mathematical questions rather than wasting time on reading the concepts and theories. Once they are through with explaining the theories to the students and students understand it, more time is spent on practicing questions which help students to get a better understanding of their preparation.

Pricing of our GCSE Mathematics Course

The pricing of our course is divided into different structure:

  • If a student opts for 8 hours per month structure, it will cost 152 $ per month in which per hour cost is 19 $.
  • The second fee structure is of 4 hours per month which costs 80 $ per month and the cost per hour is 20 $.

Students can choose any fee structure as per their convenience and enroll themselves in the course for the preparation of GCSE with EduQuest.


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