IGCSE Physics Exam Preparation

One of the most advanced educational boards, IGCSE is seeing a rise in the number of student enrolment. IGCSE, which stands for International General Secondary Diploma Education (IGCSE), is facilitated by the Cambridge Exam Board. IGCSE is modeled after GCSE curricula but is more content-oriented compared to the former. Most parents prefer enrolling their students into this esteemed board because of its approach towards student-focused education. The Cambridge Review has designed the curricula in a way that a student can elect for a discipline depending on their choice and the level of difficulty. These levels of difficulty are brought out in two ways. These are IGCSE Core and IGCSE Extended. It consists of a rigorous test model and is reviewed by the board selected by the school. Based on the tests carried out by the Cambridge Review, the assessment is carried out by the board selected by the school is examined. Cambridge Review International Education and Edexcel are the most popular ones.

IGCSE has a distinct rating structure that differs from G-A, making it distinct from the rest of the boards.  G stands for the lowest grade on the scale and A for the highest grade obtained. With this distinctive ranking, the IGCSE allows a smoother transition to the IB. The IGCSE also lays the foundation for applicants to progress on to the IBD Programme, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. IB DP is targeted at students aged 16-19 years. English is a global language and is one of the essential subjects for a student anywhere in the world.  Cambridge Review and IGCSE shed some special emphasis on the importance of English as a language.


IGCSE has curated the syllabus to make sure the student has a strong grip over the language of English. It is specially designed for those whose native language is English and who can speak the language with ease. Cambridge Review’s IGCSE First Language English is one such specially curated course. The course of EduQuest enables learners to develop a fluency in the language, the ability to communicate with clarity and reflect the same goals in writing. This includes the usage of an impressive range of vocabulary with accuracy. Also helping the student develop a personal style and a sense of awareness of its audience.

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Tutors and Mentors of EduQuest understand that learning a language is difficult when done without any or meager assistance. Most students fall behind, especially whose first language is not English as the IGCSE curricula do expect a basic comprehensive grasp over the language. Moreover, online learning which is susceptible to obstacles that may lead to failure of conduct classes can impede or delay a child’s ability to develop a stronghold over the language. Which is why our teaching faculty understand the assistance and a structured plan that a child needs. The student can make use of the exhaustive resource materials provided by the tutors and the assistance as and when they wish.

The study materials cover a plethora of topics ranging from vocabulary to the basic and correct usage of grammar. These will help the student become fluent in the language. Our efficient team of tutors and mentors will help students understand and appreciate how writers use English to accomplish a variety of results and will allow them to have an insightful as well as a genuine response to the content they have read.

Our Pricing Plans for IGCSE ENGLISH Exam Preparation

We aim to provide tutors on an hourly basis that is suitable and convenient for the IGCSE ENGLISH Exam Preparation. The plans are designed to instill a sense of ease and comfort while maintaining a robust preparation style in the said duration. A student may opt for the early commencement of classes or a well-spaced schedule of classes without any losses.

  • 80 $ per month – A student may opt for 4 hours per month plan which will cost 80 $ per month. The cost per hour is 20 $.
  • 128 $ per month – A student may opt for 8 hours per month plan which will cost 128 $ per month. The cost per hour is 16 $. Students who want an extensive approach to the subject can opt for this pricing plan.

Irrespective of the plan chosen, we ensure that there will be no difference in the quality of education nor a compromise in the assistance provided to a student. The two pricing plans provide the same study materials and resources and do not compromise on the preparation of a student.


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