IB English HL & SL Exam Preparation

English is considered one most important subjects in the world. A sense of fluency and a grasp of the language is often expected in students as it is also a global language. IBDP stresses the importance of this language and understands the necessity of a stronghold over the same. They ensure that students acquire the language with ease irrespective of the student being a native speaker or not. Their syllabus is exhaustive and meticulously designed to deliver the same.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) is a comprehensive, academically demanding, and balanced academic curriculum intended to educate students.

The purpose of this diploma program is to inspire students to be informed, inquiring, compassionate, open-minded to build intercultural awareness and attitudes that are necessary to cultivate a sense of tolerance towards dissenting opinions.

Similar to the IGCSE model, IB offers two levels of learning for a student to choose from. These are the Standard Level (SL) and the High Level (HL). In most cases, all SL and HL courses have the same academic goals, core principles, and curriculum and evaluation models. Usually, HL courses also include several alternative courses that are designed to encourage students to discuss areas of interest within the discipline in greater detail. SL courses in this context are not the lesser of the two. It is usually not a watered-down version of its counterpart, HL. The evaluation standards for both levels are equally demanding, and SL examinations are labeled and structured with the same rigor. The coursework remains the same in both the courses. Read the further articles to know the complete details about IB English HL & SL Exam Preparation.

IB English HL & SL Exam Preparation Online

The course of EduQuest focuses on the importance of Language in Cultural Perspectives, Language and Mass Media, Literatures and context, Literature-Critical Research, Written Tasks, and Text Interpretation. SL & HL are held distinct by the gravity in the treatment of the syllabus, the number of hours of study, and the methods in which the students are evaluated. Examples of discrepancies are the following: in SL, students need to answer only one passage, while HL comprises of a comparative investigation of two passages; in written assignments.

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While a student may not be able to cope up with the pace of the classes, he or she may require additional assistance in the form of a tutor. This is why our mentors and tutors understand the assistance and the importance of a structured plan that a child needs in the IB English HL & SL Exam Preparation. The student can make use of the extensive resource materials provided by the tutors and the assistance at any point of time as per their convenience.

The resource materials cover a plethora of topics in IB English HL & SL ranging from critical analysis to the basic and correct usage of grammar. These will help the student gain a strong foothold over the language. Our experienced tutors and mentors will help students understand and appreciate how texts in English are written accomplish a variety of results and will allow them to have an insightful as well as a genuine response to the content they have read. They will also understand the ramifications of culture on texts and vice versa.

Pricing Plans for IB English HL & SL Exam Preparation

We at EduQuest understand that studying under an IB board can be wearisome and anxiety-ridden. This is why we offer students two options for their study preparation of IB English HL & SL. An option can be chosen depending on the convenience of a student. If desired, an alternate plan is designed to offer more assistance and the time spent in study preparation. The pricing plans are on an hourly basis and as follows-

  1. 8-hour per month plan- These are priced at 19$ per hour. The monthly costs would be 152$ per month in total.
  2. 4-hour per month plan- This plan costs 20$ per hour. The monthly costs would be 80$ per month in total.

The student may choose either of the plans. However, the two plans consist of the same study materials and resources. The difference in the plan chosen does not indicate any compromise on nature and the quality of the preparation of a student.


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