Mentoring Services for Class 11

Grade 11 is both a step away from the easy-laying routine of grade 10 but also a step closer to the daunting idea of college. The grade is the threshold for not only prepping yourselves for the future but for also to start looking for apt and able guidance which can help you in climbing the ladder to your dream university. This is where our mentoring services for class 11 students are of use to students and parents alike.

The guidance services and plans of the EduQuest have the following features to build a strong profile for Class 11 students:

1. Academic Amelioration

Given the huge pool of youth existing in the world, it is obvious and safe to presume that competition for every seat is cutthroat. If the student is planning to apply to one or a few of the more reputed and prestigious universities, then not only the stakes but the number of competitors vying for the same seat also rises exponentially. To ensure that a student’s application is strong enough to be considered along with the other impressive applications that the institute has received, our mentoring services for Class 11students guides and counsel our students about how to give their application that extra edge. Gaining extra knowledge and skill either as an extension of what being taught at school or even on a topic that the student prefers or even a foreign language is considered a plus point. nowadays, many avenues online provide such courses and certification for a price (free in some cases too.) Ergo, our mentoring services for Class 11 students recommend supplementary courses from Udemy, Coursera, Edx, etc. to further augment a student’s profile while also managing to further the interest of the student in the topic. In the same way, competitive exams also give weight to a student’s profile.  Participating (or/and placing) in a competitive exam shows not only the student’s prowess in a subject but also highlights that he/she is ready to undertake new and challenging endeavours. Therefore, our mentoring services for Class 11 students prompt them to take part in various competitive exams like International Olympiads, APs, etc.

2. Profile Development

There is a lot more that makes up a formidable profile apart from stellar academic records and extra certifications. The best way to persuade a student to work on their profile without making them take profile building as a burden or a chore is to allow them to develop their talents and hone their skills. Our mentoring services for Class 11students consider a student’s interests, passion, hobbies, and talents before suggesting them set of profile-building activities.  These activities let them refine their skills in a way that highlights their perseverance and talents in the best light on their application.  Our mentoring services for Class 11 students give our students ample space and opportunities to gain leadership experience while also expedite internships and projects that best suit the student’s skill set.

3. Plan of Action

Preparation for college and college applications can be quite a grueling and exhausting process. Our mentoring services for Class 11 students understand the dilemma and the consequent quandary that arises. Thus, we understand and encourage the students to take timely breaks and rejuvenate. We will be right by their side, motivating and inspiriting them when they get back to work. Our mentoring services for Class 11 students will ensure that the student utilizes the remaining time efficiently and is still well-prepared to tackle the goal they initially set for themselves.

4. Proper Application Building

What to write in an application is just a google search away, however, how to write and develop an outstanding application requires guidance. Our mentoring services for Class 11 students not only direct students as per their chosen country and college, but also provide samples and demonstration which can be used as a yardstick, of sorts, to assess and infer their accolades against other standard college applicants

5. Community Service Projects

Another segment that adds further shine to a student’s application is his or her involvement in community service projects. Community service projects accent the applicant’s observant and take-charge nature. An impactful social service project proves to be a learning experience as well as an awesome addition to the resume. Our mentoring services for Class 11 students assist students to find such avenues in various sectors including but not limited to environment, literacy, health, etc.  We also teach our students in forming and maintaining independent service projects.

6. Standardized Test Preparation and Supervision

Different standards of education, boards of curriculum, and pattern of the examination are what prompted many colleges and universities worldwide to introduce a standardized test for international students such as SAT, ACT, etc. A standard test has a fixed syllabus and test pattern. The standard test of choice might vary from country to country or/and university to university. Our mentors for Class 11 students have appropriate knowledge about such tests and informs our students about the requirements of their targeted college.

After consultation with students, we help them plan and strategize their preparation for the test. Our mentoring services for Class 11 students aid our students in coming up with a timeline and action plan that helps them manage their extra certifications, test prep, and other commitments in a way that lets them deal with the syllabus efficiently and completely. We believe that potential and knowledge transcend distance. Thus, we provide E-learning services. But at the same time, our mentoring services for Class 11 students also understand that not all students are comfortable with the online mode of instruction, for them we also offer Classroom Coaching. Either or both services can be availed separately.

7. College Research and Shortlisting

Not every college is suitable for everyone. A college is a place where a student can not only nurture their existing talents, hone their skills but also a place to discover new interests and hobbies. The place should integrate the curiosity for something new and enriching students academically. Thus, our mentors help you survey and research your options in a well thought out manner.  A preliminary list will be created which lists all the options that match you, your personality, and your vibe.

 Grade 11 is at higher step and difficulty than what most students are used to but with proper help and guidance, any student can tap into and unlock their potential to achieve anything that they wish for.


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