GCSE English Exam Preparation

English is the most widely spoken language. The introduction of English in GCSE aims to develop students’ skills in both written and spoken language. Besides speaking and writing also aims at developing a critical understanding of the texts in students. Having a strong grasp of the GCSE English language is not only a foundational requirement for many courses at a higher level but in everyday life too. It focuses on students putting good vocabulary and grammar terminology and language convention for reading, writing, and speaking. Reading classic texts helps students to gain their perspective about things and develop their notions of writing following the traditional language. GCSE’s sole motive is to make students be able to understand and speak the standard English language fluently and effectively.

GCSE English Preparation Course Details

The online course that is provided by EduQuest is designed as per the guidelines and the pattern of the GCSE examination. It includes classic and challenging texts from the 19th to 21st century. The course includes critical essays reviews and different literary genres. It focuses on the content of the text and how it is structured with quality language. The course that we provide helps students with their comprehension of impactful writing for different purposes and how themes and ideas in a story should be interpreted in their own words.

Online classes allow students to take one on one class with the teacher which also helps them to improve their spoken English and our tutors give on the spot feedback so students can improve effectively. The course is completely online and students can start their course as soon as they enroll themselves and can learn at their own pace, which is a huge advantage. You can boost your qualification by studying with us for an internationally recognized examination for the English language.

Our Experienced Mentors for GCSE English Preparation

Our teaching faculty encourages students to explore different forms of writing and enhance their creative abilities. They emphasize a good range of vocabulary and using them accurately in their writings with good sentence structure. Our tutors make class open for different interpretations of the text that help students to widen their creative and thinking horizons. Our mentors approach English in a fresh and exhilarating manner to make the classic text of early years interesting for the students of today’s generation. They interact with students by taking regular conversational activities which develops confidence in students and help them to improve their spoken language.

For the writing in the reading part, they provide comprehension activities regularly and new vocabularies with their meaning and usage in sentences every day. This helps students to improve their English vocabulary and the structuring of sentences in their writing sections. Summarisation of text helps students to understand the idea and the story in a much easier manner. Teachers support students at every stage of their preparation for GCSE English and give them pointers to work on their writing and speaking skills.

Pricing of our GCSE English Course

EduQuest provides students with two different plans for online GCSE English courses. Students can choose either of the plans which suit their preparation schedule and can enroll with our coaching for the preparation of the GCSE English examination.

  • If a student opts for 8 hours per month structure, it will cost 152 $ per month in which per hour cost is 19 $.
  • The second fee structure is 4 hours per month which costs 80 $ per month and the cost per hour is 20 $.

The course structure syllabus study material and the timing are the same in both the plans and the teachers are equally trained and are experts for whichever plan students wish to enroll in for the GCSE English Preparation.


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