Mentoring Services for Class 12

Class 12 is the last step before the young adults and budding future change-makers foray into the real world. The idea can be intimidating. Even more daunting when students hear people say that Grade 12 is too late to prepare for a foreign college. However, we firmly believe that it is never too late to start. Our mentoring services for Class 12 students are intended to cater to the needs and requirements of such determined students. Our services have the following features.

The guidance services and plans of the EduQuest have the following features to build a strong profile for Class 12 students:

1. Monetary Aid

Not all our students belong to families that can afford foreign education despite their ward’s obvious potential and ability to clear the admission. Universities worldwide understand such a predicament and thus provide financial aid and scholarships to the needy. However, the student needs to compete with others in the same category as them to show the university that they are worthy of getting a scholarship and thus an admission. Our mentoring services for Class 12 students assess the student’s financial condition and then come up with personalized recommendations and plans to guide students to countries and colleges that can proffer them with appropriate financial aid. We also help the student navigate through the required forms and documents like CSS to ensure that the student’s financial condition does not stop them from getting the education they deserve.

2. Getting the right LOR

A glowing letter of recommendation can go a long way in making an applicant look versatile and the right choice for selection to the admission committee. However, it would be ironic if the letter pitching the student is not presentable itself. Therefore, our mentoring services for Class 12 students provide you with a basic structure and content outline for a proper LOR. An effective LOR is written by a figure of position and authority with whom you have worked closely and who had the time to observe you. Thus, usually, a LOR is written or/and signed by HODs, Supervisors, or coaches. An effective LOR will comment and talk about various aspects of your overall personality, behavior, and achievements.

3. Preparation for Essays

Since it is not possible for every student in person, the admission committee relies on application essays to get an insight into what the student is as a person. Many students make the mistake of writing everything and anything into their essays and end up making theirs look shabby. Our mentoring services for Class 12 students assist students in writing their various experiences, learning along with all the other features of their well-built profile in an organized and convincing manner. Some university sends in their own prompts which are usually open-ended.  Our mentors ensure that the creative thinking process and their interpretation of the prompt are eloquently put forth in the student’s essay.

4. College Preference List

College is a niche to develop your passions while also delving into new-found interests. Thus, it needs to be a place that can provide the student with an environment in which the student has a safe place to experiment and explore. Our mentoring services for Class 12 students’ factors in the student’s personal interests, academic inclination, extracurricular among other things to help the student shortlist potential college to apply to.

5. Application Process

One of the biggest hurdles that students and their parents face is the confusion caused by the sheer amount of paperwork required on different levels by various authorities of the admission procedure. Our mentoring services for Class 12 students include and organize various workshops on the multiple forms required by the preferred university and how to go about fulfilling the requirements in the correct format. This helps students, parents, and teachers clear the uncertainty regarding the application forms.

6. Research and Assistance

College research is important not only because of the plethora of colleges available but also to get a virtual feel of the college. There is more to a college than simply academics.  Our mentoring services for Class 12 students aid the students to research other options apart from their dream universities along with what kind of life would it be at those colleges, the clubs and initiatives available at colleges that the student might be interested in pursuing, etc.

7. Plan of Action

The pressure to consistently work hard to get into the dream university can get overwhelming and crushing at times for any student. Our mentoring services for Class 12 students acknowledge that every student deserves and should get breaks. In fact, we encourage our students to routinely take some time off to refresh themselves and then to come back with double the energy instead of slogging with only a quarter of their energy. However, being on a break is no excuse to procrastinate. We will be there to help the student pick their pace back up when they get back to studies and ensure that they are up-to-speed with their preparations.  Our mentoring services for Class 12 students will consult the student and come up with a plan to use the remaining time judiciously and efficiently to make sure that the goal that was set is fulfilled.

Our mentoring services for Class 12 students is not your usual run-of-the-mill coaching service. Unlike other services, the teamwork between us and our students does not simply end here. We also provide post application services. Our post application services include

Advise while being Waitlisted

Contrary to popular opinion, even if the student is waitlisted there is still a considerable chance for him or her to get admission to the university. However, being waitlisted doesn’t mean the student gets to sit idle. Our mentoring services for Class 12 students not only motivate and encourage students throughout this time but also prompt them to write a ‘letter of continued interest’ and keep on writing and working on additional waitlist essays.

Training for Interview

A basic and quite common misconception among students and parents alike is that an interview is all about testing a candidate’s knowledge. But a lot of other things are also taken into consideration. Our mentoring services for Class 12 students help them train in not only interpersonal communication but also in the right way to frame their answers and body language.

Final College Selection

It is not uncommon for our students to get selected into various colleges on their target list. Given the fact that the preliminary list was formed on the basis of what matches the profile of the student but now it is the time for final selection. Thus, our mentors engage in an extensive discussion with our students and talk about the various aspects of college life, environment, and other factors, so that the student has a faint idea of what to expect from the colleges. We always want our students to make an informed choice.

We understand that the notion of leaving the safety of school and home can be staggering.  But the student needs to leap of faith to test their wings. We will try our best to prepare our students with all the arsenal they need to take flight. With proper and able guidance any student can fly towards bright endeavours and an even brighter future. 


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