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IGCSE Biology Exam Preparation

IGCSE is an advanced yet globally recognized educational board that relies on a content-oriented approach. The International General Secondary Diploma Education (IGCSE) is facilitated by the Cambridge Exam Board. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is based on the British curriculum (GCSE) but is geared to a more internationally-focused student body.  It comprises of a rigorous testing model and evaluated by a board chosen by the school. The IGSCE curriculum is structured to train students for the Cambridge University Test. IGCSE Biology finds the human development imperative to the pedagogy. Read the further article to get the complete information about IGCSE Biology Exam Preparation.

IGCSE Biology Exam Preparation Online

Our experienced tutors and mentors at EduQuest guarantee that no one is left behind in the face of adversity.   The pandemic has changed conventional ways of teaching. As many believe this has led to the degeneration of the standard of education. Online learning has been a daunting challenge for teachers to teach theories through a screen. It can often fall prey to connectivity problems, and one of the most widely stated reasons for this is lack of concentration and short attention span. This is why the students are unable to cope up with this newer mode of learning. Many students are nowadays interested in STEM subjects but the advent of online learning has impeded their ability to receive an education. 

STEM education which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is one of the most sought-after streams. In the Information Age, STEM is the headstart into the future. This explains why most curricula have considered Biology as one of the essential subjects, that requires a strong foundation along with other sciences. IGCSE Biology finds the human development imperative to the pedagogy.

IGCSE Biology curriculum in most includes Coordination and Response, Homeostasis, Genetics and Evolution, Human Influences on the Ecosystem, Classification of Living Organisms, Cells, Enzymes, Nutrition, Transport Systems in Plants and Animals, Excretion and Respiration. IGCSE has a special emphasis on the human body as well as its processes and has a certain attention to detail.

Hire Our Experienced Mentors! Make IGSCE Biology easier!

We have an efficient team of experienced mentors and counselors who guide students in their journey of IGCSE Biology Exam Preparation. Tutors understand the different teaching methods and structures this subject needs and deliver these lessons more simply. Without overly convoluting these essential concepts, the mentors structure their lesson plans and deliver these lectures regularly. In general, STEM students must possess a roust foundation in biology. Rigorous assessment is carried out on regular basis to track students’ progress. Testing will allow us to consider the student’s attitude to the subject. In comparison, with assistance from our efficient mentors, the student will be one step ahead, so that the student will get through the class in a much better way than relying solely on school courses. This empowers the student with a sense of confidence and determination.

Pricing Plans for IGCSE Biology Exam Preparation

We offer tutoring on an hourly basis such that there two pricing plans for the student preparing for IGCSE Biology. The student can select any of them, depending on their needs and requirements. The programs are structured to address the individual needs of the student and their styles and period of learning. The student may opt for either of the plan given below. A time relaxed plan may be suitable for some but a recurring class plan might be convenient for some.

  1. $80 per month- A student may enroll for 4 hours month pricing plan whose overall cost is $80 per month. The cost per hour is worth $20.
  2. $128 per month- A student can also opt for 8 hours per month pricing whose overall cost is $128 per month. The cost per hour is worth $16. Students who want a broad-based approach to the discipline should opt for this pricing scheme.

Irrespective of the plan selected, we pledge that there will be no disparity in the level of education or compromise in the attention provided to the students. The two pricing plans have similar materials and necessary resources for the lessons and do not affect the learning of the student.


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