Mentoring Services for Class 6 to Class 8 students

A strong profile not only brightens your present but also caters to your future. There is never a fixed timeline as to when to start focusing on your profile but starting early not only provides young students studying in Class 6 to Class 8 with ample time to learn from their mistakes but also gives them time to discover their strengths and weakness and gain invaluable experience.

Given today’s huge youth pool and high level of competition, a strong profile and C.V. can go a long way in helping budding students achieve their dreams. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, the same way an impressive profile cannot be built in a day. It is the cumulative result of perseverance, hard work, and smart work. But the most important key that makes the arrow hit the bull’s-eye is the right guidance.

Dreaming big is not an issue but not having proper knowledge about how to go about achieving that dream is what hampers the progress of many students studying in Class 6 to Class 8. We provide the students with not only a properly curated and guided structure but also ensure that it is suited to their needs and requirements. At our institute, we believe that with the right set of profile-building activities, every child can build a stellar and strong profile.

The guidance services and plans of EduQuest for Class 6 to Class 8 students have the following features

Evaluation of Academic Interests

Every student is unique and has different passions, strong suits, interests, and goals. Thus, contrary to the popular belief, there actually is NO FIXED ROUTE to a strong profile. We understand that every student requires a different strategy. Hence, we first assess a student’s academic interest and goals to make sure to provide all students with a personalized,  effective, and tailor-made set of profile building activities. Our practice not only ensures that students learn and hone their skills through activities they love but also don’t take their profile building as a tedious chore.

Effective Strategies

Many parents and teachers coerce their children to take up the same strategies as others in hopes to replicate the successful result achieved by others. But that is not how the cookie crumbles. We are cognizant of the fact that each student studying in Class 6 to Class 8 has a different grasping power and solving speed. A good and effective test prep strategy not only helps the student study effectively but also cement their confidence in themselves and their preparation. Thus, it is our earnest and constant endeavour to prepare a personalized test prep strategy that is optimal and beneficial for the student.

Right Balance between Subjects

Often, parents and teachers alike, consider a student academically weak if the student is unable to perform as well as his peers in a certain subject. We acknowledge that not all students possess the same aptitude for every subject. However, we also realize that the real world does not value all the subjects as same. So, it is all about finding the right balance between the essential subjects and subjects that a student prefers. We understand that if provided with the right set of profile-building activities, able guidance, and coaching, then every child studying in Class 6 to Class 8 has the potential to do wonders.

Guidance for Academic Performance

A good application boasts of not only great academic performance but also of other activities, initiatives, programs the student has participated in along with any other skill that the student has inculcated and honed. One of the most efficient ways to build profiles and skillsets simultaneously is to enroll the student in a summer school and other courses. We ensure to help and guide the students to courses that are best suited to their interests and aptitude. A well-suited and appropriate course and skill not only adds an edge to the application but also helps students gain ground outside of the school curriculum.

Guidance in Selection of Schools

All boards provide education yet they are all not the same. The difference lies in the scope of content and subjects. We try to help our students choose amongst various boards and their affiliated schools to choose a place that can nurture them to their utmost potential.

Suggestions for Suitable College

Some students keep a college in mind beforehand whereas others keep a course in mind beforehand. With our institute, the students can rest assured about the various suggestions about suitable college and college visits.

Expertise recommendation

A teacher’s word of recommendation about a student’s skill and overall personality can definitely add five stars to the profile that the student and our team have built until now. However, it is both important to have a credible tutor author the student’s referrals as well as for the content of the referral to highlight the student in the best light possible. We make sure that the things of importance are taken care of.

Extracurricular Activities

Upon hearing the word extracurricular, many people including students themselves automatically relate it to sports or other such physical activity. However, this notion is only partly true. Extracurricular activities encompass literary activities like debating to sports to cheerleading. This is another outlet for our students to utilize their time in not only unearthing their innate talents but also discovering any new hobbies that they might want to pursue.

Thus at Eduquest Coaching Centre, we try and provide every student with a safe niche to grow, observe, develop, and achieve.


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