Build a Strong Profile for Class 9 Students

Grade 9 can be daunting for many students, not only because the students are now a part of high school but also because there is a huge difference in the scope of content in the syllabus as compared to middle school. The pressure to perform well, to accomplish milestones, to make sure to work hard for their dream college can often confuse children leaving them feeling low about themselves. However, such uncertainty and trepidation about their potential to build a profile worthy of getting into their dream college can be erased with proper guidance, structure, and planning. This is where parents, teachers, and students alike can utilize our services.

The guidance services and plans of EduQuest have the following features to build a strong profile for Class 9 students:

1. Academic Enhancement

The keynote why low performance in grade 9 should not be tolerated is because the syllabus taught in the grade is what forms the basics of the syllabus in the upcoming grades. Thus, if the foundation formed is not strong, it is highly likely for the student to perform poorly in the next years of high school. Therefore, we ensure that to build a strong profile for Class 9 students we guide them to have a clear base, recommend additional courses and enrich them academically to facilitate a smoother and more even transition for the student to any subject he/she might prefer to pursue in the future. Our qualified mentors assess the academic performance of the students and identify subject strengths and weaknesses to guide them in making a logical choice in subject combinations.

2. Community Service Projects

Community Service Projects on an application help provide an additional edge to the student because it not only showcases that the student is keen to observe and work for the betterment of the society as a whole but also helps the student gain practical knowledge, experience and form connections. A meaningful social service project can do wonders for the student’s application and personality. We ensure that the time the student wishes to put into social servicing is used efficiently and meaningfully. We try to make sure that the project undertaken by the student not only helps them sensitize themselves to the prevalent issues and situations but they also something valuable from their experience as a social worker. This is one of the most useful ways to build a strong profile for Class 9 students.

3. Enhancement of Skills

Everyone wishes to be the jack of all trades and master of none. Having a few additional skills has never harmed anyone. Moreover, skills add an edge to the application and can also act as a tie-breaker between two equally capable and deserving candidates. Learning a new skill or honing an already existing skill is a tedious yet fulfilling exercise and can be one of the most helpful ways to build a strong profile for Class 9 students. To make the process more enjoyable and to let students have a better learning experience we provide our students with the right and able guidance by working with students via video essays, writing assignments, presentations, games, a list of important books & movies, and Interviews plays a prominent role.

4. Profile Building Activities

A strong profile can go long way in impressing the admission committee. But a stellar profile cannot be built in a day. It is the fruit of constant perseverance, hard work, and smart work. A student should not be expected to have clarity on every aspect of life. After all, this is the age to discover, realize, and pursue different avenues and ventures. But moving around blindly and hopping from one thing to another serves no purpose and ends up with students losing valuable time. That is why we try and assess our students for extracurricular activities and talents, recommend clubs, activities, sports, jobs, summer experience, etc and subject that the student might be interested in and help the student build a strong profile in ventures that he/she prefers and have potential to excel in.

5. Plan of Action

In the endeavour to make their application as strong and impressive, students tend to become overzealous and end up overestimating the time and energy they can devote to a certain project without compromising with their grades. Sometimes, students over pile their application with unnecessary details of projects they have undertaken, which can make their application look shabby. This where a student can utilize our services to manage their profile. We supervise and ensure that the profile building activity set suggested to the student is enriching and valuable. We will also see to it that the student knows how to present their hard work on their profile in such a way that showcases their positive qualities and puts them in the best light.

6. International Academic System

Not all countries follow the same system of undergraduate admissions and study system as India. These disparities between the Indian and International systems can because a lot of confusion amongst students. Instead of letting our students rely upon and make the decision based on hear-tell and quite possibly misinformation, we introduce the students and make them aware of the knickknacks of the International Undergraduate System and this is one of the important features that helps us to build a strong profile for Class 9 students. We provide complete details to the students about the different undergraduate academic systems across the world such as various 2 year/3 year/4 year programs that include AS, BA, BSC, BBA, and BFA.

As a team, we firmly believe that if the energy and enthusiasm of the student are guided in the right direction then it is not difficult to build a strong profile for Class 9 students. It is our earnest endeavour to not only teach the students under our wing but to also prepare them with the arsenal to go out and face the world with the utmost confidence in their abilities, capabilities, and skills.


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