IGCSE Chemistry Exam Preparation

Chemistry is one of the most vital disciplines to understand daily life processes. The subject in conjunction with Physics, Biology, and Mathematics forms a strong foundation for students to pursue their studies as they progress. In IB or later while studying STEM in Universities it is assumed that students have a complex understanding of subjects like Chemistry. The syllabus provided in IGCSE Chemistry helps students develop a scientific bent of mind and an understanding of the fundamental concepts of Chemistry. Students also acquire an understanding of the technical skills that are necessary for the advancement to the Cambridge International AS & A level, further education, or science-related professions.

This allows them to gain a greater understanding of the scientific and technological advancements of today’s world. IGCSE which stands for International General Secondary Diploma Education is developed by the Cambridge Exam Board. IGCSE, one of the most effective educational boards, is seeing a spike in the number of students enrolled. The IGCSE is modeled after the GCSE curricula but is more content-oriented than the previous one. Their approach to student-focused schooling enables many parents to choose to enroll their children in this renowned board.

The curricula are curated in such a way that a student has the option to select their preferred level of learning. This is determined by their preference and the level of difficulty. The degree of complexity is seen in two ways such as IGCSE Core and IGCSE Extended. Based on the assessments carried out by the Cambridge Examination, the evaluation shall be carried out by the board chosen by the school. Cambridge Review International Education and Edexcel are the most prevalent.

IGCSE Chemistry Exam Online Preparation

Since Chemistry is not a fairly easy subject, a student may find it difficult to rely solely on school classes and materials. This is why especially for Pure Sciences the student must have a well-designed study plan with the assistance they might require additional support that extends beyond school time. The teaching faculty of EduQuest are mindful of the effort required. Along with skill and expertise, our exceptional teaching ability will enable a student to ace chemistry IGCSE with a certain sense of ease. The student can make use of the exhaustive resource materials provided by the tutors and the assistance as and when they wish. Tutors and Mentors at EduQuest will help students develop a scientific aptitude and understand theories that form the building blocks for higher education. The IGCSE Chemistry syllabus ranges from a wide range of topics within the subjects including Stochiochemistry, valency, acids & bases, electrolysis, organic and inorganic chemistry, chemical energetics, and reactions. Other than that it also includes a periodic table and the particulate nature of matter which forms the foundation of the subject. As mentioned before, this syllabus is extensively designed keeping in mind the AS & A levels as well as the IBDP.

Pricing Plans for IGCSE Chemistry Exam Preparation

While a student may not be able to cope up with the pace of the classes, he or she may require additional assistance in the form of a tutor. This is why our mentors and tutors understand the assistance and the importance of a structured plan that a child needs in the IB English HL & SL Exam Preparation. The student can make use of the extensive resource materials provided by the tutors and the assistance at any point of time as per their convenience.

The resource materials cover a plethora of topics in IB English HL & SL ranging from critical analysis to the basic and correct usage of grammar. These will help the student gain a strong foothold over the language. Our experienced tutors and mentors will help students understand and appreciate how texts in English are written accomplish a variety of results and will allow them to have an insightful as well as a genuine response to the content they have read. They will also understand the ramifications of culture on texts and vice versa.

Pricing Plans for IB English HL & SL Exam Preparation

Our main goal is to provide effective tips and techniques for the IGCSE Chemistry Exam Preparation at an affordable rate. There are two pricing plans that we provide to ensure meet the requirements of our students. The plans are intended to impart a sense of ease and comfort while maintaining an effective preparation style in the mentioned timeline. A student may choose either the early commencement of classes or a well-spaced schedule of classes without any losses.

  1. 80 $ per month – A student may opt for 4 hours per month pricing plan and the total cost for the same will be 80 $ per month. The cost per hour is 20 $.
  2. 128 $ per month – A student may opt for 8 hours per month pricing plan and the total cost for the same will be 128 $ per month. The cost per hour is 16 $. Students who wish to have a more effective and extensive way of approach to the subject can opt for this pricing plan.

Students must note that they can opt for any of the plans given above because we assure that there will be no difference in the quality, features, and content of education nor a compromise in the assistance provided to a student. The two pricing plans provide the same study materials, test series, and resources in the preparation of the exam.


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