IB Biology HL & SL Test Preparation

Biology is a very intriguing subject. It is fascinating not only because it studies fact and behaviors of life forms but also because everything from gigantic living being to tiny micro-organisms come under its field of study and observation. IB Biology studies the reasons for existence and how everything came into being. The intricacies and complexities found in Biology make many students fear it.

Highlights of the comprehensive IB Biology HL & SL Test Preparation program

The challenging Biology test for the International Baccalaureate consists of the six topic areas such as Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology, Ecology, Cell Respiration, Metabolism, Evolution and Biodiversity, and Photosynthesis. The comprehensive program of EduQuest for IB Biology Test preparation covers all the six topic areas in an organized yet detailed manner. The program is well structured but at the same time provides enough space to tailor it to suit the student’s pace, keeping in mind the time restraints. Our well-qualified and dedicated team of tutors and mentors will help the student gain a stronghold in the subject of Biology and at the same time remain a step ahead of the school curriculum. We conduct regular tests and assign homework to help the students practice as much as they can.

IB Biology HL & SL Test Course Details

Many students tend to get down and discouraged upon seeing the extensive syllabus for the IB Biology Test Preparation. Hence, they end up resorting to online classes and tutors. At our coaching, we provide a comprehensive program for the IB Biology Test Preparation. In our comprehensive program for the IB Biology Test Preparation, we ensure to cover all aspects and facets of the syllabus to provide apposite content to our students. We at EduQuest firmly believe that although rote learning might be necessary for certain parts, however, it should get kept as minimum level as possible.

 If the concept is crystal clear in the minds of the student, then the need to rote memorize reduces. Therefore, our main aim in the comprehensive program for the IB Biology HL & SL Test Preparation test is to ensure that students gain clarity in the concepts. We ensure that thorough and detailed explanations get provided for every topic in the syllabus. Our program also helps the student identify the areas that require a bit more hard work and patience.

Our Experienced Mentors for IB Biology HL & SL Preparation

Our staff of teachers and mentors is well-qualified in their field of study.  Hence you can rest assured that the teacher assigned to any of our students will be competent and well-versed in their area of study. Our tutors and mentors get trained to deal with the pressures and problems that might arise while preparing for the IB Biology HL & SL Test. Moreover, we understand that not all students understand everything that’s getting taught in one go.

At our coaching, we ensure that the teacher-student dynamic is as interactive as possible. Some of the students might even feel shy about asking questions in front of the class. Therefore, our teachers and mentors are open to taking the doubts of the student at any time. They try their best to maintain a safe class environment that is conducive to learning. Open communication between teachers and student not only helps the teacher in keeping constant tabs on the student’s progress, but it also helps the student gain confidence in their preparation.

Multiple tests are conducted in the classroom to check the clarity of the concepts that get taught in our classes. The student’s result on these tests is scrutinized and analyzed by our well-qualified teaching faculty to pick out the student’s weak areas. Knowing the weak areas, it gets easier for students and teachers alike to create a plan of action and tailor teaching techniques to improve the score and overall performance. In our comprehensive program for IB Biology HL & SL Test preparation, the teachers and the students work together as a team to address the weak links of the student.

Pricing Structure

As per the student’s or/and their parent’s convenience, the entire comprehensive program is available under two price sets. The first set amounts to $152 per month, which is $19 per hour.  Under this pricing set, 8 hours’ worth of classes takes place every month. The second set amounts to $80 per month, which is $20 per hour.  Under this pricing set, 4 hours’ worth of classes takes place every month.


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