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Best SAT/New Digital SAT Prep Coaching Classes in Delhi

Hoping to study abroad? Look no further than EduQuest!

There are a lot of options for people who want to continue their abroad education consultant, but the important thing Is to filter out meaningless advice and concentrate on the useful ones. With our digital SAT coaching in Delhi, we have developed a comprehensive study guide for aspirants at EduQuest. Our institution offers students the choice of online as well as offline classes for digital SAT coaching in Delhi, and this is beneficial as most students do not have time for rigid tuition classes. With the flexible approach of EduQuest, you can study whenever you want. Our education consultant in India methodology also equips you to take the option of digital SAT classes in Delhi. Through our digital SAT coaching in Delhi, our instructors are well prepared to handle the student’s doubts and classroom sessions are more effective than online classes when clearing doubts. Take the chance and learn in a limitless fashion at EduQuest!

EduQuest has many branches across the metropolitan cities of India, and it is also present in the city of Delhi/NCR. Make use of your time and sign up for the digital SAT classes in Delhi of your choice! At EduQuest, the instructors provide different models such as Best SAT Prep  online and offline classes, or even a mix of these two approaches if that is what students prefer. This institution aims to work while keeping the comfort levels of the students in mind.

A Note From Mentors

Mentors are those people who will guide you throughout the journey of finding a great school that will suit your needs. Every mentor is different and as a student, it is of utmost importance that you choose the right one. Below is one message from the mentors at EduQuest:

Dear Learners,

We, at EduQuest, believe that every student has a sharp mind that is capable of extensive logical thinking. We keep this in mind while talking to each student and deciding on their learning style. It is an important step to get to know the student and their views.

For mentors, the first step is to realize where the student’s position is with respect to the learning curve. The best system to make people learn and grasp concepts is the Adaptive model of learning. This means that the learning system should adapt itself with respect to the student in concern and their ability. If the instructors follow this approach, it is going to bring them better results for sure. Past results show a very high rate of progress.

While teaching, the mentors at EduQuest have identified certain levels-

  • Clarity while knowing concepts- Students who rely on cramming never get very far, so it is important to grasp the underlying logical reasoning behind each concept. The instructors at EduQuest make sure that every student is aware of the understanding behind everything that is being taught to them.
  • Application- It is not enough to understand the concept. Many students balk when trying to apply the concepts to answer questions. The trick is to learn how to reach a 100% accuracy level while attempting questions and keep it that way.
  • Efficient- The students have to be efficient while attempting a digital SAT exam in Delhi because all exams are ultimately a race against time.

The mentors at EduQuest are ready to provide online as well as offline coaching classes on SAT/PSAT/ACT in the Delhi/NCR region. These modules are applicable for students across any board and the students can have flexibility in their choices.

The instructors at EduQuest are by no means inexperienced, we have been guiding students and making them realize their dreams for many years. Since 1995, the mentors have been providing digital SAT classes in Delhi and extensive training for students. The student, before launching into the syllabus, takes a “Diagnostic Test”, which helps us to understand and to design the customized modules which will be beneficial for the students. This Adaptive model helps us to prepare for the target examination effectively. We provide online modes as well as classroom sessions and the results have always been amazing. The mentorship doesn’t end at exam scores, we also advise the students in choosing the right universities or colleges. The instructors also help in application writing and provide end-to-end service.

Our success has been so apparent that many schools have requested us to conduct seminars as well as prepare for counseling sessions. The students were informed about the 360-degree approach program in these activities. Right now, the mentors at EduQuest are working with some of the most prestigious schools in the Delhi-NCR region. Our services include the 360-degree approach program and we prepare students for various examinations like-abroad education consultant

  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • SAT II
  • AP
  • Board Exams

These learning modules are not restricted to any board of education. Students from any board like IB, ICSE, CBSE, and IGSCE can join and get informed about the various possible exams.

Career Counseling Provisions

It is essential to recognize the influence of the right methods of career counseling and also to realize that any wrong approaches to career counseling can ruin a student’s bright future. Many factors come into lay while determining the right career for you. Your hobbies, interests, abilities, and even values play a vital role. The career counseling process at EduQuest will help the student to understand the working practices and the specific career and educational decisions that will be well-suited for them.

Those who think that career counseling is just about deciding the major and the right school is wrong. Career counseling is a more dynamic and broad concept than deciding the job you want to do. The world keeps changing, with the numerous technologies and our interests and abilities change as well. Career counseling does not only focus on the near future but also the long-run perspective. It helps you to gather skills and knowledge to help you throughout your entire life. The mentors at EduQuest rely on advanced psychometric tests and numerous discussions with the student to determine the right approach.


Development in Personality

EduQuest is not only an exam-oriented institution, it also aims at developing your personality. The higher the self-awareness level, the better decisions we can make throughout our life. The aim of the personality development sessions at EduQuest is to develop both the inner and outer personality of the student so they can overcome any circumstances that life throws at them.

When most people think of sessions related to personality development, they think of external grooming sessions or digital SAT preparation in Delhi to speak impressively. That is not what true personality development is about. It is about having a strong mental capacity and reaching that level of maturity where failing doesn’t bother you anymore. Emotional strength gives you the ability to face every situation such that nothing can make you feel nervous or hopeless anymore.

The instructors at EduQuest aim at developing the student’s personalities such that they can reap long term benefits from these sessions. The sessions are build keeping in mind the best international practices and they include-

  • Confidence and enthusiasm booster
  • Promotion of a zealous outlook
  • Positive thinking and application

We access the student in question, and then design the sessions as per need.



As mentioned before, the 360-degree program at EduQuest includes customized digital SAT preparation in Delhi but that is not all. The institution also takes care of the soft skills and devotes sessions to personality development and moral education. If the students are interested they can also sign up for debating skills and presentation skills.

Not only are the methods of learning to be customized, but the tests are also personalized to learn better.

EduQuest provides its students with extra support. It comes in the form of extra interactive sessions, an unlimited amount of doubt clearing sessions, and additional materials. The students will have an easy time preparing for the digital SAT exam in Delhi as they will have access to the best preparation materials.


EduQuest promises its students the minimum amount of 100 hours of classes. If a student gets stuck on any topic, they are free to retake the classes any number of times.

The instructor at EduQuest will target the weak points of the students and work on them effectively. If the needs of the learners are met appropriately, they will also feel motivated to attend thedigital SAT classes in Delhi.

The system is structured so that the most elementary concepts are taught at first so that the students do not feel overwhelmed on their first day. Regular tests are also scheduled to ascertain the learning levels of the said students.

At the final level of digital SAT preparation in Delhi, the student can choose to have a Generation of TESTs. They can choose the area they want to be tested on as well as the number of questions.

EduQuest has plenty of materials for you to practice on. The system has over 10,000 practice questions to get you ready. All our exams have pretty realistic questions for you to solve.

Programs in Delhi

The structure of the programs in Delhi are mentioned below-

4-5 years:

This program will cover the extensive syllabus of PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, Olympiads, and much more. The students are recommended to start this program when they are in the eighth or the ninth standards.(fees will be according to the courses chosen) –

3 years:

The students can opt for this when they are in the 10th The program covers PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, AP, Olympiads as well as Board exam assistance.(fees will be according to the courses chosen) –

2 years and 1 year:

Olympiads and NTSE as well as the SAT I, SAT II, AP preparations are done in this program. The students can choose to do this when they are already in Class 11.(fees will be according to the courses chosen)


At EduQuest, we follow the 360-degree approach to train our students for success. One of the distinctive features of this methodology is Diagnostic testing.

At each step of the process, the student gets evaluated and the models are designed according to their needs. Thus, the student undergoes continuous mapping when he or she enrolls in our course.

The main points of the course can be summarized as follows-

  • Roadmap preparation for every student
  • Step-wise improvement for every learner
  • Preparation is done by designed modules
  • Assessment based on separate sections and special attention is provided in improvement areas
  • The course reaches its end only when the student has reached their potential
  • An adaptive model is followed, and this process has proven to give great results
  • Testing phases
  • All digital SAT preparation in Delhi material to be provided by EduQuest

The first week will b dedicated to the student's analysis class. The class can be held individually as well as in agroup. This session will be followed by the warm-up test so that the mentors can validate the analysis.Subjective and objective approach will be adopted.


The results of the warm-up test will help the instructors at EduQuest to map the modules for the student. The modules are formed while keeping in mind the weak areas of the learners.


After the identification of the micro-gap areas of the concerned student, we can move on to one-on-one sessions where special attention can be provided to the student. Students are then divided into three groups- Platinum, Gold, and Silver.


The students can ask for Generation of TESTS, where he or she can decide on the format of the digital SAT exam in Delhi.


At EduQuest, the student will have to attempt atleast 15 tests. For this purpose, our system has over 5000 papers.


In this step, the instructors move on to the profile assessment and career counseling sessions


Assessment of the profile and additional advice is provided on how to close the gap if any.


The student's profile is matched with the different universities so that there is a perfect fit.


SOPs, the essay is written in this stage


The final step is based on the writing of the scholarship application.


EduQuest is not a new institution without any experience. We have listed the points below, and you can understand what a great advantage it will be to have experienced mentors at your side.


Admission Process

The instructors have been guiding the students for a long time and thus we have a thorough understanding of the several admissions processes abroad.


Customized attention

Every applicant has different strengths and weaknesses so our program attends to each of them individually through customized counseling sessions.


Team-based approach

The student has a broad support team. The dedicated consultant will be available all the time, but the larger team might include an essay and resume specialists. At every location, the team works tirelessly to ensure the success of the student.


Application of Technology

Technology is applied in every step of the process to derive more data so that clients can make more informed decisions.

Online Tests (SAT, PSAT, AP, SAT II)

Artificial Intelligence is used to prepare the test series for the applicants. This ensures unique questions and best strategies so that you can crack your examination. The courses for these tests are both available online and offline so that the student can learn according to their ease.

The important features of the courses are as follows-

  • 15 full-length tests, which is the minimum requirement
  • Tests based on each sub-topic
  • Tests based on each topic
  • Strategies advised by the instructors
  • Helpline sessions
  • Surprise tests
  • Zoom/Webex is used for online sessions
  • Test Generation facility
  • Unlimited sessions

SAT/New Digital SAT Coaching in Delhi

In addition to all of the points mentioned above, there will be IELTS/TOEFL classes. There is also provision for an end to end application writing and career counseling. The students will also be able to make use of the debating skills and career development classes.

The payment structure of the SAT in Delhi is as follows-

  • Online Live courses are at Rs.40,000/- only
  • Hybrid classes are at Rs.50,000/- only
  • One on one classes are at Rs.60,000/- only
  • Hybrid one on one structure is priced at Rs.80,000/- only + GST

The prices of the courses that we offer are as under: ONLY PSAT with orientation sessions on AP and SAT 2

The payment structure for PSAT in Delhi is as follows-

  • The online live group course would amount to ₹35,000/- only
  • One on one sessions would amount to ₹40,000/- only
  • Hybrid courses would amount to ₹50,000/- only
  • Hybrid- one on one session would amount to ₹60,000/- only + GST

The payment structure is given below-

  • The prices of the courses that we offer are as under:
  • One on one online live sessions would amount to ₹50,000/- only
  • Hybrid courses would amount to ₹60,000/- only
  • Hybrid- one on one session would amount to ₹70,000/- only + GST

Advanced Placement Coaching Sessions in Delhi –

The payment structure is given below for your benefit.

  • The prices of the courses that we offer are as under:
  • One on one sessions would amount to ₹60,000/- only
  • Hybrid- one on one session would amount to ₹80,000/- only + GST

Application writing and Admissions counseling in Delhi

The mentors will keep in mind your strengths and weaknesses and guide you likewise. The areas of improvement are also identified so that you can work on them. After determining all of that, the mentors try to figure out the universities that will be the best fit for the student concerned. All of the features that go into this training are given below-

  • Presentation of profile
  • Advice on building profiles
  • Profile matching
  • SOPs and essay writing
  • Application for scholarship
  • Preparation for viva.

The price for these sessions is ₹60,000/- + GST, and unlimited applications are allowed.



When it comes to major exams like SAT, people have a lot of questions. Most of these questions are the same and in this article, the most frequently asked questions are compiled together to answer the most important queries once and for all.


SAT, or what is called the Scholastic Assessment Test, is developed by the College Board and is taken by all the students who want to do their undergraduate studies abroad. This is a widely used test in most American universities and digital SAT exam in Delhi is a rigorous process as the competition is fierce. In India, the SAT exam is held about four times a year. The months on which the SAT exam is held are- May, March, October, and December, and the exam s held on weekends.


There is no one answer to this question. Various educators have different opinions on which materials are the “best” ones. The must-have material is the “The Official SAT Study Guide”, which will help the students see what type of questions usually appear on the SATs. Secondly, the students should have their hands on many practice tests. College Board usually releases “Official SAT practice tests” so every SAT aspirant should be familiar with these two things.

A: SAT exams are an important milestone for every student who wants to pursue their studies abroad. It is easy to assume that self-starter students can navigate their way while doing their SAT preparation for themselves. But even the most hard-working students can lose their way while preparation, and it is recommended to get into a reputable SAT preparation course in Delhi. Self-study doesn’t cut it for the best of the students for many reasons. If you are in dilemma about whether or not to take SAT preparation courses, it is a good idea to go through the SAT sample tests on the official websites and see how you do in them. Then decide if you need professional help from the best SAT preparation courses in Delhi.

A: There are many superb SAT preparation courses in Delhi. One of them are mentioned below


EduQuest is one of the most reputed SAT coaching institutes in Delhi that is leading the market providing end to end services and is also equipped to coach. EduQuest has one of the best adaptive models of coaching.  After signing up for their course, students need to go through a Diagnostic Test Framework and this framework ensures a focused approach and continuous test and improvements for the students so that they can have a personalized touch in their lesson plans. It also has centers across the country. They have many centers all around the city and have high user ratings.

A: Educators and students all agree in one respect- SAT exams are way easier than IIT-JEE exams.  The mathematics section in the SAT exam is way easier than the problems in JEE tests. Students must not assume that SAT exam is easy and the desired score can be achieved without SAT preparation as questions are tricky and the College board check college readiness appropriately. Like every competitive exam, SAT has its uniqueness which needs proper training and rigorous practice. Educations abroad will not only require impressive academics but also your profile should be eye-catching. The success rate of IIT-JEE exams is way too low for even the best minds in India. Many Indian students are instead focusing their attention on cracking the SATs.

A: SAT syllabus includes concepts that are mostly taught to high school students. The syllabus for the SAT exams includes the Reading section, writing, and mathematics. The math portion has the calculator as well as the non-calculator portions. The administration for the SAT exam, i.e., the College Board has done away with the SAT essay and SAT subject tests. The reason for the modifications is the ongoing pandemic. But the officials have also stated that this change was going to happen one way or another, the pandemic has just hastened the process. Additional information will be disclosed by the officials in April.


The security measures for the SAT exams are numerous and the College Board sees to it that the exam is conducted with utmost fairness. The test is created offline and the test materials are securely transported. Students are not allowed to bring electronic devices with them when the SAT exam is being administered. If any policies are neglected in being followed then it can result in the cancellation of test scores.


As mentioned before, many universities and colleges use the SAT as their admission metric and high scores in this exam will get you a decent chance at a good educational institution. Ven those universities which do not strictly require you to submit your SAT scores will take notice if you scored great in the exam and it will improve your profile considerably. Foreign universities dedicate millions of dollars to educational aid, and having a great score will get you closer to getting a scholarship.


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