Slow and steady wins the Race!

This time is for serious planning now. Real SAT  preparation begins in the 9th grade. Thinking about big picture and in 9th grade thing starts to count.

Continuous mapping and customization is the strength of the programme

For freshmen, our mentor-ship program focuses on developing a strong academic and extracurricular base for SAT. More time is spent on teaching the habits and philosophies behind how to approach high school successfully. Our mentors also play a significant role in helping students develop their interests, which eventually serve as the “hook” for their applications many years later.

Career aspirations and knowing if you want to do something then why is that where you want to go and what you want to do- college and beyond.

It’s the beginning of a four-year adventure. You don’t have to stress out too much. It’s important that you get yourself on a track for success now. We use this grade to access that what kind of student you are and what should be done to make you a better student Doing so will not only help you get into a good school; you will perform better once you’re there. Follow these steps and you can ensure that the work you do now will pay off later.

This time is best to start off planning for the kind of AP course child should take and thus giving their career aspiration a god shape. Most importantly understanding their career aspirations and guiding them for the best choice they should make. Then comes Profile building activities and live projects according to their career choice. Thus making a strong profile as this is as important score a respectable score for admissions.

Now grades start to count. Depending on the school, your high school transcript begins now. These grades will be reflected on your applications. It’s time to get serious as a student.

This is just the beginning of a long road. If you have just started to be serious as a student with few B’s and C’s, many colleges will overlook this if you show steady improvement throughout high school.

Use this year to get better as a student targeting SAT exam. Working outside your class work is important and managing your school and other activities along with SAT preparation along with some aimed profile building actives will make to lean something very important and that is Time-Management.


Our  guidance counselor will help in developing a general plan for high school keeping strengths and weakness of a particular child.

Our guidance counselor can also help you prepare for college with a right king of road map.


Exploring and discovering things, you have a passion for and excelling in the same. Yes, this is a idea behind choosing activities and students are not supposed to do what they do not find interesting and here is a serious “Note’ to all Parents of not forcing their wards to something they do not cherish.

Start participating in extracurricular activities. Whether you go for sports, art or computer programming, invest your time and energy wisely and you will see great rewards.

Will help you charting out a proper plan for you where ultimately your scores also should not be suffering and thus striking a perfect balance between your studies and activities which is going to add some value. This is where time management becomes so important.

It is also important to show that you are dedicated and can see things through rather than one who constantly jump from one thing to another so at this grade kick out all those things where you even have a slightest doubt of interest.The more you can get involved in something, the more you will learn and grow as a young adult.



The 9th grade almost always has a greater workload than middle school. Some students adjust easily, while others struggle with the transition.

Here under our guidance and mentor-ship student will be successful without feeling cracked under pressure. As balanced approach will be adopted which will vary from student to student. A proper customized approach. School studies, PSAT preparation, AP courses(one by one). Each will be carried out so professional that child will come out with flying colors without feeling pressurized and enjoying every bit of it.

This is the benefit of Customized approach where we will keep on indent-lying gap areas and focused guidance will be provided according to need.



Reading and writing skills will help making a student expressive and articulate.
And its all because of lack of expression or lack of accurate and impressive words which makes a difference between unsuccessful and successful person to some extent. So keeping this journey fruitful – we will be proving special English sessions.

It will help you in cracking SAT English part

We will make you go through Fiction, non-fiction, news, history, poetry; whatever it is, it will improve your cognitive and analytical thinking. We conduct different class activities only after training a student which will make them expert in Group discussions, debates, Extempore and discussing a book or news article in the class will expose them to new ideas and perspectives.

To develop stronger writing skills, this is important for SAT. We conduct a writing course or workshop. Even if you think you are a good academic writer, there is always room for improvement in this realm.



This time is best to start off planning for the kind of AP course child should take and thus giving their career aspiration a god shape. Most importantly understanding their career aspirations and guiding them for the best choice they should make for AP course. Then comes Profile building activities and live projects according to their career choice. Thus making a strong profile as this is as important score a respectable score for admissions.

Choice of AP course and Subject test are linked with their major they are targeting which is further being linked with their career aspirations.

AP classes are more rigorous, but more rewarding.

SAT subject tests, also known as SAT II, are multiple-choice tests that are specific to a single subject. They are not required, but many high school students take them to pad their resumes. If you just took an advanced class and did well, that’s the best time to do it. You have nothing to lose. A bad score can be withheld from your record.


It is a planning stage, organic growth should be the target so being over cautious or getting stressed will be not be a savior. Our mentor is always to show the best approach and 25/7 approachable for student’s doubts or anxieties. Just chill.


Your grades aren’t the only thing contributing to your resume. You want to engage in extracurricular activities, and the next four summers will present opportunities you couldn’t take advantage of during the busy school year.

Use your summers to do something worthwhile that builds character and adds to personal growth. It can be almost anything, such as travel abroad or a road trip to cultural or historic sites. You can get a job or volunteer in your community. Maybe you want to start a group, club, live projects or special project with friends. Whatever it is, think about how it will contribute to your experience as a young adult.


Career Counselling

Career counselling is a very delicate process if wrongly done; a whole life would be in a great mess.

There are factors that influence career development, your interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances. This process will help you to know and identify yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions.

CC is more than deciding on a major student want to do and job you want to get when you graduate. Throughout life situation keeps on changing, technology changes, interests also change and influenced by such many factors life priority also changes. The focus of CC is to not about ability to take decisions at present, but to give you the knowledge, skills and attitude you need to make future career and life decisions. This process will be done with the help of Psychometric test and discussions with the student.


Personality Development

Ever heard about self awareness the better the self awareness the better the life decisions. This is the aim of our Personality sessions.

The goal of these sessions will be revolving around individual student and make their inner and outer personality strong that should be able to see through the circumstances.

Personality development is not about smart looks or social etiquette or ability to speak impressively but it is about that level of maturity that ultimately makes an individual so strong emotionally that nothing can make them feel nervous or hopeless about situation in case of failures. Also keeping in mind the kind of standards students need to meet in their graduation years that me work on every minute detail with them.

We prepare students as per international best practices and this program will support them for long term benefits:

  • Building confidence and boosting enthusiasm
  • Promoting a zealous outlook towards life
  • Imbibing positive thoughts and actions

Personality development means an improvement in all spheres of the individual’s life. These program’s will be designed according to the areas of the need. This programmed will be continued throughout the studies.


One week would be Student’s Analysis class – this can be in a group/individually followed by Warm-up test to validate our analysis.


Warm Test/Mapping test will help us designing better modules for a student. Modules would be designed according to the weak/gap areas of the student.


We identify micro gap areas of a student in the class thus provide one-on-one session so that special attention is being given to the student. This is how we are customizing the course according to need areas of a student.
Three Groups –
Platinum – Fast paced and in a group of 1300 – 1500+ group.
Gold – Medium paced and in a group of 1100- 1300+ group.
Silver – Slow paced and in a group of 800 – 1100+ group.
Now our AIM is to prepare all the students to be able to reach to the level of 1500+.
As our aim is to take every student for above 1500 score so we offer unlimited sessions. Minimum is 90 hrs training.


Student can ask for Generation of Test – where student can decide on number of questions, difficulty level and topic.


Full length test paper – at-least 15 test are there to get attempted by student. We have a bank of 5000 papers like this.


Profile assessment, career counselling session, along with psychometric test would be done and reports will be shared with parent.


Profile building activities would be advised in case we identify a gap.


Profile matching would be done with different colleges keeping in mind profile and interest of student.


Writing of SOPs, Essays, LOR would be done.


Writing of Scholarship application.


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