IGCSE Mathematics Exam Preparation

Globally recognized, IGSCE is one of the most advanced secondary education board that focuses on a content-oriented approach. Offered by the Cambridge Exam Board, IGCSE stands International General Secondary Certificate Education. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is an examination similar to the GCSE but tailored to a more internationally-focused student body. The most prominent is the Cambridge Assessment International Education and Edexcel. IGSCE curricula are designed to prepare the students for the Cambridge University Exam.

The Cambridge exam board offers more than 70 subjects, including 30 languages, as it seeks to be as accessible as possible for students from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. The board recognizes different levels of difficulty for a subject and offers two curricula accordingly. Namely, the IGSCE Core and IGSCE Extended. Relatively difficult than other educational boards, IGCSE has a unique grading scale that ranges from G-A. Where ‘G’ stands for the lowest grade and ‘A’ stands for the highest grade. IGCSE ensures a smoother transition from IB. The IGCSE also carves a pathway for students to progress onto IBDP, which stands for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. IB DP is mainly for the students aged in between 16 – 19.

IGCSE Mathematics Exam Preparation

We at EduQuest ensure that not a student is left behind in these times of adversity. The pandemic has altered conventional ways of teaching. As widely stated by many, this has led to a compromise in the quality of education. Online learning has been an arduous task for teachers to teach concepts over this mode of learning. It can often fall prey to connectivity problems and one of the most widely stated reasons is the lack of concentration and short attention spans. This is why the students must enroll in our online classes as just school classes may not be enough. The mentors and tutors of EduQuest will help you go the last mile by making sure that you do not get left behind.

Our mentors and tutors covers a myriad of topics ranging from Algebra 1 & Algebra 2 to Statistics & Probability including vectors, sets, and graphs as well for the IGCSE Mathematics Exam Preparation. Trigonometry and Matrices & Transformation is covered as well. As the subject is more demanding in terms of time and dedication, we make sure that students get all the required help they need with some of the best tutors in our classes.

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The teaching faculty of EduQuest understand that IGCSE Mathematics is essential for daily life as well. Hence the concepts are explained in a much detailed yet simplified manner. The robust team of qualified tutors, as well as dedicated mentors, pledge to impart mathematical knowledge that will not only help them in daily life but also their studies ahead. STEM students especially require a concrete foundation of mathematics, regressive testing is conducted to track students’ progress. The testing will help us understand the student’s approach to the subject. Additionally, EduQuest believes in being one step ahead, hence the student will breeze through the curricula in a much easier manner than only relying on school classes. This arms the student a sense of confidence and motivation as well.

Pricing of Our IGCSE Mathematics Course

There are two plans that we offer for IGCSE Mathematics Exam Preparation. A student may opt for either of them depending on their needs. The plans are designed to suit the different needs of a student and their preparation styles and duration. A student may start early and opt for a well-spaced lesson plan or may opt for the latter for a more hands-on approach.

  • 80 $ per month – A student may opt for an 80 $ per month pricing plan which includes 4 hours per month. The cost per hour is 20 $.
  • 128 $ per month – This plan includes 8 hours per month. The cost per hour is 16 $. Students who want an extensive approach to the subject can opt for this pricing plan.

Irrespective of the plan chosen, we promise that there will be no difference in the quality of education nor a compromise in the attention given to a student. Both pricing plans provide the same study materials and resources and do not compromise on the preparation of a student.


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