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EduQuest is by no means a new institution, it has been helping students achieve their dreams of a brighter future for years. And it is prospering and attaining new heights of success with every passing year. Instructors at EduQuest do not ignore the student’s unique personality and try to make sure that their vision aligns with the student’s before going forward. If you want a better career by joining the SAT training in EduQuest or any other courses, you will not be disappointed. EduQuest in Gurgaon offers a unique vision and works tirelessly to make a better career path for you. If you want to be a leader shortly, make sure that you start preparing early. The trademark of future leaders is to be always prepared when others are otherwise engaged. Take the time to read through the courses available in EduQuest (in Gurgaon) and pick the best fit for you!

EduQuest specializes in training for competitive examinations, so if you are someone who wants to set into a foreign school or college or even university, we at EduQuest are here to help you. Before going into all of it, let us share a message from our dedicated and experienced mentors at EduQuest.

Advice from Mentors

The instructors and mentors at EduQuest can tell that every student has a bright and curious mind, but at the same time, they have unique personalities and learning patterns so they cannot be handled the same way. The specialty of each student is a factor when the mentors try to offer advice. The specific position of the student in the learning curve is important for the mentor to determine.The best way to make students learn is to follow the Adaptive model. The adaptive model, as the name suggests, adapts itself to the learning style of the student instead of forcing the student to adapt to rigid learning modules. Doing this results in greater progress.

The mentors at EduQuest have identified several levels of teaching for them to do their tasks effectively. The levels are listed below-

  • Conceptual clarity- The student must understand the concepts of the required syllabus thoroughly. The logical reasoning behind all matters will have to be recognized before moving forwards. The instructors and mentors at EduQuest in Gurgaon (as well as in all our branches across the city) do not believe that the student can learn anything through cramming.
  • Getting the concepts is the first step. The next step is to apply what you have learned in solving questions. The target should be achieving and maintaining a 100% accuracy rate.
  • Time frame – All exams have to b completed within a certain period. So, it is important to keep that fact in mind while preparing. Effective preparation will lead you to win the battle against time in your final exam.

EduQuest in Gurgaon has many fields of specialization. The institution offers training concerning PSAT, SAT, AP, ACT, Subject Tests, and extra tuition classes for assistance in Board exams or the Olympiads.

As mentioned earlier, this institution is not new in guiding students as EduQuest has been providing end to end tuition classes for any Board for many years. We have handled extensive training of various levels of students. The unique feature of EduQuest in Gurgaon is the diagnostic test framework. When students are enrolled in a course, we make them take a diagnostic test so that we have an idea about the said student and how to design their training modules. The training can be given in any mode as per request, either online or in offline mode. EduQuest has been successful in providing training to thousands of students with remarkable results. The distinctive feature of this institution is the flexibility offered to its students, they can choose offline classroom sessions as well as online live sessions. The advice on exams is not the only thing provided, we also guide our aspirants in application writing. Choosing the right college and university is a tiresome and confusing process, but our instructors are always ready to help students get out of this maze.SAT II training and AP training is also done extensively in EduQuest (Gurgaon).

The success of our institution is now known throughout the country. Many schools in Gurgaon have invited EduQuest to conduct sessions in career counseling. EduQuest has also successfully conducted many seminars in educational institutions. It has a great honor to prepare the bright students for their SAT or ACT exams and guiding them towards the right path. Right now, many prestigious schools in Gurugram are connected with the reputable institution of EduQuest and we are providing information about our 360-degree framework approach. The full mentorship program available in EduQuest includes preparation for examinations like

  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • SAT II
  • AP
  • Board Examinations
  • Olympiad and NTSE

All of these training sessions can be attended by students from nay board like IB, IGSCE, ICSE, ISC, and even CBSE.

Career Counselling

Many people take career counseling lightly, judging it to be not an important step in a student’s life. This is where they are mistaken because career counseling if done right, can yield wonderful results in a student’s life. The downside of this matter is that if career counseling is provided in the wrong manner, it can bring immeasurable harm too.

Many factors will influence your choice in careers, such as your interest, personality, and even your background. The whole process of career counseling will help you know yourself better and also recognize the world of work you want to be in.

Career counseling has broader implications than what job you get and what major you take on in college or university. Life will keep on changing and technology is always evolving. Your fields of interest will also change along with your priorities. The main point of these career counseling sessions is not to imbibe you with the power to take decisions in the present but also navigate the future. The necessary knowledge and skills and attitude will b taught by EduQuest to ensure you live a fulfilled life. The students will have to undergo a psychometric test and our mentors will engage with them in one-to-one discussions to determine the best way to guide them.


Personality Development

Everyone has heard of the term “self-awareness”, it is nothing but the ability to be aware of one’s personality traits, behaviors, and feelings. The greater the self-awareness a person has, the higher the chances of success. The personality sessions offered by EduQuest has the sole aim of increasing self-awareness.

The personality development sessions will be concentrated on the individual student and the instructors will have the goal of making the inner as well as the outer personality strong enough to survive any of life’s problems and circumstances. Personality development is not the same as speaking impressively or dressing stylishly. It is only about training the mind such that one is ready to face any of life’s difficulties without wearing down. Personality development is about being emotionally mature so that no situation can make them nervous anymore.Graduation years of a student’s life demand some standards and our instructors at EduQuest do their best to hammer out every detail and make sure you meet those standards.

EduQuest makes use of reputable international methodologies and the program guarantees the students with long term benefits. Some of the takeaways are-

  • Building of confidence
  • Promotion of a zealous outlook in life
  • Being passionate and having positive thinking and also applying it

Academics is surely important but personality development is used to make sure that you attain improvement in every aspect of your life. Every student will have access to a personalized program designed by the mentors. The instructors will stress on topics as per the needs of the student. Students who opt for the courses at EduQuest in Gurgaon will get access to the personality development sessions throughout their exam preparation.



As you can see, EduQuest in Gurgaon does not only specialize in SAT training but also in PSAT, ACT, and SAT subject tests. There are many valid reasons why you should give EduQuest a chance to advance your career. A few of those reasons are listed below-

We know that academics are important for the future but it is not everything. The 360-degree approach program has been designed so that the students can get customized preparation with the development in soft-skills. Things like personality development and moral education also have a place in EduQuest. Along with them, presentation skills and social etiquette are also kept in mind while instructing our students.

All of our classes are personalized and even the tests are customized that way.

Our experts at EduQuest are always ready with extra support. The students have access to videos and books and all the extra classes they need for clearing of doubts. EduQuest houses some of the best preparation materials.


The students will have to attend at least a minimum of 100 hours of classes and they can extend this time according to their need. The instructors are always ready to repeat any number of topics as needed.

EduQuest is reaching out to several schools in Gurgaon so that the students can register in any year and start preparing for their future.

The weak points of all the students will be identified and the instructors will advise you on how to improve them. Students will feel that these classes are deeply personalized and hence, will feel productive while attending these classes. Teaching them in this manner always improves efficiency.

There is no need to worry over forgetting concepts. The course starts from a very basic level so that all our students can follow what is taught easily. The easy approach guarantees that every student feels comfortable in the class.

EduQuest has a unique approach to the final steps of exam preparation. In EduQuest in Gurgaon, you can choose to generate a test such that you will be able to choose the topic, difficulty level, and also the number of questions. This will result in a high improvement in your test performance.

EduQuest has almost 600 questions for every level.

Exam experts in EduQuest are always ready to give highly relevant questions according to the examination in question. The students prepare effectively for their desired exam as the practice questions are highly relevant.


The information listed below is about the complete mentorship programs available at EduQuest. A glance at it for further help in making your decision.

5 years:

This program is suitable for students in the eighth grade. The program covers the preparation for exams like PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, AP, TOEFL/IELTS, and Board exams. Furthermore, exams like Olympiads and NTSE are also covered in this program.(fees will be according to the courses chosen) –

4 years:

The same syllabus is covered in a program for 4 years. Students in the ninth grade can sign up for this specific period.(fees will be according to the courses chosen) –

3 years:

This program is for the students in the tenth grade, who are trying to prepare for exams like PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, AP, TOEFL/IELTS or the Olympiads or NTSE. The mentors also give guidance for the board examinations.(fees will be according to the courses chosen) –

2 years:

– The same curriculum can be taught in two years, even though it is advisable to sign up earlier for thorough preparation. Students of the 11th grade can sign up for guidance in SAT I, SAT II, AP, TOEFL/IELTS, Olympiads, and NTSE. (fees will be according to the courses chosen)

1 years:

the same syllabus can be taught in one year. Students in class 12 can take advantage of this short program for their final preparation.(fees will be according to the courses chosen)


The main features of the EduQuest mode of learning are the 360-degree approach and the diagnostic framework. The student undergoes evaluation in every step while he or she is in the program and the diagnostic tests help us in preparation of the individual modules. The progress is continuously mapped throughout the course. The highlights of this course in Gurgaon are listed below-

  • A thorough roadmap is prepared for every aspirant.
  • Improvement ladder is prepared so that the step by step improvement of the student is assured.
  • Preparation is done with the help of modules
  • Every section in the syllabus makes for a separate assessment test for the student, and the improvement areas of the student are recognized.
  • The student reaches his or her potential when the course ends.
  • Test Generation is a distinctive feature
  • EduQuest makes use of the famous and proven “Adaptive” model while coaching the students.
  • All the study materials and the books are provided by us for the aspirant.
  • Every student goes through a tough and rigorous testing phase.

The steps are given below to get a clearer idea of how things work at EduQuest in Gurgaon.


When the student enrolls in EduQuest in Gurgaon, the first week is usually dedicated to the student’s analysis class. This class can be held in a group or individually. After this class is done with, the student moves on to the warm-up tests. The objective of these warm-up tests is to validate the previous analysis.Subjective and objective approach will be adopted.


The results of the warm-up tests help design the modules that would be of use to the student. The gap areas of the student are kept in mind while designing the modules.


When the weak areas of the student are determined, the mentors at EduQuest offer special one-on-one sessions so that those gap areas can be rectified. This is one of how the course is being personalized for the students. There are three groups into which the students are divided into- Platinum,Gold,Silver. The aim of the instructors at EduQuest is to make sure that every student reaches the level of 1500+ score.


Every student is free to take advantage of the option to generate tests according to their preferences. The test is designed according to their wishes of difficulty level, topic, and also the number of questions.


The students have to solve at least 15 full-length test papers. The instructors at EduQuest have access to as many as 5000 test papers.


The mentors at EduQuest will assess the profiles of the student, counsel them on their careers, and make them take several psychometric tests. The results of these psychometric tests will be shared with the parents of the students.


The mentors will advise the students on how to build their profiles if needed.


The interest of the student is at the forefront of the matter and the mentors match the profiles of the student with different colleges based on that.


At this stage, the writing of SOPs and essays are handled.


The last step deals with the writing of the scholarship application.

The expertise at EduQuest in Gurgaon

Our mentors have been guiding the student for a long time and they have encountered almost every type of student while doing their job. Newly enrolled students at EduQuest are in good hands.


Knowledge of admission processes

The instructors at EduQuest are familiar with the international processes in admissions and they will be able to guide you effectively in these matters. They also have insights about several schools and colleges abroad and they can close the cultural gap between international institutions and applicants.


The counseling

The mentors are great at recognizing every student’s unique profile and noting down their strengths and preferences. They help you to discover your potential through these customized counseling sessions.


Team-based approach

Students will have the guidance of a dedicated consultant but they will also have the advantage of an entire team devoted to the writing of essays and working through interview processes.



Technology is a bit part of the working process in EduQuest in Gurgaon. Data is collected and insights are gains from them and after that decisions are taken by the relevant authorities. Technology helps the instructors streamlining the entire process.

Online Tests

The test series at EduQuest is built with the help of artificial intelligence. All the questions are unique and are guaranteed to help you in your preparation.

All the courses at EduQuest can be learned at your own pace. The resources available in EduQuest in Gurgaon are all internationally recognized and are sure to enhance the skill set of students. If the student is confused about which package to choose, he or she can get in touch with the experts from the EduQuest team and they are sure to guide them in the right direction.

There are some common features in all of the courses which are listed below. Later on, we specify the fee structure which is different for different courses.

No matter what the course, EduQuest offers you a 360-degree approach so that they can receive complete guidance on how to advance their career. Continous mapping and step by step improvement are important features of EduQuest in Gurgaon. The common highlights are-

  • Minimum 15 full-length tests
  • Test for every sub-topic
  • Topic-wise tests
  • Topic-wise complete assessment
  • Strategies for test-taking
  • Helpline sessions for weak students
  • Surprise tests
  • Zoom or Webex is used for online sessions
  • Test generation facility
  • Unlimited sessions

SAT Coaching in Gurgaon

The mentors will be there for special classes and additional guidance for SAT preparation and work on the students till they reach their full potential. The fee structure for the SAT in Gurgaon program is as follows-

  • The online live group course would amount to ₹40,000/- only
  • One on one sessions would amount to ₹60,000/- only
  • Hybrid group courses would amount to ₹50,000/- only
  • Hybrid- one on one session would amount to ₹80,000/- only + GST

The students are free to utilize the counseling sessions available so that they can choose their correct career paths.

The prices of the courses that we offer are as under: ONLY PSAT with orientation sessions on AP and SAT 2.

  • The online live group course would amount to ₹35,000/- only
  • One on one sessions would amount to ₹40,000/- only
  • Hybrid courses would amount to ₹50,000/- only
  • Hybrid- one on one session would amount to ₹60,000/- only + GST

SAT II Coaching in Gurgaon –

The prices of the courses that we offer are as under:

  • One on one online live sessions would amount to ₹50,000/- only
  • Hybrid courses would amount to ₹60,000/- only
  • Hybrid- one on one session would amount to ₹70,000/- only + GST

Advanced Placement guidance offered by EduQuest in Gurgaon –

  • The prices of the courses that we offer are as under:
  • One on one sessions would amount to ₹60,000/- only
  • Hybrid- one on one session would amount to ₹80,000/- only + GST

Application Writing

This course is perfect for highlighting the strengths of the students, expressing their desires and interests so that they can design a great application. The best-fit universities are identified according to their personalities and economic situations.

  1. Profile presentation
  2. Advice on profile building
  3. Profile matching
  4. Essays and SOPs
  5. Application for scholarships
  6. Visa

The fees are₹60,000/- + GST. The number of applications is unlimited.



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