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Best SAT Coaching Classes in Indore

Confused about how to proceed with coaching? Get your bearings with EduQuest in Indore!

EduQuest is a coaching institute where it provides SAT online classes in Indore. Additionally, it also provided coaching programs for various other international competitive examinations so that their applicants can excel in them. EduQuest does a good job of being flexible, so it gives the option of online as well as offline classroom sessions for all its training. The students are encouraged to keep on learning from various dimensions and the mentors take into account the learning method of the students before going ahead. The requirements of the learner are kept in mind at every step. EduQuest  not only provides  SAT coaching online classes  in Indore, it is much more than just that. Before elaborating on the various features of the training programs, we need to go over the message from our respected mentors.

A Message from Mentors

Dear students,

We, at EduQuest, while providing training for SAT coaching online classes in Indore and all other courses, are well aware that every student has a sharp and curious mind. This fact is always incorporated in our training methods and we talk and approach our students keeping in mind their respective learning styles. The most important criteria to be a mentor is to understand where the student lies in the learning curve.

The best methodology while trying to make students learn is the Adaptive methodology. The system of learning should adapt itself to the learner. In various other coaching institutions or schools, we get to see the opposite approach. This harms students and stops them from learning effectively. The system should be able to mold itself to the student’s current ability and ensure their progress.

Mentors at EduQuest have found out three levels of teaching while doing SAT coaching online classes in Indore.

They are listed below-

  1. Conceptual clarity is a must. The students need to be able to grasp the underlying concepts behind every lesson. The logical reasoning should be clear to them from the very start of the training. This approach saves them from the problems of cramming.
  2. Application of these concepts is the next step. Students have to apply the concepts that they have learned with a target of achieving 100% accuracy.
  3. Efficiency should be also kept in mind. In the third level of teaching, the students should practice completing the test within a limited amount of given time. The race with time starts there and then.

EduQuest has experience regarding PSAT, SAT II, ACT, AP, Tuition classes for board exams, and SAT coaching online classes in Indore. As mentioned before, our institution is flexible enough to offer students options about the mode of learning. They can opt for online, offline, or a mixed-mode of learning.

EduQuest has been providing classes for students since 1995, and we have gathered a lot of experience in how to do it. We have trained various levels of students and every student will have to undergo assessment while in EduQuest. Students have to give exams under the “diagnostic framework”. This is a very important part of the Adaptive model, which helps the mentors to decide on how to develop the training modules for each student. They can help you prepare for the target examination by both modes- online or offline. Training of numerous students with this method has gone well and we have gotten amazing results. In addition to providing training, the mentors at EduQuest also provide help for things like application writing and essay writing. Students usually need guidance with the choice of the right universities and our mentors take care of that too. We provide end-to-end service, SAT coaching in Indore, AP online live coaching, etc.

Many schools have contacted us and requested us to conduct seminars. We have done so and also organized counseling sessions with them. Doing such programs made us honored to work with students, and indeed it was a pleasure to inform them about their future career options and how they could approach them. We informed them about the 360-degree program at EduQuest, and currently, we are working with some of the finest schools in the Delhi/NCR region. EduQuest in Indore provides training for entrance examinations like-

• Any board – IB, IGSCE, ICSE, ISC, CBSE
• AP

• Board exam assistance.
• Olympiad and NTSE
• Application end to end support

Such programs can be opted for by students regardless of their educational boards. We accept students from boards like IB, IGSCE, ICSE, ISC, CBSE, etc.

Career Counselling

Career counseling is indeed a very delicate process. If we manage to do it right it can result in numerous benefits, but if we do it wrong, the results could prove disastrous for the student concerned.

There are several factors which will ultimately influence the student when they choose their career path. These factors are not limited to stuff like interests, abilities, values, background, and circumstances. The process of career counseling will help students to know and start to identify themselves. The world of work will be more familiar to them and as a result, they can make better choices in their life and their career.  Career counseling sessions are more than deciding which major to study or what job to take. These sessions at EduQuest will truly give you the skills and knowledge needed to make future decisions effectively. Life will keep changing and so will job prospects. Your priorities will also change alongside them and in the distant future, it is important to have the necessary abilities to confront life decisions properly. The whole process of career counseling at EduQuest will be conducted with the help of psychometric tests and one-on-one discussions with the student.


Personality development

Along with SAT coaching in Indore, EduQuest also seeks to help students in other aspects. Everyone knows that people with higher self-awareness will make better decisions. This is the very goal of the personality sessions conducted by EduQuest. Individual students will get special attention and these sessions will aim to make the inner as well as the outer personalities of the student so strong that they will be able to see through life’s circumstances.

Personality development is always lumped with speaking impressively or dressing to impress people. But that is not the main point of personality development sessions. It is not about preaching social etiquette, but it is a way of making the students emotionally mature so that nothing can make them feel hopeless or nervous anymore. They can properly deal with failures, without them destroying their self-esteem. Students will have to meet certain standards in graduation and EduQuest in Indore tries to make students ready for that. The mentors are available to work on every minute detail with the applicants.

The instructors apply the best international practices while conducting these sessions. As a result, the students get some long-term benefits-

  • The building of confidence and enthusiasm
  • Promotion of a zealous outlook
  • Imbibing the thoughts of a positive nature and dealing with life in a positive way

Personality development helps students in every way, not just restricted to the academic sphere. The sessions of personality development at EduQuest will be designed according to the needs of the student. The sessions will be continued throughout their training programs.


Why should you choose to take PSAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and SAT coaching in Indore with us?

There are several reasons to choose EduQuest over other institutions. You will be offered unlimited and unmatched coaching. You will be able to see several testimonials that tell you that EduQuest has helped many people achieve their dreams. Here are some reasons for you to look at-

The EduQuest staff follows a 360-degree approach in their training. This will include not only the academic aspects but also the cultivation of soft skills. These are skills such as Moral education, personality development classes, debating skills, presentation skills, and etiquette. Everything will be dealt with in a customized way.

All of the lessons will be customized and even the tests will be crafted according to the individual needs of the student.

The applicants are bound to get expert extra support. The EduQuest mentors will supply videos, books, and all the required materials. The students will have access to whatever materials they might need, including online live interactions and online doubt clearing sessions, and much more.

The students will have to attend a minimum amount of 100 hours worth of classes. They are free to request as many repeat classes as they want for any topic.

The weak point of the students will be recognized and the mentors will dedicate time to solve these problems. Students will feel the motivation to attend classes as the pace of classes will be comfortable and the lessons will be according to their needs. This method of raining will bring about efficiency.

The mentors always start with an easy approach. Every course starts from the basic level and this is done to make the student feel a level of comfort while attending the first classes. The instructors will move on to higher levels when the students are prepared for them to do so. Mentors will take regular tests to judge the progress and teach the class better.

EduQuest promises its students fast results. At the final stages of training, the student can request to generate a test. They can define the nature of the tests as they can choose then the number of questions, the difficulty levels, and the skills they want to test themselves on. This method helps the instructors to conduct surgical strikes on the weak areas of the applicant.

There is a stock of up to 600 questions per level, so there is no dearth of material. The EduQuest instructors in Indore have a stock of up to 10000 practice questions over many levels.

Exam experts are involved with crafting the questions of the practice tests. Thus all of the questions are relevant and realistic. The papers are edited multiple times to keep them as relevant as possible.

EduQuest is flexible and we offer students will programs of different duration so that they can enroll whenever they want. We promise to prepare them well for whichever competitive exam they want to take part in.


There are several complete mentorship programs at Indore. We offer you a look at all of these programs at a glance-

5 years- There is a comprehensive program that goes on for five years. It includes preparation for international examinations like PSAT, SAT II, AP, TOEFL/IELTS, Board exams, Olympiads, NTSE, and SAT coaching in Indore. The Students who are studying in 8th standard should opt this course.

4 years- Students who are in the ninth standard should go for this four-year program at EduQuest. It covers stuff like PSAT, SAT II, SAT I, AP, TOEFL/IELTS, Olympiads, NTSE, Board exam. By the time a student completes high school, he or she will be done with this training too. The fees for this training should be according to the course chosen by the student.

3 years- There is a complete mentorship program for students in the 10th standard too. In EduQuest, the three-year program covers the preparation for PSAT, AP, SAT II, SAT I, TOEFL/IELTS, Olympiads, Board exam, NTSE. The fees to be paid is decided according to the course chosen.

2 years- The students can also opt for a shorter program at EduQuest, which continues only for two years. This program offers preparation for SAT I, SAT II, AP, TOEFL/IELTS, Olympiads, Board exams, and NTSE. The students in their 11th standard can choose this program for their preparation. And as usual, the fees will be according to the course which is opted for.

1 year- The syllabus for the one-year program is the same as the one for two-years. Students in Class 12 should choose this short program as they don’t have much time left till they are done with high school. The fees of this program will depend on which course the student opts for.

The mentors at EduQuest prefer to conduct their training concerning the 360-degree approach. The inclusion of a diagnostic framework is necessary for this approach to work. The students at EduQuest are subjected to constant evaluation because this helps the mentors o design their modules. This customized approach does wonders for their progress. Continuous mapping of progress is done while the student is in here. The main features of the courses offered at EduQuest are listed below-

  1. The coaching process will involve the creation of a roadmap. This will be done for every student.
  2. There is a step-wise improvement ladder and the results of those are to be marked on the student’s sheet.
  3. Module-based preparation is to be done.
  4. There will be an assessment for every section and special attention will be given to the weak areas of the concerned student.
  5. The student will reach his or her full potential while attending classes at EduQuest, and until then the course doesn’t end.
  6. The online tests are based on artificial intelligence technology.
  7. Test generation facility
  8. The mentors will follow the Adaptive model of learning no matter which course the student chooses. This model will involve the use of the diagnostic framework and continuous assessment of the students.
  9. The EduQuest mentors will arrange for tough testing phases.
  10. All of the required materials for preparation will be supplied by EduQuest.


There are several steps involved when it comes to the pedagogy of this institution. Students should take a glance at these to have a better idea.


The first week in EduQuest will be for the student’s Analysis class. This class can be held individually or in a group. And this class will be followed by the warm-up tests so that the previous analysis can be validated. The subject and objective approach are to be adopted in SAT coaching in Indore.


The Warm-up tests or the mapping tests are there to help the instructors in making better decisions on how to form modules for the students. These modules will not be the same for everyone, the modules will be constructed with keeping the weak areas of the student in mind.


The mentors will be devoted to figuring out the weak areas of the student and thus they will also provide one-on-one sessions so that these gap areas are taken care of. These are the methods through which EduQuest does it’s customization of courses. The students are divided into three groups-
Platinum- This group is generally fast-paced and is composed of students who are scoring over 1300-1500+.
Gold-This group is medium paced and is composed of people who score around 1100-1300+.
Silver- This is the third and the last group which is slow-paced. The students in this group originally score around 800-1100+. The target of the mentors is to motivate and teach all the students so that they all can score around 1500+. The SAT coaching in Indore is devoted to making every student attain high scores and thus we offer unlimited sessions for training.


Every student has the choice to ask for a generation of the test. Students can choose the difficulty level, the topic, and the number of questions as well.


The applicant will have to solve at least 15 full-length test papers to complete the course. The mentors have a stock of 5000 papers for this purpose.


In this step, the mentors will provide profile assessments and career counseling. This is done with the help of psychometric tests and the reports of these tests will be shared with the parents of the students.


The instructors will stress on profile building activities in this step and will advise the students in case of a gap being there in their profiles.


The instructors will match the profiles of various students to the numerous colleges. This will be done while keeping in mind the desires as well as the interests of the student.


The writing of essays and LORs and SOPs will be completed at this stage.


This last step will deal with the completion of the writing of the scholarship application.

The Expertise of Mentors at EduQuest

Online Tests- PSAT, AP, SAT II, SAT coaching in Indore

The EduQuest team has arranged for test series based on artificial intelligence. This will result in unique questions and will ultimately help students to kickstart their preparation.

EduQuest offers training like SAT II, PSAT, AP, SAT coaching in Indore, in model online and offline modes. Students can understand concepts and learn at their own pace. EduQuest also uses well-known international methods so that proper results can be achieved.

We have listed the common features of the courses offered at EduQuest and then we have listed the process of separate courses for the student’s use-

The common points are-

  1. Minimum 15 full-length tests to be submitted.
  2. Subtopic wise tests
  3. Topic-wise tests
  4. Complete assessment
  5. Test-taking strategy improvement
  6. Special helpline sessions for student’s troubles in specific areas
  7. Surprise tests
  8. Online classes to be conducted through Zoom or Webex.
  9. Test generation facility
  10. Unlimited sessions

SAT Coaching in Indore

The prices of these courses are-

The online live group course – Rs. 40,000/- only

One on one sessions – Rs. 60,000/- only

Hybrid group – Rs. 50,000/- only

Hybrid- one on one session- Rs. 80,000/- only + GST

PSAT Coaching in Indore

Find out all the extra details here:

The prices of the courses which are offered are under ONLY PSAT along with the orientation classes on AP and SAT II.

Online live group course- Rs. 35,000/- only

One-on-one sessions- Rs. 40,000/- only

Hybrid courses- Rs.50,000/- only

Hybrid one-on-one sessions- Rs. 60,000/- only + GST

SAT II Coaching in Indore

Link for further details:

One-on-one online sessions – Rs.50,000/- only

Hybrid courses- Rs. 60,000/- only

Hybrid one-on-one sessions- Rs. 70,000/- only + GST

Advanced Placement Coaching in Indore

Click on this link for further information-

The prices are-

One-on-one sessions- Rs. 60,000/- only

Hybrid one-on-one sessions – Rs. 80,000/- only + GST

Undergraduate application/ Admission counseling in Indore

The team of this course will work on making the best application for the student which will highlight their precise desires and strengths. They also identify areas of improvement and work on them efficiently. The program includes-

Presentation of profile

Profile building advice

Profile matching

Writing of essays and SOPs, LORs

Scholarship application

Visa walkthrough

The price of this course is Rs.60,000/- only + GST and there is an unlimited number of applications. For undergraduate admissions counseling premium services, the interested people should click on:

SAT Coaching in Saudi Arabia

You can get Eduquest provided online live group courses available at a price – of Rs. 40,000/- only

If you opt for one-on-one session, you will be charged – Rs. 60,000/- only

For the hybrid group course, you need to pay – Rs. 50,000/- only

For the hybrid class with one-on-one session, we charge- Rs.80,000/- only + GST

PSAT Coaching in Saudi Arabia

The prices of the courses that we offer are as under ONLY PSAT with orientation sessions on AP and SAT 2.

If you are opting for the group classes that will be conducted via online life, you will have to pay – Rs. 35,000/- only

For getting all your sessions via on one mode, your fees will amount – Rs. 40,000/- only

The amount for Hybrid Classes will be charged – Rs. 50,000/- only

For opting hybrid with one-on-one session will amount you to – Rs. 60,0000/- only


SAT II Coaching in Saudi Arabia

Here is the price list that we offer in Eduquest.

For one on one online live classes held in a group, your fees will be – Rs. 50,000/- only

For Hybrid courses, you need to pay – Rs. 60,000/- only

There is a Hybrid one on one class available which will cost you – Rs. 70,000/- only + GST

Advanced Placement Coaching in Saudi Arabia

For an one on one sessions, the amount to be paid is – Rs. 60,000/- only

For hybrid with one-on-one sessions, the amount is – Rs. 80,000/- only + GST

Undergraduate Application Writing | Admission Counselling in Saudi Arabia

There will be personalized crafted application available for the training. It is going to cater to the individual needs and goals while opting for the college, while putting highlights on their special strength, defining the areas of growth, and providing a guide map for a hit application. e incorporate the great experience laid out by our expert team to match college students with universities that will be their “Best Fit”. It will be based on things like unique personalities, their particular specializations, and vicinity in their choices as well as on their requirements which is framed.

  1. Building a profile presentation.
  2. Providing advice on crafting the individual profile
  3. Work on getting a match to their profile
  4. Guidance given for writing on the writing of Essays, SOPs, LORs
  5. Writing for scholarship application is also provided.
  6. You can also get a walkthrough for the visa.

 Applicants will get unlimited access to the application at just – Rs. 60,000 only



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