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EduQuest in the US: Start your preparation for target examinations right now!

EduQuest has been in the profession of teaching for a long time, and the institution has been successful in extending its branches across the country. Now, it has set up a branch in the United States for educating learners and making them prepare effectively for their target examinations. Read on to know more about SAT Coaching in USA at EduQuest.

First Things First

Before getting into all the intricate details about courses and fees, we would like to give our prospective applicants a look at our mentor’s messages. The advice from our mentors has been useful to students seeking admission to great universities and colleges.

Dear Learners,

All students have a sharp and curious mind and the instructors and mentors at EduQuest acknowledge this. This fact is kept in mind during all the interactions between a learner and the mentor of SAT Coaching in USA at EduQuest. One-to-one interactions are important so that the mentor gets an idea about the learning style and speed of the applicant.

The very first thing a mentor needs to know is the student’s position in the learning curve as this will decide the method of instruction in the future. The best way to make people learn is the Adaptive system. It is a proven method of instruction that doesn’t force the students to adapt themselves to one approach only. Every student learns differently, and the Adaptive model considers that.

The mentors of SAT Coaching in USA  at EduQuest have identified three levels of teaching and they are listed below-

Concepts and clarity- It is crucial for the students to understand the underlying concepts behind every lesson. Mugging up doesn’t work when they are aiming for competitive exams. To get a great score, the student must be clear in their concepts.

Application- The student has to apply their concepts effectively to the questions presented to them. The target is to achieve 100% accuracy and keep at that level.

Efficient- all exams are time-bound so the students will have to learn time management while they are attempting questions. With appropriate training, they will be able to win the battle against time.

Instructors of SAT Coaching in USA at EduQuest guide students for examinations like PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, AP, Subject Tests, and even provide tuition classes for board exam assistance. These classes can be attended by any student from any board of education. There is no problem and the method of learning will be applicable and effective for all students no matter where they come from. There is provision for both online classes as well as offline modes of instruction. The mentors at EduQuets have had extensive experience training all levels of students and everyone will have to go through the diagnostic tests before the actual work is begun. Our team of SAT Coaching in USA  has been successful in taring many students with great results. The mentors are also adept at providing advice for application writing, end-to-end service, and helping the applicants choose the right universities or colleges.

EduQuest has been invited by many schools and we have conducted seminars educating the students about the 360-degree learning programs. All of them were eager to learn about the effective methods of preparation for target examinations like SAT and AP. Right now, our institution remains involved with prestigious schools from the Delhi-NCR regions and we have received a positive response from all of them. To sum up, SAT Coaching in USA at EduQuest offers guidance for examinations like-

• Any board – IB, IGSCE, ICSE, ISC, CBSE
• AP

• Board exam assistance.
• Olympiad and NTSE
• Application end to end support

This training can opt for no matter the board of education. EduQuest accepts students from any board, including IB, CBSE, IGSCE, ICSE, and ISC.

Don’t know what to do?

Career counseling is a very delicate process. If done right it could yield great results, but if it is done by someone inexperienced then the results will turn out to be a great mess. There will be numerous factors that will influence deciding on the right career to choose from. Some of the factors that weigh in are your interests, hobbies, personality, values and abilities, and background. The sessions of career counseling help the student in identifying themselves and making the right decisions in the future. You will get a better idea of where you fir in the world of work.

Career counseling is not only about deciding what major to choose or what job you will do in the future. Obviously, for those who have no clue about what they want to do in the future, career counseling at EduQuest in the SAT Coaching in USA, will provide them with many options and the right direction, but it goes further than that. Life will keep on changing, whether you are talking about technology, career prospects, or your priorities. The aim of the CC sessions is about making you able to make great decisions in the future, the mentors do not only stress on the present decisions. A person needs certain knowledge and skills to make the correct decisions in life, and we at EduQuest in the US do our best so that our students may reach that level. The process of career counseling involves psychometric tests and aptitude tests, the results of which help us do our jobs better.


Develop your personality through SAT Coaching in USA at EduQuest!

You may have heard about the fact that a person with higher self-awareness will end up making better decisions than those without. It is true and the instructors at EduQuest make an aim to imbibe our students with higher self-awareness in these personality development sessions.

The mentors will try and make your inner as well as outer personality so strong that you can see through all situations life throws at you. Speaking skills, etiquette, and smart looks are all important in their ways, but the most crucial factors are emotional intelligence and resilience. Our personality development sessions at SAT Coaching in USA makes the students attain that level of maturity so that nothing in life fazes them anymore. They do not feel nervous and overwhelmed when a difficult situation arises. Failing will not bother them that much anymore. Graduation students need to maintain certain standards and we at EduQuest try our hardest to ensure that they attain those levels. The students are prepared based on the best and proven international strategies and as a result, they have long-term benefits. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • The building of confidence and enthusiasm
  • Promoting a zealous outlook in life
  • Positive thought and positive actions

Academics are necessary for getting admission into a great school, but personality development is more than completing the syllabus. It aims for improvement in all spheres of our life. The students have different areas of need and our mentors take note of that and then start these sessions. The personality development classes will be helpful throughout the chosen course o the student, and hopefully, by the end of it, all the students will be better equipped to handle the world and its responsibilities.


Why should you take the PSAT/ACT/SAT/PSAT/SAT-subject test/AP coaching in the USA with us?

360-degree method

As the name suggests, the 360-degree approach takes care of all the aspects of a student’s learning and growth. Through this method, SAT Coaching in USA at EduQuest prepares the student, by having a customized approach to all the academic staff and it also makes the student better at soft skills like Personality development, moral education, presentation skills as well as debating skills. We will be providing UNLIMITED AND UNMATCHED COACHING.


EduQuest takes care so that every student gets to learn in a manner that is best-suited for him or her. All of the classes as well as practice exams are personalized.

Extra guidance

The students will get all the extra help they need from EduQuest. Extra classes, books, and video lessons will be supplied. They can choose to have more interactive sessions and will get access to the very best materials for preparations.

Minimum Levels

All of the students are required to attend at least 100 hours of classes to complete their courses. They can also choose to take repeat classes for concepts they didn’t get the first time. This can be done any number of times.

Targeted preparation

The weak areas of the student will be recognized by the mentors at EduQuets and those areas will be paid special attention to. Students will get a new interest in attending classes, as they will feel like they are improving while attending them. No one approach will result in the improvement of all the students. The classes will structure their pace according to the needs of the students and they will be comfortable with their learning speeds.

Easy Approach

The students will be delighted to know that the instructors at EduQustin the US start their classes from the basic and elementary concepts. There is no issue if the student has forgotten or not understood the earlier concepts, our instructors make sure that all of them can start afresh. Regular tests will be taken to better prepare the student and measure their rate of progress.

Fast results

The mentors at EduQuest have a special method of doing surgical strikes on the weak areas of the student. The students can choose to generate a test in their last stages of preparation. Doing this means getting to choose the number of questions, their difficulty level, and the topic as well.

Sufficient materials

EduQuest has almost 600 questions per level and 10,000 practice questions. These materials are enough for a student to practice on.

Realistic Questions

All the questions on our tests are formed by our exam experts so all the questions are relevant to the specific target examinations. These practice sessions will yield great results.


EduQuest is offering many choices for the students. There are programs for different years for the applicants and there is no problem with being late to join in the preparation courses. Competitive exams need specific strategies, and we give a guarantee of the best results.

Programs available at EduQuest in the US

As mentioned before SAT Coaching in USA at EduQuest is flexible enough to organize programs for students at different classes so that they can join at whatever stage they are in and prepare for their target examinations. In the chart below, we have divided the programs up for the number of years it takes to complete them along with the examinations.

Years to Complete the Program


Students that should join

5 years

PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, AP, TOEFL/IELTS, Board exams, Olympiad and NTSE (fees will be as per the courses chosen)

Students in Class 8 should join the five-year integrated program.

4 years

NTSE, Olympiads, TOEFL/IELTS, PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, AP, and Board examination assistance (fees will be as per the courses chosen)

Students in Class 9 should sign up for the four-year program at EduQuest

3 years

PSAT, Olympiads and NTSE, AP, SAT I, SAT II, TOEFL/IELTS, and Board examination help (fees will be as per the courses chosen)


Students in Class 10 should opt for the 3-year program at EduQuest for effective preparation

2 years

SAT I, SAT Subject TESTS, TOEFL/IELTS, Olympiads and Board exam assistance, NTSE. (fees will be as per the courses chosen)

People studying in Class 11 should join this program so that they are prepared well by the time they graduate

1 year

The syllabus is the same as for the two-year program in EduQuest (mentioned above) (fees will be as per the courses chosen)

Students in Class 12 should sign up for the short but useful program at EduQuest

The uniqueness of the training

The students learn through the 360-degree approach framework. This style of educating the students has served well for the EduQuest mentors for a long time. One f the notable features of our training method happens to be the diagnostic tests framework. This framework helps the mentors to keep track of the continuous progress that the students make. There is a need to map that trajectory because that is ultimately useful for building up new modules. Down below, we have listed the special highlights of the courses of SAT Coaching in USA at EduQuest.

The distinctive features of our course are-

  • The coaching system that is provided at EduQuest is based on building a roadmap for every student.
  • Every student has an individual sheet dedicated to him or her and the step by step progress ladder is kept track of in that sheet.
  • Preparation of the target examinations is done with the help of modules.
  • Mentors take care to assess the students learning in every section and then they pay attention to those areas in which the student needs help.
  • The courses at EduQuest is over only when the student has reached the best and maximum potential that is possible for them.
  • The online tests are crafted by Artificial Intelligence.
  • The students have access to the facility of TEST Generation.
  • The instructors work on the Adaptive model, which is proven to be the best model for teaching all types of students. In the Adaptive framework, diagnostic tests take up a huge role.
  • EduQuest arranges for rigorous testing phases.
  • All the material which is required, such as books and videos, are going to be provided by EduQuest.


The following points illustrate the pedagogy of this institution. Read on to know more about us!

The first week will be devoted to the analysis class for the students. This analysis class can be conducted in a group as well as individually. After the class is over, the instructors take a warm-up test for the students. This is done for the validation purposes of the analysis class. Subjective and objective approach will be adopted

The warm-up test, which is also known as the Mapping test, helps the instructors to design better modules of learning for the students. The weak areas of the student are taken care of.

After the gap areas of the student are identified, we at EduQuest make sure that the student gets adequate attention to resolve those problem areas. This is how we try to customize the learning process of the student while he or she is at EduQuest. The aim of the instructors is for the students to reach a level where they can score 1500+ In their exams. To reach that goal, the students are initially divided into three groups – Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

Students can request to generate their tests, where they can decide on various factors like difficulty level, number of questions, and the topic.

Students at EduQuest have to solve at least 15 full-length test papers. There is no chance of a repetition of papers frequently as we have a stock of over 5000 papers for this purpose.

The profile of the student is also judged, and career counseling sessions are provided to better inform the student of his or her prospects. The results of the psychometric tests are often shared with the parent.

The mentors of SAT Coaching in USA at EduQuest will try and mend the gaps in your profile if there happen to be any deficiencies.

Our mentor will also offer help in the writing of essays and SOPs.

The mentors will finally assist in forming your scholarship application as the final step.

The Expertise of EduQuest: Why Choose Anywhere Else?

Our staff has been successful in guiding students for various examinations for a great number of years. It makes sense that they have become fully informed on what roles they are expected to play and thus have perfected their jobs and responsibilities. Take note of the various points which prove that EduQuest is your best option when it comes to exam preparation.

Our mentors have all the information about admissions!

The matter of admission to international schools can get a bit complicated. The instructors at EduQuest have been handling these matters for a good number of years so they are confident about the admissions processes for various prestigious colleges and universities. They also have valuable insights into certain schools.

They tell you what is best for you!

The mentors at EduQuest in the US have made a goal of understanding the unique profile, strengths, and weaknesses of the student. EduQuest tries its best to inform the applicants of all available options which they can pursue, given their circumstances, hobbies, and personalities.

Support of an entire team

Applicants at EduQuest will have a consultant assigned to them separately, but that doesn’t mean that they will not get the help of an entire team. The larger team might be helping the students with issues like the writing of essays, SOPs, and their resumes. They will get help on their applications and be trained on how to ace the interviews.

Technology inclusion

The use of gathering data is to make insights from them. We at EduQuest do our best to use technology such that our clients get all the relevant information they need to make better decisions. Technology also has a role in streamlining the processes, no matter where the student is based.

PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, AP Online Tests

The benefit of using Artificial Intelligence is that we are sure about the questions being relevant and unique. Such an approach will help in your preparation for online tests such as PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, AP, and so on. The best international practices are used to offer our students in-depth tutoring and materials for learning. Some points are common, no matter what course you chose. They are listed below, while the fee structure for separate courses is mentioned later.

Common points-

  • 360-Degree approach
  • 15 Full-length exams
  • Topic-wise examinations which are subdivided according to difficulty levels
  • Complete assessment
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Helpline sessions
  • Surprise tests
  • Zoom or Webex for online sessions
  • Test Generation option
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Extra support for applications

SAT Coaching in USA

PSAT Coaching in USA

The prices of the courses that we provide are as under: ONLY PSAT with orientation sessions on AP and SAT 2

SAT II Coaching in USA

You can get more information from

Advanced Placement Coaching in USA

You can refer to this link for more information:

Undergraduate Application Writing| Admission Counselling in USA

The mentoring program is focused on the following points-

  • Presentation of profile
  • Profile building advice
  • Matching of profiles
  • Writing of essays as well as SOPs
  • Application of scholarship
  • Visa

The cost for this program is Rs 60,000/- only + GST and the number of applications is unrestricted.



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