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Best SAT Coaching Classes in Singapore

Dear all learners

It is not uncommon that all you people are quite sharp-minded and is backed with logic. So, by keeping that in mind, we, in EduQuest, would like to have a few words with the students, while respecting their views and way of learning, SAT exam throughout.

In case, there is someone who wants to mentor students, they need to possess the ability to identify the spot of the students on the plot of the learning curve. Only with a comprehensive system of approach, the mentees can learn from the mentors. To make better progress, the mentor needs to match with the level of current adaptability that a student can absorb.

We have successfully designed all the levels of teaching in EduQuest for SAT exam coaching in Singapore to guide your teaching capabilities.

  1. Conceptual Clarity: Any kind of logical reasoning is required to be present to make progress with understanding.
  2. 100% accuracy can only be achieved only after applying questions based on the target.
  3. With efficiency, you can challenge yourself against time.

With our experience in classes for PSAT, SAT, AP, ACT in EduQuest, we also provide Tests and tuition for all boards and also Olympiads exams for SAT exam coaching in Singapore.

Get acknowledged with online live training classes in EduQuest along with physical classroom-based classes for SAT exam coaching in Singapore.

Since 1995, our service for classes on subjects such as SAT, PSAT, AP, and AP has the end to end facility available for the students. With proper training, we have achieved extensive experience to train students belonging to every level. With the help of our “Diagnostic Test Framework”, we imply an adaptive model in EduQuest for SAT exam coaching in Singapore, for our students. With the help of that, we customize every module that gets exclusively designed for SAT coaching in Singapore. The preparation for target examinations is being done with the help of both the “Online live” classes as well as the “Classroom Sessions.” We have received unbelievable outcomes from our training methods that have been applied to students opting for any courses including SAT coaching in Singapore from EduQuest. With proper guidance, we lead the students to make the right choice in terms of choosing the right institution, universities, and colleges that comes with end to end service. Our service also includes online live classes available for both SAT II and AP in Delhi.

EduQuest has successfully conducted seminars after being invited by a lot of prestigious schools from all over the world, to hold their career counseling sessions. We have also received the honor to get declared as an institute that aims at mentoring the students with our 360-degree approach program for the opting of ACT as well as SAT exam coaching in Singapore. Collaborations with a lot of renowned schools are a major recognition that EduQuest has received.

Career Counselling At EduQuest In Singapore

To conduct a career counseling session is considered to be one of the most fragile processes. It is because if by chance, anything goes wrong, things can go mess in the entire life of a student.

There is a list of factors that make a great influence on life. These include the linkings and disliking, your background, environment, potentials, and so on. To get acknowledged with yourself as well as the world outside, your life decisions play the most important part which is related to your career, life, education. This is what we aim to do in EduQuest with SAT coaching in Singapore.

Career counseling is not just restricted to a student’s choice of the subject while doing the major or even choosing the right job for themselves after getting done with graduation. With the changing time, life preferences also change. So, in EduQuest, the career counseling sessions aim not only at the ability to decide on the right choices, but also to make them work on their skills, attitude, and knowledge that they require to make decisions related t life and career in the future. Our first step towards progress involves the students taking the psychometric test and a discussion with them regarding a few things in EduQuest.


Development in Personality at EduQuest in Singapore

Self-awareness is such a thing that is directly proportional to progress, the more self-aware you possess, the more progress you will make. In EduQuest, we focus on the same with our personality development sessions.

With these sessions, our motto is to strike on both their inner as well as outer personality. We can assure them the ability to see through any given circumstances in front of them.

Only just having the ability to impress others with speaking skills and having a smart look or social etiquette is not enough to call it a developed personality. Rather, it relies on the strength that the student has from within to control their emotion so they don’t get nervous or feel helpless in case they face any failure in life and this can be determined by the maturity level of the individual. We consider the fact that the students need to get through a few meticulous details which will help them to proceed further with their graduating years. The training that is provided for SAT coaching in Singapore is the best one in practice that focuses on the level of the students. These training are internationally acclaimed and they will bring long term benefits to the students from EduQuest.

  • Our goal is to boost the enthusiasm and promote building confidence of the students.
  • Students will incline on a passionate outlook towards life.
  • Positive thought and derived actions are injected into their mind.

A developed personality will conquer every sphere of life. Therefore, our design focuses on the areas of the students that need maximum attention. We conduct this program by conducting several studies with the students.


Why should you take the PSAT/ACT/SAT/PSAT/SAT-subject test/AP coaching in Singapore with EduQuest?

In EduQuest, we make the 360-degree approach program in a way that t includes customized training given for target examinations, while simultaneously taking care of the softer aspects of their personality which includes development in personality, moral classes, debating skills, and representation skills, and social etiquette.

Our system of approach is made easier with the elementary level of teaching that enables the students to get comfortable with the syllabus. After they have adapted the pace, we increase it according to the regular tests taken from our end at EduQuest for SAT coaching in Singapore.

Tests, as well as personalized classes, are taken, arranged by EduQuest for SAT coaching in Singapore.

Get access to unlimited and unmatched coaching classes.

To get faster results, we allow our students to get access to the Generation of the test facility while we move towards the last levels of evaluation. In that case, they will be entitled to decide on the topic of their choice, the number of questions they want to solve and the topic they would like to incorporate along with the difficulty level. This is how EduQuest aims at the point where they need to improve.

Extra support including the books for online and offline classes both, then we incorporate interactive video classes and exclusive doubt clearing sessions in EduQuest for SAT coaching in Singapore. Get in hand the practice materials for SAT coaching in Singapore from EduQuest that are the best of their kind.

There will be 600 questions allotted for each level they cross.

We in EduQuest, aim at providing realistic questions designed according to the examinations. Along with multiple-edits, our expert team has designed the questions to enable the students to find them the most relevant.

Along with focusing on the weak point, we will work on fixing them with all our passion and dedication. The students will be encouraged to take the classes in EduQuest and will get the motivation to increase their pace and give the best efforts.

We will provide a total of 100 hours minimum from our end.

We are equipped with more than 10,000 papers available for a dozen of levels in EduQuest.

We provide schooling for year-round programs in EduQuest for Sat coaching in Singapore. We train the students for competitive exams with the help of these programs which ensure guaranteed results from the students.

Programs at EduQuest in Singapore

Complete Mentorship programs in Singapore at a Glance










5 Years

1.       With our 5 years integrated program, the students will get mentored for the following exams.

·         PSAT

·         SAT I

·         SAT II

·         AP

·         TOEFL/IELTS

2.       In Eduques, we also assist with Board examinations.

3.       Get guided for exams like Olympiad and NTSE.

This program is available for students opting for class 8 to 12 

Follow the link below to know more.

And also students for 9 to 12.

Follow the link below to know more.

( All the fees structure will be designed as per the courses that will be chosen by the applicants)






4 Years







3         Years

1. For the 3 years integrated program in EduQuest students get to prepare for the examinations that have been listed below, other than SAT coaching in Singapore.

·         PSAT

·         SAT I

·         SAT II

·         AP

·         TOEFL as well as IELTS

2.       We provide complete assistance for Board examinations to students opting from our classes in EduQuest.

3.       We also provide training for Olympiad and NTSE, which is also included in the programs.

This program is available for students opting for class 10 to 12.

Follow the link below to know more.

( All the fees structure will be designed as per the courses that will be chosen by the applicants)




2 Years

The integrated program available for 1 and 2 years, the students can avail themselves of the following courses.

·         SAT I, SAT II, PP, TOEFL/IELTS, Board exam, assistance.

·         Olympiad and NTSE

This program is available for students opting for classes 11 and 12 exclusively in EduQuest, other than SAT coaching in Singapore.

( All the fees structure will be designed as per the courses that will be chosen by the applicants)




At every step, we will be providing designed modules that will be available in EduQuest for every student. There will be designs done according to the areas of the students that might need special attention. We will be mapping constantly on the student until the course comes to an end for SAT coaching in Singapore.

The main features of the course as follows.

  1. Every student will be provided with roadmaps after every class from EduQuest for SAT coaching in Singapore.
  2. Marking of “improvement ladder” will be done in every sheet of the students.
  3. The course will come to an end only after the student gets to reach their potential.
  4. We take online exams that are taken based on artificial intelligence.
  5. The students will have the facility to go for the Generation of the test.
  6. With the help of the “Diagnostic framework”, which is an adaptive model and is a proven one that will make sure that the students get a proper and regular improvement in the curriculum provided for SAT coaching in Singapore from EduQuest.
  7. We prepare the modules according to the preparation taken by the students from EduQuest.
  8. We indulge a phase to organize a rigorous training period At every step, we will be providing designed modules that will be available in EduQuest for every student. There will be designs done according to the areas of the students that might need special attention. We will be mapping constantly on the student until the course comes to an end for SAT coaching in Singapore.

The main features of the course as follows.

along with providing books and study materials in EduQuest.


We will be allotting one whole week to analyze the class of conduct. We held classes that are taken both in the group as well as individually. This is followed by warm-up exams that will bring validation of our analysis that we have conducted in EduQuest. We will put focus so the student adapts both the subjective as well as the objective provided by EduQuest for SAT coaching in Singapore.


These warm-up test will enable us to produce the models to help in the betterment of the students. We will be enrolling to work on the areas that need special interest.


We recognize the gaps as we keep one-on-one classes exclusively for or students for providing extra attention to them. We have customized our course and keeping them according to the needs of the students.


The three groups of the course include the following.
Platinum: Available for slow-paced students and done within the group of 1500 and more students.
Gold: Designed for medium-paced students and the number of students presented in groups of more than 1300 people.
Silver: Made for students who are slow-paced and is done in a group of people with more than 1100 people in groups.


We aim for students to reach more than 1500 level in EduQuest for SAT coaching in Singapore.


Get access to unlimited sessions with a training period of more than 90 hours besides the SAT coaching in Singapore.


The students can opt for the generation of test facility where they get to choose from the number of questions one can choose, the level of difficulty as well as their desired topics.


There will be a minimum of 15 test papers that every student will need to attend. We can also produce several 500 such papers to provide the students.


For a thorough profile assessment with the help of psychometric tests and the results will be shared with the parents as well.


We can advise students to go for a lot of activities for profile-building strategies in case we get to see any gap.

We keep on matching the profile with a lot of universities, for linking with the interest of the students.

Get trained for writing SOPs, essays, and LORs a well.

Also get guidance on writing the application for the scholarship.

Our Area of Expertise at EduQuest in Singapore


Admission Process Knowledge

The experience that we have received throughout these years would get developed the level of understanding which is pretty deep that we have scored as much as the steps involved in international admissions, as well as we have gathered definite insights from specific schools. We take into concern the value to connect the gap between the institutions and the students in the prospect of culture.


Personalized Counselling

With the prior understanding of everyone's individual goals, profile as well as strength, we assist them to make identification about the options available for revealing their potentials so they can express themselves with their individuality and confidence.


A team-based Approach

Our consultants are engaged in working with the applicants with the dedication to a team that has a lot of people working in it. We aim to help the students in areas such as essay, building resume as well as specialization in interviews. To streamline the entire process, we include the help of technology in EduQuest without taking into concern the applicant's geographical location.


Technology Leverage

We need to collect the data and derive the insights to assist the applicants to make decisions that have a base on detailed information. Technological work will include work regardless of the location of the students.

We Also Provide Online Live Classes for SAT Test, ACT, PSAT Test, AP Test, SAT II Test at EduQuest in Singapore

EduQuest will get you into the tour of the exclusive set of evaluations that are having the basis of Artificial Intelligence that has been crafted for the students.

This would be the best present incorporated with strategies that have a series of a few unique questions. This is the best way to kick start the preparation.

Get exclusive offline classroom-based classes as well as online live classes in subjects such as PSAT, SAT, AP, and SAT II in EduQuest besides SAT coaching in Singapore.

Best in Breed: We incorporate sources that have received international acclamation to get the student with the idea of deep guidance. EduQuest will also provide the materials to study to improve the skills imbibed in the students so they can get ready to make preparations for aptitude tests that are internationally taken. We engage the students with a set of customized questions in EduQuest for SAT coaching in Singapore.

You can contact the expert team from our end to get the knowledge of the package that has the best features for you.

SAT/ACT/PSAT/AP/SAT II Test – Online live classes

The students will receive the 360-degree program approach from EduQuest as we provide them with the training so they can make up their minds to choose the right career, the better learning style while we keep tracking their motivation level throughout. We incorporated the passion for learning while we also polish all the aspects of their personality.

  1. They will undertake a total length of a minimum of 15 questions.
  2. We keep on taking tests after each class even on the sub-topics.
  3. Test according to every topic is also taken after the last class has been taken.
  4. There will be a complete assessment according to the topics.
  5. Our teachers have developed an extensive training method.
  6. We provide special helpline classes for students who will need extra practice.
  7. The results of the tests taken by EduQuest, we do share the results via e-mail.
  8. With the help of Webex and zoom, we incorporate the online interactive classes,
  9. Generation of the Test facility is also provided for the students who will choose the level of test, the number of questions, and the topic of their choice that they are willing to solve.
  10. Unlimited sessions for all the classes have been designed for the target examinations of the students.
  11. We also provide classes for IELTS and TOEFL.
  12. Get career counseling experts to end-to-end service for writing applications.
  13. We aim at developing the personality along with their debating skills.
  14. We will not discontinue the students till they touch their extreme potential.
  15. We include in our package the career counseling sessions too. In this way, the students can choose AP as their subjects while in parallel to work on the building of profile.

SAT Coaching in Singapore

PSAT Coaching in Singapore

You can get in touch with this link:

We offer the charges of the course that comes under ONLY PSAT with orientation sessions on AP and SAT II.

SAT II Coaching in Singapore

You can get more information from

Advanced Placement Coaching in Singapore

You can refer to this link for more information:

Undergraduate Application Writing| Admission Counselling in Singapore

We help you to get customized applications to get guidance that will cater to the needs and wants, strength as well as discovering the areas where they can improve and all other roadmap has been provided along with the major application.

To match the ‘best fit’ colleges with the graduates to build their personality while maintaining the unique strength they possess, we take into concern their specializations with vicinity in their economic needs.

  1. Skills to present profile.
  2. Mentoring for profile building activities.
  3. Get the profiles matched with the institutions.
  4. Writing Essays, LORs, and SOPs as well.
  5. Get writing for scholarship application.
  6. Visa walkthrough is also available.

We have the exclusive package for Rs. 60,000



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