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Applying to foreign universities can be a daunting task and preparation for the entrance examinations can be equally stressful. There are a lot of coaching centers that will promise you success if you apply to their institution. The best way to choose among the various placesoffering you guidance is to check their acceptance rates. The number of students who got into a respectable university or college is a great way to decide which coaching to attend. In that respect, EduQuest in Nepal will not fail you. We have a great number of people who have attained high scores in their respective choice of exams and have gotten into the best international universities or colleges. Many of our previous students will wholeheartedly recommend joining at EduQuest in Nepal as it has some of the best and friendliest teachers you will ever meet and their guidance extends beyond simple exam question patterns.

Before going ahead with illustrating our courses and working methodology, we would like to share a message from the mentors at EduQuest in Nepal.


Every mentor at EduQuest knows that all learners have a sharp and curious mind and the only thing left is knowing how to apply it usefully. Every instructor considers this and plans their lessons accordingly. The views and learning style of the student is taken into account when tutoring them. This yields better results as the student can learn effectively. The student’s unique position in the learning curve is to be considered while making them learn new concepts. The best system for teaching is the Adaptive system. The basic concept behind this Adaptive system is to recognize the special nature of the student and adapt the lessons modules according to their need instead of making the learner forcefully adapt to an old and tedious process of learning. The instructors at EduQuest have defined several levels of teaching and we have shared them below-

Concepts- It is crucial to understand the required concepts with clarity. Mugging up is not a good strategy while trying to learn something new and the instructors at EduQuest make sure you have understood something fully before moving forward.

The student also has to apply the concepts they have learned in the questions that have to face. The trick is to achieve a 100% level of accuracy.

Every exam will be constricted by time and the student has to take note of this and prepare accordingly to win the race of time.

EduQuest in Nepal is ready to offer students guidance in exams like PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, and Subject Tests. The potential applicants can choose to study online or even offline.

The training at EduQuest in Nepal can be done by any student from any Board, there is no restriction in this matter. Furthermore, mentors at EduQuest in Nepal have extensive experience in guiding students from all levels of education, coming from diverse backgrounds. When the students sign up for our program, they are required to go through a diagnostic test and this framework helps us to design the specific modules for the students so that they can have a personalized touch in their lesson plans. This method is one of the great things about the Adaptive model mentioned earlier. The diagnostic tests help the student to get ready for the target examination through both modes of learning- online and offline. EduQuest has a great track record of training many students with splendid results. Mentors also guide students in matters of application writing and essay writing and handle the development of their soft skills too. The advice on choosing the correct universities is also useful to applicants.

Many schools have invited EduQuest to host seminars and advice the students about their future career paths. While conducting numerous counseling sessions with the students, we were able to inform them about the 360-degree approach program and tell them about the process of SAT and ACT exams. The full mentorship program in EduQuest in Nepal guides the students on examinations like-

  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • AP
  • SAT II
  • Board exam assistance
  • Olympiads and NTSE
  • Application support

Career Counselling

The matter of career counseling is a delicate one. If done right the benefits could be numerous but if done poorly, the results could be disastrous. Things like personality, background, interests, and values will influence what career you end up choosing. The sessions of career counseling will help the student know more about himself or herself and as a result, make them more confident in making a good career or life decision. Career counseling often gets confused with notions of just choosing what you will study and what your job is going to be. Nothing could be further from the truth. The essential task of career counseling is to develop emotional maturity to take future decisions with ease. Throughout our life, many things will continue to change. Technology will end up changing and so will our priorities, so it is best to develop a kind of emotional strength that can help us throughout our life. Career counseling is more than what major you want to choose; it is about being so comfortable in your skin that nothing makes you nervous anymore. You will be able to deal with life’s failure easily. The process of counseling will be achieved with the help of psychometric tests and one-to-one discussions with the applicant.


Personality Development

People with a higher level of self-awareness are inevitably going to make better decisions in life. The personality development sessions at EduQuest in Nepal are making this the aim of their students.The very goal of these classes at EduQuest is to strengthen the inner and outer personality of the applicant so that they can go through life without unnecessary suffering. Personality development is not about dressing impressively and talking better than you did before. It is also about training your mind to be resilient and being strong emotionally. Failures should not bother them anymore. Students need to meet certain standards in their graduation years and our mentors help them reach that level.

At EduQuest, the students are prepared with the help of the best international proven practices. The program has been shown to generate long-term benefits. Some of these benefits happen to be-

  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Promotion of a zealous outlook with regards to life
  • Inclusion of positive thoughts and positive actions

Personality development classes seek to improve in all aspects of a human being’s life. The students will have different needs and the program of personality development in EduQuest in Nepal will be designed according to those needs. These sessions will continue throughout the student’s other programs in EduQuest.



As mentioned before, EduQuest is not new to training students so there is a considerable advantage to students who decide to sign up for our programs. Some of the reasons for trusting EduQuest in Nepal are listed below-

The 360-degree program approach will take care of the student’s academic preparation through involving customized modules but that is not all. The student will also have the chance to improve on his or her soft skills through personality development classes, career counseling, and moral education alongside presentation skills and debating skills.

The classes at EduQuest will be personalized and all the tests will also be customized.

The applicants will be guaranteed expert extra support while they are learning at EduQuest. They will have complete access to books, videos, and even extra classes when they get stuck on difficult concepts. They can opt for extra online interactive sessions and our mentors will always be ready to help out.

There will be a minimum of 100 hours of classes. Everyone will get a chance to take repeat classes if they require to do so.

The weak points of the learners will be identified and the mentors will advise on how to remove them. Students will feel a renewed interest in coming to classes because they will be getting more out of it. All of the sessions will be set at a comfortable and efficient pace so everyone can follow.

The easy approach is a distinctive feature of EduQuest learning programs. All of the sessions are started from starch, so no one has to worry about earlier concepts.


The students get an option to generate a test at the end of their training modules. In this test, they can define the topic, the difficulty level, and the number of questions too. This is an effective method to eradicate weak areas.

There are about 600 questions per level and enough practice questions for the students to prepare.

The exams will all have realistic questions which are set by our experts. Chances are that the actual exam will have very similar questions.

EduQuest has always been known for its flexibility so we are offering students many programs and they can choose at what stage they will join for preparation.


The complete mentorship programs enlisted at EduQuest in Nepal are listed below-

5 years:

The students at Class 8 can join this specific 5-year program. During this course, the preparation for target exams such as SAT, PSAT, SAT II, TOEFL/IELTS, Boards, Olympiads, and NTSE is done.(fees will be according to the courses chosen) –

4-year programs-

The student s can opt for the four-year program when they are in Class 9 and the same exams are considered for preparation.(fees will be according to the courses chosen) –

3-year programs-

Students can opt for preparation in PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, AP, TOEFL/IELTS, Olympiads, Board exam assistance, and NTSE. Applicants in tenth grade are perfect for this program.(fees will be according to the courses chosen) –


There is also an option for a 2-year program at EduQuest in Nepal. SAT I, SAT II, TOEFL/IELTS, Olympiads, and Board exam assistance are dealt with. (fees will be according to the courses chosen)


Students in Class 12 are good for this short one-year program. Similar exam preparation is done as mentioned above.(fees will be according to the courses chosen)


EduQuest has always followed a 360-degree approach with the implementation of a diagnostic test framework. Every step of the student is evaluated and the results of these diagnostic tests are used while designing the specific customized modules for the student. Continuous mapping is done.

There are certain main features of the course at EduQuest and we list them below-

  • Preparation of a roadmap by mentors for every student
  • There is a construction of a step by step improvement ladder and it is tracked for every student
  • Module-based preparation
  • All of the sections are separated and then assessed
  • The course only reaches its end when the student in question has reached their potential.
  • Artificial Intelligence-based online tests
  • Test Generation
  • An adaptive model of coaching is followed.
  • There is a rigorous testing phase

All of the materials are going to be provided by EduQuest mentors.


The first week is for the analysis classes of the student. These classes can be held one-on-one or in a group. Then the student must go through a warm-up test which will determine the validity of our analysis.Subjective and objective approach will be adopted.


Warm-up test results are crucial because they help us o understand the design of the learning modules. Determination of the weak or gap areas is done in this way.


There may be many micro gap areas of a student, so we need to recognize that and provide one-on-one sessions to bridge that gap. The need areas of the student are recognized and through this, we customize the modules. The students are separated into three subgroups- Platinum, Gold, and Silver. The aim of the instructors at EduQuest is to make sure the applicants reach the level of scoring 1500+ in the actual exams.


Generation of Test is a unique feature of the training phase of our institution and this generally occurs at the fourth step. Applicants choose the topic, difficultylevel of the questions as well as the number of such questions.


The student will have to attempt atleast 15 full-length test papers to complete the chosen course.


The profile of the student is accessed at this phase and the sessions for career counseling are also conducted in this step. The reports of the psychometric tests are usually shared with theparents of the applicant.


The necessary work for profile building is done here.


After the profile is built, the said profile will be matched with the universities to find the correct fit.


Mentors help with the writing of essays and SOPs as well as LORs.


EduQuest experts guide the students in writing the scholarship application.

Getting to know the Experts at EduQuest

What makes our institution unique is the skill and sincerity of our team members. EduQuest is proud to be involved with experts of the international admissions process, who have been providing useful guidance to the students for years now.


Knowledgeable about the process!

Mentors at EduQuest have many years of experience and they have developed a deep understanding of what needs to b done while applying to a foreign university or college. There is a considerable cultural gap that needs to be taken care of in this respect of matching the students with the right universities.


Counseling in its true form!

Instructors in Nepal have recognized the uniquetraits of the students with ease and they value those qualities in them. Considering the personality of the individual, we have built our career counseling sessions with the utmost care. We aim to increase every applicant’s confidence.


Work with a team at your back!

Aside from the constant support from your dedicated consultant, you get the support of the entire EduQuest team. The mentors will be constantly available to help you in your essays and application writing. No matter where you are, the online help and support of our community is immense.


Tech matters!

Technology is used at every step to gather data and this in turn helps us to make well-informed decisions. All our mentors work seamlessly with all the applicants, whether online or offline.

Get Ready for the SAT/ PSAT/ AP/ SAT II

Artificial intelligence is used to structure these tests and as a result, the questions of these tests are unique and challenging enough to make it worth your time. As told before, EduQuest handles most of the exam preparations with ease, such as SAT, SAT II, PSAT, ACT, AP, NTSE, Olympiads, and even Board exams. There are some common features when it comes to our courses and we list them below for a final glance.

  • Every student is to be equipped with the 360-degree approach to learning with the customized modules. There will be a minimum of fifteen full-length tests to be overcome.
  • The class will end with the sub-topic wise tests
  • There are topic wise tests too with alternate levels of difficulty.
  • There will also be a complete assessment topic wise.
  • The teachers will help out with the test-taking strategies.
  • There is provision for special helpline sessions for the weaker students.
  • Surprise tests also happen during sessions.
  • Zoom or Webex is often used for online interactions.
  • Unlimited sessions

Now, for the course fees of the Different courses, the potential applicants can look at the table below.

SAT Coaching in Nepal

The prices of the courses that we offer are as under: ONLY PSAT with orientation sessions on AP and SAT 2.

Advance Placement coaching in Nepal

Application Writing

This mentoring application course takes care of it all. Starting from the student’s desires and aspirations to highlighting their unique strengths and personalities in their profile, nothing goes amiss. The mentors guide the applicants toward the best universities according to their position. The features for this course are-

  1. Profile Presentation
  2. Advice on profile building
  3. Profile matching
  4. Writing advice on essays and LORs
  5. Applying for scholarship
  6. Visa

The course fee for this is ₹60,000/- + GSTand the number of seats is unlimited.



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