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Best SAT Coaching Classes in Bangalore

EduQuest in Bangalore: Join our reputed institute!

It will be daunting to face all those international competitive examinations on your own. Why not join our reputed SAT exam classes training institute At Bangalore called “EduQuest”? This institute devotes all its time to make sure all the applicants can reach their target scores and even helps them choose the correct colleges and universities. Many students have completed our SAT training training modules and have succeeded in reaching their goals and they are ready to testify for our learning methods. But before getting into all of that, let us know a little bit more about the mentors at EduQuest in Bangalore.

A message from our mentors

Dear students,

In all our years of experience, we have come to realize that all students and learners have a sharp and curious mind. On top of that, they each have their distinctive learning style. That is the reason why we set up a meeting to know their respective views and style of learning.

The most important thing for a mentor is to know where his or her student’s position is on the learning curve. The best way to coach students is to follow the Adaptive model of learning. As the name suggests, this method adapts itself to the student instead of forcing people to follow the same rigid methods of learning concepts. It acknowledges that all students are different.

Mentors at Bangalore have thought of three levels of teaching which we have enlisted below-

  • Conceptual clarity- The students must get all the concepts of the lessons. There is a process of logical reasoning behind everything so be sure to grasp that instead of mugging everything because that doesn’t work in the matter of international competitive exams.
  • Application- The students must learn how to apply the concepts they have learned to the questions. The target is to reach a level of 100% accuracy.
  • Efficiency- the students must master how to finish taking their exam with the required amount of time. With a little bit of practice, they can learn how to win the race against time.

EduQuest has extensive experience related to PSA/SAT/ACT/AP/Subject Test ad Tuition classes for Board examinations. The students can opt for online live coaching as well as classroom sessions. EduQuest in Bangalore is ready to offer the services no matter which boards the student studies in. That will not be a barrier for the SAT training training modules. Mentors at EdQuest have been teaching students of various types and all of them have been coached with the help of the diagnostic framework. That is a part of the Adaptive model of SAT training training. The result of the Adaptive model has been fabulous. The instructors are also capable of advising the applicants on matters like application writing, resume building, and career counseling. They can also guide you to choose the correct institution in the future.

EduQuest in Bangalore has been invited to conduct various seminars by all the reputed schools of the region. This has been an exciting and rewarding experience as we have been successful in informing the students about the 360-degree approach programs related to all the competitive exams. At this moment, EduQuest is engaged with many prestigious schools from the Delhi/NCR regions and it is our honor to advise students about their future options. The full mentorship programs at EduQuest in Bangalore are related to examinations like-

  • PSAT
  • SAT I
  • ACT
  • SAT II
  • AP
  • Board Exam assistance
  • Olympiad and NTSE
  • Application end-to-end support

These programs are available to students from any board like- IB, IGSCE, ICSE, ISC, CBSE.

Go to this link for further information:

Career Counselling at EduQuest in Bangalore

Can’t find a job? Can’t decide what you are doing to do in your career? If done right, the process of career counseling should be able to answer all these questions and more. But if the delicate process is done wrong, the student can have a great mess instead.

Numerous factors end up influencing your career path and some of them are- personality, background, interests and hobbies, values, and circumstances. The sessions of career counseling will help you get to know yourself better and the work of work that you are about to participate in. Our mentors try so that you can make better decisions in your educational and career paths.

Career counseling is just not restricted to talking about what major a student will take and what job he or she will be suitable for. Life keeps on changing with time and so will the technology have associated. The person might also wind up changing their priorities and career counseling is also about focusing on how to take future decisions. It does empower you to make the right choices for the present, but it also makes you sure of yourself so that you can also effectively make changes in the long run. You will have the appropriate skills and knowledge to make decisions. Our mentors use Psychometric tests and one-on-one discussions to make the process of career counseling smoother.


Personality Development in EduQuest in Bangalore

The person will higher self-awareness will wind up making better life decisions. That is the goal of the personality development classes hosted by EduQuest. These sessions will aim to make the inner and the outer personality of the students so strong that they will be able to make it out of every difficult circumstance that life throws them. Unlike popular opinion, personality development is not always about looking smart, dressing nicely, or being able to speak impressively. Personality development sessions will make it so that you will be emotionally mature enough to deal with all the failures in your life without getting discouraged. Nothing can make them feel nervous anymore, because they know that failing is a part of life, an important one at that. There are some standards that the students need to meet when they are about to graduate. EduQuest provides training so that our applicants can meet those standards effortlessly. We work out every minute detail with you so that you may reach the comfort level needed to improve.

Mentors at EduQuest always prepare students with the help of international practices with the best results. The program also provides various long-term benefits-

  • The building of confidence and enthusiasm
  • Promotion of a zealous outlook in life
  • Positive thoughts and translating them to positive actions

Personality development sessions ensure that you have an improvement in all aspects of your life, not only in academics. The programs will b crafted according to the individual needs of the applicants. The personality development sessions will be continued throughout the sessions for the competitive exams.



There are some points that you need to go through to be able to completely realize the nature of the courses at EduQuest (Bangalore). The points are listed below-

EduQuest in Bangalore provides a 360-degree approach to their training modules. This includes customized preparation as it considers the learning attitudes of the students. The soft aspects are also taken care of. Things like personality development, moral education, and debating skills are taught in EduQuest.

There are customized classes as well as test modules.

The students get extra support with the help of videos and books. There will also be numerous interactive sessions to help them through the whole process. EduQuest will also organize several doubt-clearing sessions and the students are guaranteed to have access to the best preparation materials for their exams.

There will be at least 100 hours minimum of classes. Students will have the option of taking repeat classes. The classes can be on any topic they had a problem with.

The weak points of the student’s overall preparation will be targeted and the mentors will work on those with the student in question. The students will feel that attending these classes helps them with their specific problems and thus they will have the motivation to attend these classes. The pace of these classes is comfortable and thus the students will be able to prepare efficiently.

You will be given unlimited and unmatched coaching.

Easy approach- The instructors at EduQuest in Bangalore always start their classes from the elementary level and they make sure that every one of their applicants feels comfortable with the syllabus. There will be regular tests to increase the speed and efficiency of the student.

There is a unique provision at the end stages of preparation in EduQuest in Bangalore. The students can opt for generating a test. They can determine the topic of the exam as well as the number of questions and the toughness level. This method is efficient in doing surgical strikes on the weakness areas of the student.

The team member of EduQuest in Bangalore has about 600 questions per level. There are dozens of levels and the instructors have over 10000 practice questions ready for the students.

Exam experts craft the practice questions of the mock tests in EduQuest. This makes sure that all the questions are relevant and will be helpful for preparation. They are edited multiple times so the mock tests do their part in aiding you for your big day.

EduQuest inflexible in their programs so they are offering the schools programs based on different periods. All these programs will be devoted to making the students ready for competitive exams and we give a guarantee of a great result.

Programs at EduQuest in Bangalore


There are certain steps that a student needs to follow at EduQuest. The steps are listed below and there are ten steps in total.


The first week will be devoted to the student’s analysis class. In this class, the student will be assessed one-on-one or the class may be held in a group. The class is going to be followed by what the mentors like to call a warm-up test. The test is taken so the mentors can validate the previous analysis.The subjective and objective approach will be adopted.


Warm-up tests or the mapping tests will help EduQuest information of the modules for the individual students. Every module is personally made so that the students can have the maximum benefit from the Adaptive model of teaching. The modules are crafted so the students get more practice on the weak areas.


In the class, the instructors at EduQuest do their best in figuring out the weak areas of the student. They later provide sessions, conducted one-on-one, so that these weak areas can be managed. This is one of howEduQuest manages to customize its courses. The need areas of the student are being kept in mind at every step.
There are three groups in which the students are sorted into. The first one is the Platinum group. This is a fast-paced group, and the high scorers are normally placed in here. The next In level is the Gold group. That is medium paced and the mid-range scorers are placed here. Next comes the Silver group, in which students who score around 800 to 1100 are placed. The group is slow-paced.
The goal of EduQuest training is to prepare all the applicants such that they can reach the level of scoring about 1500+ in their target exam. For that reason,EduQuest in Bangalore offers unlimited sessions and the minimum amount of training offered is 90 hours.


The students can choose to generate a test. In this process, they can choose the topic of the test and the number of questions. Students can even customize the difficulty level.


The students will have to solve at least 15 test papers before the completion of the training modules. EduQuest has a bank of 5000 papers for this purpose.


Now is the appropriate time to access the profile of the student. Additional stuff like career counseling sessions and psychometric tests are dealt with in this step. The reports of the psychometric tests will be shared with the parents.


in this step, the mentors try to figure out if there are gaps in a student’s profile. If they find any, they deal with it by suggesting different solutions to the student.


This is when your profile is matched with different universities and colleges and the mentors judge which institution will be perfect for you. The profile and the interests of the students are kept in mind for this purpose.


In the ninth step, the team at EduQuest will be devoted to the writing of essays and SOPs and LORs as well.


The mentors will handle the writing of the scholarship application in this very last step.

The expertise of the mentors at EduQuest (Bangalore)

There are several advantages that a student will have if they decide to join EduQuest. Not only in the terms of academic preparation, but also in terms of soft skills and additional guidance from our reputed mentors. In the table below, we have created a table of the points relevant to our students.


SAT Test, ACT, PSAT Test, AP Test, SAT II Test – online live classes

The test series are constructed by Artificial Intelligence. This results in unique questions as well as relevant ones for the students to practice on. This is a proven strategy to aid your preparation.EduQuest is known to use international best practices.

We list down some points which are common to all courses.

  1. There will be a minimum of 15 full-length tests
  2. Subtopic wise test
  3. Topic-wise tests
  4. Complete assessments are to be done topic-wise.
  5. Test-taking strategies
  6. Special helpline classes for students needing extra help
  7. Surprise tests
  8. Zoom or Webex is used for online interactions.
  9. Tests generation facility
  10. Unlimited classes

Now, we move on to the specific courses.

SAT Coaching in Bangalore

PSAT Coaching in Bangalore

Click on the link below for more information-

The prices of the courses that we offer are as under ONLY PSAT with orientation sessions on AP and SAT 2.

SAT II Coaching in Bangalore

For some information, click here:

Advanced Placement Coaching in Bangalore

Click here for more information:

Undergraduate application/Admissions Counseling in Bangalore

The mentors will keep in mind your strengths and weaknesses and guide you likewise. The areas of improvement are also identified so that you can work on them. After determining all of that, the mentors try to figure out the universities that will be the best fit for the student concerned. All of the features that go into this training are given below-

  • Profile presentation
  • Profile building advice
  • Profile matching
  • Essay writing and SOP, LOR
  • Scholarship application
  • Visa walkthrough

The price for these sessions is ₹60,000/- + GST, and unlimited applications are allowed.



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