AP Biology Test Preparation

AP Biology Test Preparation: Biology is a very dynamic subject. It has to be, considering the subject of Biology encompasses the study of all forms of life. Be it microscopic organisms or gigantic living beings. The intricacies and complexities found in Biology make many students fear it.

Expert Mentors for AP Biology Test Preparation

We at EduQuest firmly believe that the most efficient way to teach biology to our young learners is to ensure that the teaching sessions are interactive. Our team of Mentors and Counsellors try their level best to build a safe learning space for the student that is conducive to better learning. Our teaching faculty is well-established in their field of study. The teachers start building the concept from the basic with clarity to the levels of comprehension that is required by the student for acing the AP Biology Test. They also have quite enough experience in dealing with the pressures and demands of a rigorous examination such, as the AP Biology Test. Therefore, they can aptly tailor their teaching material as per the requirements of the exam. They are capable enough to alter their teaching techniques as per what helps the student grasp the concept best. Our dedicated teaching faculty is always open to help the students in clearing their doubts and getting a bit more certainty and clarity in the concepts they might be having trouble within the class.

AP Biology Test Preparation

EduQuest provides the students with lab work and lab assignments along with the questions dealing with experiments for data. Arranging these facilities helps the students gain a feel for the practical aspect required for a wholesome AP Biology Test preparation. Our coaching insists on taking multiple tests at timely intervals. Taking these tests helps the students get an idea about the thoroughness of their preparation. It also helps the student face and overcomes their exam fears and nerves. It gives them the confidence they need to have in their exam preparation and themselves.  Our teaching faculty maintains an organized datasheet of the scores achieved by the student in these tests. Proper maintenance helps the teacher in gaining an insight into the weak links of the student. Therefore, they can assist the student in gaining the required footing in their weak links.

AP Biology Test Course Complete Details

The entire duration of the comprehensive test course is 96 hours. These 96 hours are divided into three categories. The first category is concept building.  The student must possess the required level of knowledge, both in the theoretical and practical aspects, to ace the AP Biology Test. Therefore, we allow the majority that is three-fourths of the total time to build concepts from the basics. Seventy-two hours get dedicated to the student and the teacher to gain clarity and stronghold in the subject. The second category is the review or the revision. One cannot expect the student to remember every single course detail that gets taught in the class.

However, a much more efficient way of ensuring the retention of the acquired knowledge till D-Day is abundant revision. Sometimes, a new doubt might crop up in a student’s mind while reviewing a concept. Our teaching faculty will be available to clear even the latest doubts.  Thus, we allow 12 hours to get set aside purely for revision. 

The third and final part of our plan of action is mock tests. A student ought to have a trial or a mock exam before sitting for the real one. A mock exam helps them gauge their level of preparation and confidence under similar conditions as that on the actual exam day. Hence we insist on taking four full-length tests in April. Post the conduction of the mock tests a session takes place where students get to know about their mistakes and review. In the session, our dedicated and informed tutors and mentors share some valuable tips, tricks, and insights that can augment the performance of the student.

Our Pricing Plan

The comprehensive program for the AP Biology test is available under two price assortments. The first one is wherein it costs $152 per month. Each month, 8 hours of classes take place that makes it $19 per hour. The second one is wherein it costs $80 per month. Each month, 4 hours of classes take place that makes it $20 per hour.

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