AP Calculus AB TEST

Maths is an essential subject for any student. Consequently, every curriculum recognizes and thus emphasizes its importance. In most of the major exams, mathematics has its separate section of the test. Within mathematics, most syllabuses and examinations give a high weightage is to the branch of calculus. The two categories under calculus are namely, differentiation and integration. Differentiation is when infinitesimally small parts of the subject are observed over time to note the changes taking place. On the converse, integration is adding infinitesimally small pieces to inspect the overall variation over time. As with any other mathematical branch differentiation and integration follows a fixed set of rules and proper terminology. All of this along with the pressure that is being constantly put on the student, the student begins to find Mathematics, AP Calculus in particular as a tedious and daunting subject. Such a belief gives way to a poor and abysmal performance in school and competitive exams.

Preparing for the AP Calculus AB test

Calculus itself is not as daunting as the fear of the subject has made it out to be in the mind of the young students. The best way to get rid of the fear is to teach the students aptly and well. That is what our coaching does. We ensure that the student not only focuses on the theoretical section of Calculus but also knows about its various practical applications. At our coaching, students are taught Calculus in interactive sessions. Our mentors at EduQuest put a lot of emphasis on ensuring that ample time and guidance is provided to the students to grasp the basic concepts and form a firm foundation in the subject. A firm foundation facilitates smoother learning and applying more advanced concepts in Calculus. Our mentors and tutors are well-versed with the pattern and structure of the AP Calculus AB Test. Therefore, they tailor the teaching material to help the students effectively cover the entire syllabus and score more. They are always ready to provide any student with extra help, should the student need it. The mentors and teachers track the progress of a student by taking tests at multiple stages and forming a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the result. Such an analysis helps both the teacher and the student in figuring out the weak links. Once identified, our mentors and teachers work hard and smart to address these weak links to ensure that the student performs to his/her utmost capacity in the AP Calculus AB Test.

AP Calculus Mentor with the Required Expertise

Not all students are comfortable with learning and self-studying. We understand that they find self-studying calculus as an even more dire situation. Therefore, our coaching provides students with tutors and mentors. We assure students and parents alike that the tutors and mentors are well- qualified and have a stronghold in their field. Moreover, our faculty is prepared to deal with the pressures and problems that come with a demanding and exhausting test like the AP Calculus AB Test. An online tutor can take their time and provide the student with ample time to clear their doubts and give thorough explanations. Such able guidance helps improve the student’s scores and their confidence in their preparation.

At our EduQuest coaching, an efficient and comprehensive teaching program for the AP Calculus AB Test is of 96 hours. Out of those 96 hours, 75% time which is 72 hours are reserved for teaching the basics and the concepts essential for the AP Calculus AB Test. By April our students have completed the syllabus in its entirety. But an ax is of no use if you don’t sharpen it. Thus our plan of action also keeps 12 hours aside for a thorough review and revision. By now, our students have strengthened their foundation and the knowledge required for the AP Calculus AB Test. However, the acquired knowledge ought to be tested to eliminate the chances of nervousness on D-Day. Hence, we conduct 4 full-length tests of 3 hours each. A session is held to review the test and to advise students with a few useful tips and tricks.

The eligibility criteria and the application process for the CIWG category are the same as that of NRIs and those who fall under the DASA category.

Our Pricing Plan

The entire program is available in two sets of pricing:

The first being $152 per month that is $19 per hour. Under this pricing set, 8 hours’ worth of classes takes place every month. The second one being $80 per month that is $20 per hour. Under this pricing set, 4 hours’ worth of classes takes place every month.

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