AP Calculus BC Test Preparation

AP Calculus BC Test Preparation: From finding the slope of a curve to visualizing graphs, the branch of Mathematics: Calculus encompasses it all. Thus it is no wonder that calculus is a vast and intricate area of study. Students with a strong base and a mathematical bent of mind often find themselves intrigued with the further use and applications of Calculus. The curriculum and test of AP Calculus BC were curated to cater to such eager minds. AP Calculus BC delves further into advanced calculus. Apart from learning more about Calculus, taking and scoring well in the AP Calculus BC test helps the students in earning more course credit and augments their application.

AP Calculus BC Test Preparation

It can prove to be a challenging task to cope up with the demands of an extensive course such as the AP Calculus BC. Thus most students rely on online tutoring along with self-study. We at EduQuest Coaching helps students with online tutoring. Given our expertise in the field, we ensure to provide the optimum and adequate aid required by the students to ace the test. We have studied and observed the structure and pattern of the AP Calculus BC test. Therefore, we tailor the teaching material to focus more on the frequently quizzed concepts. However, our faculty firmly believes in the fact that for any building to stand tall, the foundation has to be firm. Thus, we never compromise on the time required for a student to grasp the basics and clear their doubts. In our teaching guide, we have made sure to include each topic that ought to be covered and known by a student taking the AP Calculus BC test. Be it graphs, limits, series, derivatives or polar graphs, vectors, and parametric equations; we’ve got it all covered in our course plan.

Our Experienced Mentors for AP Calculus BC Test Preparation

Our coaching prides itself on its teaching faculty and techniques. Our faculty at EduQuest is not only well-versed in their field of study but also have valuable insights on the proper preparation of the AP Calculus BC Test. We ensure the classes interactively take place. Our tutors and mentors have a multi-disciplinary approach to the subject which helps the student relate and understand the concept better. The faculty is also ready to provide any student with extra help should they need it. Multiple tests are conducted throughout the program to ensure that the student has a good grasp of the concepts being taught. But a test is of no use if the student doesn’t learn from their mistakes. Our Faculty help the students pinpoint their weak links and loopholes. The faculty makes sure that all doubts about the weak links get cleared and consequently, the test scores improve.

At our coaching, an effective and extensive teaching program for the AP Calculus BC Test is of 96 hours. It is critical to ensure that the student understands and comprehends the syllabus of the curriculum and the test. Hence, we dedicate 72 hours solely for teaching the basics and the concepts essential for the AP Calculus BC Test. By April we guarantee that our students are over with the syllabus in its totality. But most students overlook a highly important aspect of good preparation; revision. Thus our schedule also allots 12 hours for a thorough review with the tutors and mentors. This way, a student properly retains their arsenal of a firm foundation and clear concepts needed for the AP Calculus BC Test. However, to eliminate the chances of exam nerves and give students a confidence boost, we conduct four full-length tests of 3 hours each. Post this series, a session is held to review the test and to advise students with a few useful tips and tricks.

Our Pricing Plan

The entire comprehensive program of the AP Calculus BC Test is available in two assortments of pricing.

The first being $152 per month. Under this pricing set, 8 hours’ worth of classes takes place every month that is equivalent to $19 per hour. The second one being $80 per month that is $20 per hour. Under this pricing set, 4 hours’ worth of classes takes place every month.

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