AP Chemistry Test Preparation

AP Chemistry Test Preparation: Chemistry itself is a very intriguing subject. It deals with the fundamental of a thing’s existence. Chemistry deals with the questions like what is an object made up of, how would the said object reacts with different elements and compounds, and also discovers and invents new chemical elements and compounds. Like any field of science, chemistry is quite dynamic. However, to ace the AP Chemistry test, one must also have patience and precision.

Our Expert Mentors for AP Chemistry Test Preparation

We at EduQuest are adamant believers of the notion that there is no better way to teach student chemistry than to ensure that theoretical and practical knowledge go hand in hand. The coaching and teaching faculty endeavors to ensure that the teaching sessions are interactive. Our teaching faculty is well-qualified and knowledgeable in their field of study. The teachers start building the concept from scratch so that irrespective of the previous knowledge each student gets clear in the current topics. Our tutors and mentors adapt to the form of teaching that ensures their students grasp the concept well. They also have quite enough experience in dealing with the pressures and demands of a rigorous examination such, as the AP Chemistry Test. Thus, most of them can alter the teaching technique and style to meet the requirement of the exam.

AP Chemistry Test Preparation

We at EduQuest encourages our students to learn by knowing and understanding the chemical calculations along with the mathematical formulation of principles. Such knowledge is paramount in building a firm base for the future. Our coaching insists on taking multiple tests. Taking these tests helps the students get an idea about the thoroughness of their preparation. It also helps the student face and overcomes their exam fears and nerves. It gives them the confidence they need to have in their exam preparation and themselves. Our teaching faculty maintains an organized datasheet of the scores achieved by the student in these tests. Proper maintenance helps the teacher in gaining knowledge about topics that are a weak link for the student. Having this knowledge helps them assist the student in an orderly and efficient manner.

AP Chemistry Course Complete Details

The entire duration of the comprehensive test course is 96 hours. According to our plan of action, these 96 hours get divided into three sections. The first section is building a conceptual base. To ace the AP Chemistry test, the student must have the utmost clarity in the concepts of both practical and theoretical nature. Therefore, we provide 75% of the total time to build concepts from the basics while ensuring that the student understands and comprehends the lesson.

Seventy-two hours get dedicated to the student and the teacher to gain clarity and stronghold in the subject. We get to the second section by April. The second section is where we allow and prompt the student to review and revise. It is not prudent to expect the student to retain the entire course taught from reading and learning it once or twice.

Therefore, a much more effective and practical way of remembering the taught and learned material is to revise repeatedly. While revising, the student might realize that they need a brush up on a particular topic or they have a new doubt about a topic. Our teaching faculty will be available to clear even the latest doubts. Thus, we allow 12 hours to get set aside purely for revision. The third and last section of our plan of action is mock tests. A mock exam helps them assess their level of preparation and confidence. Hence we insist on taking four full-length tests.

Post the conduction of the mock tests a session takes place where students get to know about their mistakes and review. It is also helpful to note that in this session, our team of tutors and mentors share some useful tips, tricks, and insights into the question paper, structure, and some last-minute-advice that might help enhance the performance of the student.

Our Pricing Plan

The comprehensive program for the AP Chemistry test is available under two price sets. The first one, in total costs $1824 per year, is $152 per month. Each month, 8 hours of classes take place that makes it $19 per hour. The second one in total costs $960 per year that is $80 per month. Each month, 4 hours of classes take place that makes it $20 per hour.

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