AP English and Composition Preparation

AP English and Composition Preparation: English is a global language. Its importance extends to not only the corporate world but to general life as well. Being fluent in spoken English does enhance any student’s profile but being fair at written English and reader provides an extra boost to set the student apart from the crowd. Our comprehensive program for AP English and Composition aims at helping the student in becoming a versatile reader and gain proficiency in writing and analyzing various texts.

AP English and Composition Course Details

What many people fail to realize is that English is a dynamic language with multiple facets. Although a majority of the global population finds English to be their first language, that in itself is not enough to ace the AP English and Composition test. To better their AP English and Composition preparation, students need efficient and able guidance. We at EduQuest provides a comprehensive program that covers all the bases required in the AP English and Composition preparation. In our program, we offer tuition on various elements. Students get actively taught and are encouraged to inculcate the habit of close reading. Close reading involves understanding and coming up with the emotions and feeling that the author or poet is trying to convey with their writings. Some of the provided pieces of writing may be straightforward and easy to interpret.

However, more often than not, many authors and poet like to shroud the actual sentiments and provide the reader with the space to interpret in any way they feel. Of course, not all interpretations are valid in the eyes of the examination. Therefore, students must learn how to review the piece properly and adequately. We help the students in imagining and understanding the underlying sentiments and visualizing the poem or story or whatever the reading material is getting provided.

The second part that is essential in AP English and Composition preparation is critically analyzing the provided reading material. While preparing and tutoring students on how to analyze with precision and detail, we ensure that the student can tell the theme, setting, and tone of reading material. In the case of poetry, specific terminology like the rhyming scheme gets discussed. Various types of poetic devices such as onomatopoeia, alliteration, etc get covered in our coaching. We firmly believe that the best and the most efficient of going about it all is through well-informed discussions and writing. We also provide our students with detailed explanations of various aspects of the prescribed reading material.

Our Experienced Mentors for AP English and Composition Preparation

We, at EduQuest, takes pride in its efficient method of teaching as well as our dedicated staff of tutors and mentors. Our teaching faculty is well-qualified in their fields of study and has a stronghold on the subject. Moreover, our faculty have experience in tackling the problems, grievances, and pressures that come with examinations like the AP English and Composition. At our coaching, we ensure that the dynamic between the tutor and the student is interactive and supportive. The teachers make sure that the students feel no hesitation in voicing their doubts. In the comprehensive program for the AP English and Composition preparation, our teachers cover the prescribed syllabus by taking sessions to improve the reading ability and enhance the writing abilities of our students.

Our dedicated mentors provide students with adequate assignments and homework for reading and writing practice. Teachers also conduct timed tests at regular intervals to gauge the progress of the student. These tests also help the teachers gain an insight into what topics are acting as a weak link for individual students. In our program for AP English and Composition preparation, our teaching faculty also helps our students in learning and gaining prowess in each stage of the writing process. Doing so aids the student in developing coherent, argumentative, and informative compositions.

Our Pricing Plan

The comprehensive program for AP English and Composition preparation is available under two price sets. The first one, in total costs $1824 per year, is $152 per month. Each month, 8 hours of classes take place that makes it $19 per hour. The second one costs $960 per year, making it cost $80 per month. Each month, 4 hours of classes take place that makes it $20 per hour.

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