AP Physics C Mechanics Preparation

AP Physics C Mechanics Preparation: Mechanics is an extensive and vast branch of physics. This branch of Physics deals with various motions displayed by macroscopic objects and the reason and principles behind it. Thus for those who find themselves intrigued by the different sorts of movements and motions around them, AP Physics C Mechanics might be the answer. The AP Physics C Mechanics course acts as a firm foundation course and a valuable asset for those who plan to pursue a future in Engineering or Architecture.

The majority of AP Physics C Mechanics examination and preparation involves mathematics. AP Physics C needs the students who intend on taking it to be good with mathematics, especially Calculus. The Calculus-based Newtonian Mechanics can be quite troublesome for students to cover by themselves. Some students might even resort to rote learning. Rote learning is never a good tactic in any science or maths-based course. We help interested students in preparing for the AP Physics C Mechanics in an organized and efficient manner.

AP Physics C Mechanics Course Details

We, at EduQuest, start the preparation by covering a fundamental topic in mechanics that is the Kinematics section. Under the Kinematics section, concepts like vectors, vector algebra, and coordinate systems get taught. Once these are clear to the students, then we begin building and explaining crucial terms like displacement, velocity, and acceleration. Motion in one dimension and motion in two dimensions that is projectile motion also gets taught under the Kinematics section. After the Kinematics section, we move onto the second section of our AP Physics C Mechanics Preparation that is Newton’s Laws of Motion. This section covers concepts of static equilibrium, dynamics of a single particle, and systems of two or more objects.

The third section of our AP Physics C Mechanics Preparation is Work Energy and Power. The fourth section includes the Work-Energy Theorem, forces and potential energy, and conservation of energy. After teaching the Work Energy and Power section, we teach the fifth section of the Physics C Mechanics preparation that is the System of Particles and Linear Momentum section. Vital concepts like center of mass, impulse and momentum, collisions, and conservation of linear momentum.

The System of Particles and Linear Momentum section gets succeeded by the Circular Motion and Rotation section. This section talks about uniform circular motion, torque, and rotational statics, and rotational kinematics and dynamics. Next up basics of Angular Momentum and Conservation get taught. The final section in AP Physics C Mechanics Preparation is the Oscillations and Gravitation section. This section involves simple harmonic motion, mass on spring, Newton’s Law of Gravity, and orbits of planets and satellites.

To facilitate better learning and clearer concepts, our coaching and teaching faculty makes use of a detailed and thorough analytical approach.

Our Expert Mentors for AP Physics C Mechanics Preparation

The teaching faculty of EduQuest is well-qualified and well-versed in their field of study. They also have a firm foundation and knowledge of calculus and various other mathematical branches that get required in the AP Physics C Mechanics preparation. They are also adept in dealing with troubles and pressures of rigorous examinations like the AP Physics C Mechanics. Our staff of dedicated tutors and mentors do their very best to ensure that every teaching session is interactive for each student. We firmly believe that it is better to make the student understand the underlying principles of concepts as opposed to asking them to rote learn. Thus, our mentors use an analytical approach to build conceptual knowledge and solve questions.

A sound analytical approach is beneficial for students in many ways. Using an analytical approach helps the student to construct and identify mathematical patterns within the question and numerical. The teachers also help the students gain a stronghold in Differential and Integral Calculus. Both these branches are essential to ace the AP Physics C Mechanics.

Our Pricing Plan

The entire program for AP Physics C Mechanics Preparation is available in two sets of pricing.

The first being $152 per month that is $19 per hour. Under this pricing set, 8 hours’ worth of classes takes place every month. The second one being $80 per month that is $20 per hour. Under this pricing set, 4 hours’ worth of classes takes place every month.

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