AP Spanish Language Preparation

AP Spanish Language Preparation: Many students aspire to learn a foreign language. After all, knowing a foreign language not only boosts your college applications but also is a valuable addition to the overall personality of the student. One of the most popular options in learning a foreign language is Spanish. About 572 million of the current global population can speak Spanish. Moreover, Spanish is the official language of 20 countries. Thus, learning Spanish can be beneficial for a student not only academically but also in other aspects of life. Spanish is one of the best languages to know if the student wishes to globetrotter. Moreover, Learning Spanish will help the student connect to a new world of art, literature, and music.

AP Spanish Language Course Details

Learning a new skill is a tedious task within itself. But learning a new language is even more tedious. Every language brings its place of origin’s culture, heritage, and history with itself. Thus learning a new language is like learning something new about the cultural facet of the country. Learning a foreign language can prove to be a daunting task for many students. Thus they like to supplement their self-learning with online assistance.

We, at EduQuest, provides a comprehensive program for AP Spanish Language. The comprehensive program for AP Spanish Language and Culture gets designed to improve both the language skills and understanding of cultural contexts for students of Spanish. To better their AP Spanish Language and Culture preparation, students need efficient and able guidance. We firmly believe that rote learning is not the way to go particularly when the student is learning a new language. We find proper exposure and teaching techniques to be a better motivator for the student to grasp and learn a foreign language.

Therefore, we ensure to provide our students with a holistic and comprehensive program for AP Spanish Language and Culture. Our students not only investigate both historical and modern cultures but also develop an understanding of cultural values, products, and practices.

Our Experienced Mentors for AP Spanish Language Preparation

We, at EduQuest, takes pride in its efficient method of teaching as well as our dedicated staff of tutors and mentors. Our teaching faculty is well-qualified in their fields of study and has a stronghold on the subject. A constant complaint amongst the student learning any foreign language by an online course is that the course teaches them in a bookish manner and fails to make them comfortable enough. Our teaching faculty for AP Spanish Language and Culture is fluent in both Spanish and English. Being fluent in both languages helps them avoid unnecessary problems while teaching students.

It also facilitates easier understanding, comprehending, avoiding language barriers in communicating, and learning of the comprehensive program of AP Spanish Language and Culture. Our faculty has experience teaching the Spanish language in various schools in the US and Peru. However, no one can hold as much expertise over any language as a native has. Therefore, in almost all cases, Spanish is the tutor’s native language. More often than not, learning a new language by rote memorizing a few phrases is of no use.

Being a native speaker, the tutor can help the students learn proper pronunciations and usage of Spanish words and learn about the culture and heritage of the place from an authentic source. They say the best way to learn and memorize a new language faster is to start communicating daily in that language. Keeping this in mind, our comprehensive program for AP Spanish Language and Culture gets taught almost entirely in Spanish. The teachers understand that not every student can pick up the things taught in the class at the same pace. Hence our dedicated staff of tutors and mentors is always ready to provide any extra assistance should the student require it.

Our Pricing Plan

As per the student’s and their parent’s convenience, the comprehensive program for the AP Spanish Language and Culture preparation is available under two price sets. The first one, in total costs $1824 per year, is $152 per month. Each month, 8 hours of classes take place that makes it $19 per hour. The second one costs $960 per year, making it cost $80 per month. Each month, 4 hours of classes take place that makes it $20 per hour.

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