• This placement course is usually a difficult one as the course matches Advanced JEE’s difficulty level. The syllabus will be touching 12th class a bit but there is more to it as it adds the Taylor’s Theorem, Slope Field Graphs, et al. The questions will be more in –depth and way tougher than your average integration problem from boards. Getting a 5 pointer is very difficult for the appearing students. Finally, although both Calculus AB and BC have equally tough questions, AB has lesser syllabus than BC, so you can consider AB as well. Our experienced guides will guarantee a 4-5 score in this.

Calculus is a systematic assembly of concepts, take the time to familiarize yourself with the terminology, and, more importantly, understand the actual concepts.  Calculus is a highly conceptualized subject matter and it is extremely important that you have a firm grasp on all of the major concepts.


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