Hoping to Study Abroad? Take Guidance Best Overseas Education Consultant!

For students who decide to study abroad, determining which country and which university to go to can be a stressful decision. The decision is not just limited to what course to study, but these initial steps determine the entire career path of the student in concern. In this context, it is always efficient for students, who are wishing to take undergraduate admission abroad, to seek out a professional “study abroad consultant”. With the growing popularity of foreign course programs, there are many overseas education consultants scattered around the country. But it is crucial to choose the best ones, and EduQuest happens to be one of them.

They have been providing advice to students for a long time. Their mentors have enough experience so that they can guide the students and make sure that informed decisions are made at every step. We have been around for a long time, and they are believers in providing complete guidance to the students. While they are proficient in imparting services related to an overseas education consultant, their entire programs are not limited to only that aspect.

For UG admission abroad, we also provide coaching to the students with other courses like SAT or ACT coaching classes, classes related to AP exams, and LSATs. We also have coaching classes for SAT and UCAT too. These exams can be confusing for Indian students who are not familiar with the rules and format. But our mentors take the responsibility and make sure that every one of their enrolled students can strategize and get high marks on their tests.

There are countless testimonials from previous students, who have gotten into their dream college. Our overseas education consultants are flexible with their mode of education, they employ both offline and online methods while providing advice for undergraduate admission abroad.

What are the different kinds of services offered by the overseas education consultant at EduQuest?

Overseas education consultants know that there are a lot of factors that go into the determination of the admission processes in under graduation admissions abroad. The focus is not just limited to academic qualifications but the entire aspect of a student’s profile. Experienced mentors at EduQuest know that. Experiences in leadership, and being aware of one’s community and a student’s personality can also be deciding factors. This overseas education consultancy deals with students of all types and ages, starting from class 6. Their mentoring services include-

  • Understanding the academics of the student and determining his or her goals in life
  • Taking a review of the subjects chosen by the student
  • The test preparation strategies are also focused on
  • The application to and planning for summer schools are also done by our overseas education consultants
  • Board reviews and the correct choice of the schools are discussed
  • Our Study abroad consultant reviews and gives importance to the extracurricular activities of the student
  • The mentors and our overseas education consultant also give referrals to tutors
  • This overseas education consultant also arranges for visits to the colleges in question

 Every student has different strengths and weaknesses, and at EduQuest no two students are dealt with in the same manner. Some people may incline toward arts, whereas some might be more interested in academics. The mentors ensure that every student plays to their strengths while applying for undergraduate admission abroad.

Overseas education consultants like EduQuest give enough importance to profile building in addition to preparation for competitive exams. The mentors suggest to the students, ways through which they can develop and nourish their existing interests so that their application stands out among hundreds of students. Students trying for UG admission abroad can also strengthen their academic profiles through various great online courses available on the internet. Enrolling in prestigious exams like APs or Olympiads will help too.

Why do people even need an Overseas Education consultant and why is EduQuest the most popular choice?

If you are someone who wants to complete their studies abroad, then you should be aware that there are thousands of students just like you. According to the data on overseas education trends, more and more Indian students are opting for the superior quality of education offered in different countries.

As the process of applying and even deciding where to apply is messy at best, most students like to take the advice of expert overseas education consultants. This is indeed a good decision, as a lot of students do not complete the process of application properly and as a result, their application keeps on getting rejected. A lack of knowledge of the industry of foreign education should not hinder students from achieving their dream education courses, and we have a great solution for that problem.

There are a few reasons why students choose to go for experienced mentors while applying for undergraduate courses abroad. Some of the dominant causes are listed below-

  • To beat the competition: There are a great number of students applying every year and appropriate knowledge about the domain is required to gain an advantage. Mentos at EduQuest and similar overseas consultancies have expert knowledge on these matters and they can help every student to realize their dreams.
  • Turning the average to excellent: Many students with unremarkable profiles have managed to get into great foreign universities. This has been possible due to the correct grooming by business professionals like the mentors at EduQuest. The mentors will understand and access your strengths and turn them into advantages in the application process.
  • Selection: Most students are not informed about their best choices according to their academic specifications. Overseas education consultants help the students to decide on which colleges and universities should make the list of their target schools while applying for undergraduate admission abroad. Mentors will always be available to address any queries the students might have, and they will guide you throughout the entire process of application. They also handle trickier domains like counseling on VISA applications.


What should a student look for while choosing the best overseas education consultant for UG admission abroad?

With so many students choosing to study abroad and pursue superior standards of living, choosing a good overseas education consultant can be a confusing matter. There are so many of them and all of them promise to be the best, such that it becomes difficult to determine which one will deliver on their promises. There are a couple of tips that can help aspiring students get a better idea about overseas consultancy.

Knowledge base– The overseas education consultant should have enough knowledge and experience in matters of UG admission abroad. This expertise should extend to the admission process of every notable foreign university and the advantages associated with each educational institution. The aspiring student should research a bit about the personnel and staff of the overseas education consultancy before going in and signing up for their courses. The students should verify that the mentors have at least two to five years of experience in the relevant domains. Overseas education consultancies like EduQuest have thorough domain knowledge about the most prestigious universities, and they know which universities will suit their students.

Guidance in career paths– A lot of students know what they want to be in life before applying to numerous institutions. But that is not the case for the majority of the students. Aspiring students should look for overseas education consultants which provide excellent career counseling services too. Our overseas education consultant understands the needs of their students very well and as a result, they offer stellar career guidance to all of their enrolled students, in addition to building their profiles.

Additional assistance in finances– Many overseas career consultancies help their students in drafting their statement of purpose or SOPs. In addition to that, experts should help the aspirants with their letters of recommendation and throughout the process of filling out the application form. Great overseas education consultants like EduQuest also assist their students in taking education loans and links them up with great financial aid solutions. Almost the majority of the students have to go for education loans to finance their UG admissions abroad.

Communication- Whichever overseas education consultancy you choose, they must be transparent in their dealing. Matters like fees to be charged, or the process to be followed should be communicated to every student. Many companies offer students assurance of guaranteed admission abroad, and most of these turn out to be frauds. Students should be careful of their choice.


Frequently Asked Questions about overseas education consultant

Does EduQuest offer services apart from overseas education consultancy?

The overseas education consultancy at EduQuest not only provides great advice for profile building for UG admission abroad, but the mentors also seek to make the students familiar with the process of standardized testing for some of the most reputed universities. EduQuest offers online as well as classroom sessions for exams like SAT, ACT, AP or LSAT, etc. Professionals guide the students on tests like TOEFL and IELTS too.

How will the study abroad consultant help in building my profile for UG admission abroad?

Our study abroad consultants always keep an eye on the student’s progress and help them with their extracurricular. The mentors also motivate constant improvement. The mentors also provide opportunities for students to help out in their local communities and help with important projects. Doing this will not only improve their experiences but also will add an advantage to their profiles. EduQuest takes time to evaluate your passions and goals and suggests activities to enhance your talents.

Which college should I apply to?

EduQuest is proficient in the task of shortlisting colleges for their students. Every student’s need is kept in mind while doing this. Factors like the student’s academic as well as personal interests and extracurriculars weigh in when deciding which college should be the best fit. We conduct several sessions and workshops for students to make their decisions easier.

What about my finances while applying for UG Admission Abroad?

The mentors always access the monetary circumstances of every applicant and help them to plan for applying for scholarships. Many scholarships offer students with stupendous financial aid, but there are a lot of intricacies involved in the process. Forms like CSS might seem foreign and impossible to understand, but EduQuest as well as other good overseas consultancies offer to help them with these details.

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