Direct Admission Students Abroad also known as DASA in short is a scheme which is generated by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, India (MHRD) for the children of NRIs (Non-Residential Indians)/PIO (Persons of Indian Origin)/OCI (Overseas Citizen of India)/Foreign Nationals who are looking forward to take admissions in the prestigious institutes including NITs/IITs/CFIs/SPAs based India. As per the DASA scheme, the UG students of NRIs/ POIs and OCIs can apply for the admissions in the various courses of institutes like NITs, IIITs, SPAs, and other CFIs of India. In simple language the Ministry of Human Resource Development of India gives a bright opportunity to the children of the Indian citizens living abroad to take their graduation courses in the various prestigious colleges of India.

If you want to make use of the DASA scheme there are few important things that you need as essentials. These things include a passport that is non-Indian and in case you have an Indian passport you must have completed your 11th and 12th standards from a school which is located anywhere outside India. DSA can help you get admission in the above mentioned institutes however it is not applicable in IITs.

In order to take DASA scheme you will have to clear 3 mandatory SAT subject tests in Physics, Chemistry, and Math Level 2 ‘c’. The process of taking the DASA scheme is easy as compared to the admission process of US. After clearing the tests you will have to show the result of merit to DASA through an Organizing institute that is related to DASA and once you get the approval, you are good to get the DASA scheme


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So, if you come from a family of NRI/PIO/OCI you must be having several questions in order to take admission in the above-mentioned institutes for your graduation. So, let us check out the basic criteria of eligibility in taking admission under DASA. Scroll down and check out:

  • As already mentioned DASA Scheme Quota is a scheme that is for the children of NRIs/PIO/OCI and it is organized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, India (MHRD). If you have the non-Indian passport or you have done your 11th and 12th standards from a school which is based out of India you are eligible for taking the benefits of DASA.

Check out the below-mentioned details to know more about the categories of eligibility mentioned above:

Non-Resident Indian in short NRI, also known as the Indian Diaspora, are among the people who are born in India or have the descendants from India but they live outside India.

Person of Indian Origin in short PIO, also known as Overseas Indians, are among the people who are born in India or have their descendants in India but they live outside India. A person cannot be called as PIO if they have citizenship of the following countries:

  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • Iraq
  • Bhutan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Nepal

Overseas Citizen of India in short OCI are the people with an immigration status that is certified as a foreign national having an Indian origin and they reside and have their occupation in the Republic of India.


To know more about it you may visit DASA Scheme for NRIs/OCI/PIO.

In order to meet the requirements of the DASA scheme you will have to submit the following certificates of eligibility:

  • Age Eligibility: If you are born on or after 1 of October 1994, you get the age eligibility for DASA Scheme. You must get your Date of Birth certificate issued by the Government authority or as per the mark sheets issued by the Secondary Education Board / University Certificate.
  • Academics Eligibility: You must have passed class 12th in order to be eligible for DASA Scheme from a certified and authorized board of education. You must have passed the exams of Math, Physics, and Chemistry. Your GPA must have 6.5 or more and in case of percentage, you must have scored 60% or more in your 12 board exams. You must have thee Sat score of 1800 or more. You must have submitted the scores of all three SAT exams.
  • Residential Eligibility: If you are a foreign national with the eligibility criteria mentioned above you must have the valid certificates of the residence proof. If you have an Indian passport you must submit the certificate of your 11th and 12th standards passed from the countries that are out of India. If you come from the Gulf countries mentioned below you need to apply for the CIWG test.


The COUNTRIES LIST OF CIWG is as follows:

  • Bahrain
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates

If you get a merit position in the tests, you will be called for the counseling and admission. There are three steps of the counseling round. Scroll down to check out:

  • SAT Subject Test Score Consideration: In order to get the DASA Scheme benefit your SAT score will be evaluated and in the grounds of your top scores in Physics, Chemistry and Math, you will be considered.
  • Merit List Preparation: Once your subject scores are obtained your marks will be evaluated and the top ones will get the benefit of DASA Scheme. In case of tie, the one who gets better scores will be considered.
  • Math is an important subject in DASA Scheme and for tie breaker it will be considered. If that doesn’t solve the case, Physics score will be given consideration and in case that doesn’t work the elder one will get the benefit.


Criteria of Seat Allotment of Institutes & Programs under DASA Scheme:

Start applying for DASA Scheme and you can download the forms online. Keep checking the website of DASA for the announcement of the forms which can probably come by the second week of April. Submit the SAT score you have obtained and submit your form. Give the tests that can be scheduled by the month of May.

CIWG – Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries

Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries also known as CIWG Scheme in short is a scheme that is created by the Ministry of India in order to give the admission to the children of Indian emigrants living in Gulf countries. It is for the children to take admissions in the premier Indian Institutes and the scheme comes under DASA- Direct Admission of Students Abroad. As per the CIWG Scheme 1/3rd of the seats are reserved for Children of Indian workers in the Gulf countries (CIWG) in DASA and the remaining seats are given to the other categories. Also if the 1.3rd seats are not taken by the CIWG it directly goes to the remaining 2/3rd quota. Now let us see which countries are eligible for the CIWG Scheme?

So, the countries where CIWG Scheme works are:

  • Bahrain
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)

 What are the documents that you will require for taking the CIWG scheme?

Below mentioned are the important documents that you need in order to get admission under CIWG scheme:

  • Copy of the Passport of the Parent
  • Copy of the Visa of the Parent
  • Copy of the Work Permit of the Parent
  • Proof of the Company/Organization where the Parent is working

Now let us see the benefits & advantages of CIWG:

The applicants of CIWG can avail the below mentioned benefits and advantages:

  • Any applicant who is eligible for CIWG under NRI/PIO/OCI is also qualified for DASA. However, if you want to take the benefits of DASA you will have to pay the fees just like the other applicants pay. It is the tuition fee that is same for all the DASA students.
  • After this process the aspirants get the access to both CIWG and DASA in the institutes where you want to apply for studies.
  • If the student gets the CIWG quota, the rest of it will be credited to their account after DASA is done with its admission process.
  • If an aspirant pays for the CIWG fees they get the eligibility for CIWG quota and not the other quota.
  • The tuition fee of CIWG is 62500 INR per semester however the however the per semester fee of DASA is 4000 USD.

How to prepare for CIWG?

If you are an aspirant for the exams of SAT 1 (General) and SAT 2 (Subject Test) for the countries of middle east including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia or Lebanon, there can be many questions in your mind. The first question that comes in the mind of every aspirant is: How to prepare for the exam? There are many other questions that can come to your mind. Below mentioned are the frequently asked questions:

  • What is the best way to find the perfect teachers to train me for the SAT 1 (General) and SAT 2 (Subject Test) Exams?
  • Is there any coaching center from where I can take the lessons required for cracking these exams?
  • Any good books that can help me in my preparations for these exams?
  • Where can I get the study material for my preparations?
  • What are the courses that can be covered in the different coaching institutes?
  • Is there any mentor who can guide me to score perfect marks in the exam?
  • Can I get the last few years’ exam papers?
  • Can I get help in finding the comprehensive study plan?

We have just mentioned the few important questions that come to the mind of the aspirants however there are several questions that can keep you wondering.

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