Physics B & C

The Advanced Physics exam/course will cover a number of specific concepts including Newtonian dynamics, circular motion, universal gravitation and much more. The chapters and syllabus are identical to your 12th boards but the difference is in the difficulty level. It is at an advanced level and you have less time per question thus making it a speed test too, students need to be real quick. The subjective paper is there where most students got stumped. The style of question is very different from working on this properly is required. Memorize only the basic equations that you will need for the exam. We have an excellent resource for this and it is broken down into all of the categories. You don’t need to memorize all the equations but you should at least know the basic ones for Newtonian mechanics, electricity & magnetism, optics (especially Snell’s Law as it relates to the index of refraction), fluid mechanics, thermodynamic equations (i.e., specific heat), and atomic and nuclear physics.


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