Reasons for Optimism: What does the future look like for international students in the USA?

For students who have a target for Undergraduate admission abroad, they always keep U.S universities on their list of options. The reasons are simple enough. American universities do have a glorious reputation for great quality of teaching as well as research opportunities. The flexible and versatile education system has always been an attractive feature for the students.

But with the previous Trump administration, international students aren’t very secure about their position in the USA. International students faced numerous hurdles in administration, and the visa rules have limited the future scope of such students. America used to hold a prestigious position for international students, but in the past two years, enrollment numbers have suffered a lot.

Winds of change and renewed optimism for international students

The country will go through a lot of changes, and especially for the international higher education community, the changes will bring about positive effects through opportunities. Biden’s promise of fulfilling dreams, no matter the race, identity, faith, or ethnicity is a promising start. Expansion of protection and removal of anti-immigration policies is bound to take place. There are three possible reasons why international students should not lose out hope for a USA educationi.eUndergraduate admission abroad.

Classes to be resumed on-campus

According to the data sources, U.S university campuses will resume their activities pretty soon. Numerous universities have also set up conditions so that they can welcome students on campus and exercise control over coronavirus infections. Additionally, in the next few weeks, there will be the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccines, and those have been tested with 95% efficiency.

People from all around the world should have more faith in the Biden administration, as it would make decisions according to scientific reports, and generally, that would mean a lot of changes to the present conditions of travel bans. The new decisions would also result in Chinese students being able to attend classes this fall.

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The new administration would support international students

Unlike the previous administration in the United States, the Biden administration understands the importance of inclusivity and will welcome the international students with open arms. The administration has already received reports from college and university presidents, and it is fully expected that they will take positive action very soon. Procurement of student visas is about to get a lot easier for college admission. Furthermore, the Biden administration will enact legislation that will end up supporting the growth of international students and their success. Sources say that the Biden administration will recognize the contribution and importance of such students in the economy.

The importance and recognition of education are also evident with the family of the president-elect. For example, Joe Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden will continue her profession of teaching at college while presiding in the White House. Diversity will also hold popular support and the appointment of the Cabinet members will include many immigrants.

The return of support on globalization

With the inauguration of President Biden, the pro-globalization policies will make a comeback. The Senate will most likely be controlled by the Democrats, and this development means there is hope for pro-international policies and laws. the Democrats will have considerable power on both the executive and the legislative branches, and that will pave the way to a brighter future. For example, the “Fairness for Highly Skilled Immigrants Act” was recently passed, which considers the immigrant (employment-based) visa applications will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis, instead of focusing on the birthplace.

With the coming of the USA’s 46th president, educators in the country expect support for international cooperation. Biden even referred to the US educators in his victory speech, hinting at better days to come. America has indeed suffered a huge blow to its reputation, but there are sufficient reasons to hope for better days.

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