SAT & ACT preparation simultaneously? Should we prepare both?


SAT & ACT preparation simultaneously? Should we prepare both?

Firstly, to understand the difference between the SAT and ACT it is important to know what is the SAT and ACT? The full form of ACT is American College Testing and SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. ACT and SAT are standardized tests used to take admissions in colleges offering undergraduate programs in the United States and Canada. They also provide merit-based scholarships for students to aid their higher learning. Here we are to spot the differences between the ACT and SAT. SAT and ACT are two contrasting tests that students are required to attempt to take admission to prestigious universities and colleges.  Students are required to choose which test is the best fit for them. Some students prefer to attempt both these tests due to some of the slight differences, but this does not prove to be feasible because of the financial and time constraints.



We have discussed below in this article of EduQuest that “What is the difference between the SAT and ACT? Should we prepare for SAT and ACT together for a safer bet?” in the following points:

Subject material: One of the few differences between the ACT and SAT is that the SAT does not have a science section whereas the ACT contains a science section. SAT also tests scientific knowledge but does not have a dedicated or separate science section. ACT does have a science section but does not test scientific knowledge; it emphasizes critical thinking and judge student’s analytical approach.

Calculator analysis: SAT and ACT both include a math section. Both the tests include trigonometry as well as geometry.  SAT covers data analysis whereas on the other hand ACT includes statistics and probability. The SAT consists of two math sections- one calculator part and other the non-calculator part whereas in the ACT the use of the calculator is prohibited.

Mark analysis or scoring: The ACT marks are measured on a scale of 1- 36 and the SAT is scored on a scale of 400-1600. Marking is done for only the correct answer; it means that mark is awarded for every correct answer and no penalty for a wrong or un-attempted question.

Essay section; Both ACT and SAT consist of an optional essay part.  ACT will judge students on how they scrutinize and evaluate complex issues whereas in SAT students are been judged based on their comprehension knowledge. The universities do not consider the essay scores in the admission process as both the tests have an optional essay part.

Time duration: Refer to the table given to know the difference between the SAT and ACT via the time duration of both the test

65 minutes- Reading 45 minutes – English
35 minutes- Writing 60 minutes- Math
25 minutes- Math(without calculator) 35 minutes- Science
55 minutes- Math(with calculator) 35 minutes- Reading
50 minutes- Essay (optional) 40 minutes – Writing (optional)

 The ACT is the shorter of the two tests – three hours 35 minutes with the writing part and three hours without the writing part. On the SAT is much longer than the ACT- three hours without the essay section and three hours 50 minutes with the essay part.

Test Fee: There is a slight difference in the cost of both the tests but it depends upon the students whether he/she opts for one or both the tests. SAT charges around $65 with essay and $48 without essay whereas ACT charges around $63 with writing and $46 without writing. All the charges mentioned here are just for reference purposes. You need to check the official website to know the actual test fee.

Most of the colleges offer admission on the basis of the ACT or SAT scores, and therefore as per our opinion both the tests hold the same importance. Students may provide scores of both the test while applying for admission to the desired college. Most of the students are now attempting both the ACT and SAT. Changes done in 2016 on SAT have made it easier for the students who want to prepare for SAT. The best method to choose either SAT or ACT or both, the applicants can attempt full-length mock tests after SAT preparations and ACT preparation. Students need to choose one of the best SAT Coaching or Act Coaching to be fully prepared for the exam.

Reasons to take both THE SAT and THE ACT simultaneously

Prepare adequately: You are putting into schools with cut-throat competition and drawing up a stellar college solicitation which means you may end up wanting to take systemize tests more than once to gross your aspiring points. If you begin by planning to attempt both the tests, you will be able to decide which one displays your ability well. You will not need to duplicate your preparation time for the test to give both the SAT and the ACT.

To get an edge in admissions: After SAT and ACT Preparations and after attempting each test, students can focus on which college to be preferred according to their scores. Students can submit scores of both the tests to their desired college to get an edge in the admission process.

Acceptance of both the scores in colleges: Most of the colleges consider either of the SAT and ACT scores but they accept both the scores. Evaluating both the scores colleges can come to know about student’s abilities to the full extent. SAT and ACT score shows the abilities of a student in different facets of academics. It helps the colleges to access the students better.

Common subjects: Despite having a few differences in the test, there is some subject matter which overlaps. This helps the students in both SAT Preparation and ACT Preparations. They can review SAT Coaching material to prepare for the exam in an effective manner. Many subjects and its syllabus are common in both SAT and ACT. SAT does not consist of a science section and lesser content in math. Some common topics are geometry, probability, reading, grammar, essay, algebra. Both the test involves high knowledge and skills of high school level.

Efficient preparation: If you want to be a part of prestigious colleges and competitive school which makes you end up attempting for the standardized tests more than once to score well. Opting for both the test reduces the pressure of double preparation and reduces time consumption. Preparation can be done efficiently and effectively in a lesser time period.

Open ways for more options: Opting for both SAT and ACT provides more flexibility in choosing test dates. Consult SAT Coaching to help you to prepare effectively and efficiently for both the tests. We prefer to prepare for both tests for excellent results and cost-efficiency.


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