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EduQuest will work with your SCHOOL or INSTITUTE to mentor your students for UG abroad.

Why EduQuest

Proven track record – Expert faculty

Adaptive teaching methodology

One-stop for all courses – PSAT, SAT, ACT, UCAT, LSAT, SAT II, AP

BEST, end to end mentoring with 360 preparation

Admission Processing for all – assistance till acceptance letter from target universities.

Industry-specific sessions

Flexible – easy for students and schools

Unlimited hours of classes- focus on results only not on hour’s consumption

Giving a competitive edge to schools for having in-house experts for UG courses

No inflated charges and no compromise on Quality

Mentoring Mantra

1. Learning is spontaneous

2. One size never fits all

3. Customization and right practice is a success secret

4. There is No smart work without Hard work so “Work hard with right directions”

We follow Adaptive model of coaching

EduQuest envisions providing personalized coaching; premium counseling and guidance services to applicants who wish to pursue world-class education abroad. Ours is a customized course, thus our student’s level gets raised as we focus on their improvement areas and provide a balanced approach to overall preparation. 

A student is provided with specialized, one-on-one services from the beginning (Profiling guidance) to end (Securing Admission), Admission counseling, Editing of applications, LORs, SOPs, etc.

Main features of our course

We provide coaching by preparing a road-map for every student.

Step wise step "improvement ladder" marked on an individual student sheet.

Module based preparation.

Section-wise assessment, special attention on improvement areas.

Course ends when the student reaches its potential.

Artificial Intelligence-based online test

Test Generation facility

Proven “Adaptive model” of coaching, which works on a “Diagnostic test framework” which ensures continuous assessment thus continuous improvement.

Books and all study material will be provided by us

We strongly believe in providing valuable guidance to our students to empower them to make informed decisions in their pursuit of higher education abroad. Our methodical and collaborative approach strives to maximize our student’s potential to place you in your Best-Fit University.

Wanna join your Dream college abroad?

A team of 30+ experts are here to help you.

Our application services include but are not limited to

Subject and career advice

The Subject and career advice are done through three processes:

Career Assessment Test

Formative Assessments

Feedback Analysis

Planning for the kind of AP and SAT 2 course (which is compulsory for Dream college project)

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests is combined with an expert career counseling session, can result in a great consulting experience for a student.we also use behavioral paper questionnaires for the same to check disparities. With the help of  online partners we determine.

Mentoring them without knowing their Learning habits and EQ is impossible so below are the features we study:-

Class VIII & IX

  • Dimensions of personality, Goal planning, Motivation, Anger, Aggression, Stress, Learning techniques, Adjustment personality disorders, Interest assessment & identifying skills.

Class X

  • Identifying aptitude & interest along with assessment, Subject choices related to career options, Personality profiling, Anxiety and stress.

Class XI & XII

  • Identifying career goals along with personality profiling, identifying Career skills, Identifying career interest, Identifying career choices, Career enhancement, Stress and anxiety management, Personality and adjustment pattern.

All the data points and the parameters generated will be collated and inferences will be derived basis on which every student will get a career plan that he/ she can look forward to.

Profiling Guidance​

We target to make a T- shaped profile

Lastly but most importantly we work on student’s emotional quotient, working on their motivation, self-awareness, ability to handle stress, ability to handle criticism and failures. Being focused and calm in a crisis.


  1. Hybrid mode is 60:40
    • 60 percent of online live sessions contain majorly Online live interactive sessions covering lessons and 40 Percent classroom interaction involves the Profiling process, Application assistance, some motivational processes, and paper-pencil test.  

  2. Classroom only
  3. Online live only


  • PSAT
  • Profiling
  • SAT I
  • SAT II -2
  • AP – 3
  • Summer school
  • Application
  • Visa walkthrough
  • SAT I
  • Profiling
  • SAT II -2
  • AP -3.
  • Application
  • Visa walkthrough

8th to 12th

11th to12th

9th to 12th

10th to 12th

Dream College @ Eduquest

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