Tips & Strategies to score high in SAT

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Tips & Strategies to score high in SAT

Description: Need quick ways to improve your Sat score. Read and Follow the given secret tricks and strategies for different sections of the SAT to get higher mark in each section as well as overall.

SAT always remains an important aspect of taking undergraduate admission in the topmost colleges of foreign countries especially in US & Canada. It is one of the factors to determine college student readiness and it also offers scholarships for meritorious students. Before going to give SAT you should learn about the structure of the test and different ways you can apply to your strategy to improve each section scores. Don’t wait for the last date; fill the form before it meets Deadlines for undergraduate admissions abroad.



General tips for high SAT scores

1. Don’t do questions in the order

In order to build your confidence and avoid any test panic answer easy questions first then go back to answer difficult questions. After reading a question quickly you will decide you want to answer it or skip it. When you go back to the hard questions, you will find that some of them will be easier to answer.

2. Rely on the strategies you have learned after giving SAT mock test

In the initial days of preparation analyze your SAT preparation by giving mock test on Saturday & Sunday. But when the exam is near trying to give it daily. Review each test completely. Start analyzing your mistake and try to do not repeat it. The mock test will help you to identify your strengths & weaknesses.

3. Strategies for Mathematics

In this part, some question requires calculator while other’s not. The questions are based on the facts & figures you memorized. If your memory is good then this part is a plus point for you. If you are stuck at the questions related to variable try to substitute it with numbers.


Q1- Find the missing value in 3:30::7: x?

(A)310 (B)340 (C)320 (D)350

A-Option (D)

Just check the pattern of first two ratios (33+3=27+3=30)

Similarly, (73+7=343+7=350).

Q2- Find the missing value in (27)2×6÷9+(7)3+71=(?)3-431

(A)11 (B)132 (C)13 (D)112

A-Option(A) 11 is the answer.

Always remember the values of square/cube roots(√?)2or (√?)3always gives a bigger value while the values of squares and cubes(?)2or (?)3always will have a smaller value.

Apply BODMAS rule always. Expand the unit digits in the expression which gives

9×6/9+3+1=10 so the unit digit of LHS will be 0. Therefore, after rearranging the equation we will get the unit digit of the unknown value as 0+1=1.

Q3-If ax=b, by=c, cz=a. Find xyz.

A- ax=b, Taking log both sides

logax=log b

x log a = log b

x=log b/ log a

Similarly, y=log c/ log b and z=log a/ log c

Plugging the values, we get xyz=1

Q4-If x=11, Evaluate x4-15×3+12×2-12x+6.


Break all variables in the form of 11 like x4-11×3-4×3+11×2+x2-11x-x+6

Put 11=x,

x4-x.x3-4×3+11×2+x2-x.x-x+6 = x4-x4-4×3+x3+x2-x2-x+6= -3×3-x+6= -3(1331)-11+6

= -3998

Q5-How to predict the signs of roots of a quadratic equation.

A-while considering the signs of a quadratic equation always check the sign of coefficient of ‘c’.If it is positive, then both the roots will have the same sign otherwise opposite.The sign will always be opposite to the sign of coefficient of ‘b’.

(1) ax2+bx+c=0, roots are (-), (-)

(2)ax2-bx+c=0, roots are (+), (+)

(3)ax2-bx-c=0, roots are (+), (-)

(4)ax2+bx-c=0, roots are (+),(-)

Q6- If a value is increased by a% and other by b%. Then the change in result is given by (a + b) + (ab)/100.

If length and breadth of a rectangle is increased by 10% and 20% respectively. Find the change in area.

A- (10+20) + (10×20)/100=32%

Q7- what are Inverse, Duplicate, Triplicate and Sub-duplicate ratios?

A-Inverse Ratio- Take the reciprocal of the values of the given ratio.

Duplicate Ratio- Square the values of the given ratio.

Triplicate Ratio- Cube the values of the given ratio.

Sub-Duplicate Ratio- Square root the values of the given ratio.

Q8-Collinearity of points A, B, C

A-If three points are collinear, it means they all lie on a straight line. The sum of two parts must be equal to the third part.

So, AB+BC=AC if A and C are the end points and B lie in between A and C.

Q9-A/2 = B/3 = C/5, Find A: B: C.

A-No need to solve this. Directly put the values in denominator as the ratio.

2: 3: 5. Do remember the coefficient of A, B, C should be 1.

Q10-The ratio of boys and girls in a class is 6:5. 8 boys joined the class and 2 girls leave the class. The ratio becomes 11:7. Find the new number of boys in the class.

(A)28 (B)32 (C)44 (D)36

A-We can predict the answer from the options given without actually solving the question. The new ratio for boys is ‘11’ so the answer should be the multiple of 11.Therefore 44 is the answer.

4. Strategies for Reading

The reading test includes both short and long reading passages. Read the passage and get the main idea of what the passage is about. Don’t worry about the details – if you need then you will later see it. Read the questions then look at the answers relate it to the specific line referring in the passage.

How reading in SAT should be attempted

There are different sub headings under the English section of SAT exam. Some of them are :-

· Textual Evidence

· Analyzing argument

· General idea

· Main idea

· Analyzing sentence structure

· Many more

Every section has a flavor of its own. There has to be thorough practice when it comes to these sections.

Most of the times, the question concerning line references, is immediately after the ‘one word’ meaning question. Such questions are comparatively tougher than the previous question. Students need to raise their guards while reaching out to questions like these.

There are critical situations when it comes to hyphen and typical meanings like girded/pique. There are multiple derivations when they are used in the exams or passages. The pure suggestion is to develop the habit for reading much before the student decides to prepare for SAT.

There are even instances when ‘tenses’ of English get directly applied. So it is recommended that one must have grip over the CLASS VIII English Grammar.

For example:- Textual Evidence

Professor Challenger was in the worst possible humor. As I stood at the door of his study, my hand upon the handle and my foot upon the mat, I heard a monologue which ran like this, the words booming and reverberating through the house: “Yes, I say it is the second wrong call—the second in one morning. Do you imagine that a man of science is to be distracted from essential work by the constant interference of some idiot at the end of a wire? I will not have it. Send this instant for the manager. Oh! you are the manager. Well, why don’t you manage? Yes, you certainly manage to distract me from work the importance of which your mind is incapable of understanding. I want the superintendent. He is away? So I should imagine. I will carry you to the law courts if this occurs again. . . . The case is clear. A written apology. Very good. I will consider it. Good morning.” It was at this point that I ventured to make my entrance. It was certainly an unfortunate moment. I confronted him as he turned from the telephone—a lion in its wrath. His huge black beard was bristling, his great chest was heaving with indignation, and his arrogant grey eyes swept me up and down as the backwash of his anger fell upon me. adapted from “The Disintegration Machine” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Which of the following statements from the passage best supports the conclusion that Professor Challenger is arrogant?

AI confronted him as he turned from the telephone—a lion in its wrath.

B“Yes, I say it is the second wrong call—the second in one morning.”

CI heard a monologue which ran like this, the words booming and reverberating through the house. . . .

D“Yes, you certainly manage to distract me from work the importance of which your mind is incapable of understanding.”

Answer with explanation is:- D

The narrator overhears a phone call in which Professor Challenger states, “Yes, you certainly manage to distract me from work the importance of which your mind is incapable of understanding.” This statement shows that Professor Challenger arrogantly believes that his work is too important for another person to comprehend.

Example 2:- Analyzing argument

On February 15, 2009, the television show The Simpsons had its first big change when it aired in high definition, or HD. The show also altered the opening credits, or title sequence to reference HD. When Bart wrote on the chalkboard in the credits, he wrote “HDTV is worth every cent.” The new introduction also includes 3D animation when the camera pans over Springfield, the setting for the series. This was the first major permanent change for the show since it aired in 1989. Other small changes for the show include variations on the length of the intro and other special introductions for the Halloween episodes. The February 15th episode is not the first time the Simpsons appeared in HD, however. In 2007, The Simpsons Movie was shown in HD. The author’s purpose in writing this passage is to….

A. inform the reader about changes on a television show.

B. describe the credits to the show The Simpsons.

C. convince the reader to watch an HD television show.

D. instruct the reader when to watch The Simpsons.

Answer with explanation is:- A

This passage discusses the changes that occurred in the TV show The Simpsons for the first time in approximately ten years. The author wants the reader to learn about these changes.

There are times when studying and constant diligence matters. But there are certain facts which are hidden in the text of the sub text. They are stated as below:-

1) Objectivity

While students read the passage they commit the mistake of investing their own personal experiences with the inferences drawn from the passage. This must be prevented. It is expected to be objective in approach and subtleness is required for the correct answer choice.

2) Historical passages.

You are not an encyclopedia and we understand it. After all ‘how am I supposed to know what happened 200 years ago, on 23rd august at 9:35am’? (pun intended) It is only through constant practice that you may be able to crack the bull’s eye.

3) The genres

The sub-sections under which you may be required to attempt the questions are:-

· Theme is a universal message

· The impacts and the reasons for that impact

· The proofs in the text

· The comparative analysis

· The analysis of the flow of the passages

· Many more such

4) Self leaning is the best learning

While you attempt the sample papers, it is best to learn from your own mistakes. Never focus on how the other person answered the question or the logic given by XYZ. From the inferences aptly drawn by you, will help you gain knowledge about your own caliber.

5. Strategies for writing

This section requires you to decide if there is any grammatical mistake in the passage or not. Read each line carefully and decide if it needs to improve by changing words, punctuation, or sentence order.

6. Strategies for essay writing

This section basically requires to check the writing skills of the aspirants. If you need to improve your writing score then you need to work on this. Brush up your grammar, take care of your writing style to score well. SAT coaching in Gurgaon makes it easier to improve writing scores by providing special essay writing classes to SAT aspirants.

Final Words

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