Why EduQuest has the Best SAT Coaching Classes in Delhi?


SAT & ACT preparation simultaneously? Should we prepare both?

Delhi is the hub of education and has no. of private and government colleges providing the country’s best undergraduate courses. The word “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” means “The World is One Family”, so the educational opportunities for Indians are not limited to India only. Students want to explore global options when they seeking admission for graduation courses. SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is the most important undergraduate university admission requirement for institutions in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Test takers need to prepare very hard to get success in the exam. These exams are conducted by the board to evaluate the students based on knowledge gained in the school.

Eduquest is the best SAT institute in Delhi which helps the aspirants to achieve their score goals. We provide tips and tricks to save students time during the exam.  A good score can increase our chance to get admission in the world’s best college. Hence, enrolling in the best SAT coaching classes which can assist you in scoring high in the exam. We offer Classroom SAT coaching, blended SAT coaching, SAT online learning plans, and SAT practice tests. In the view of COVID 19 situation, we recommend you to take our affordable online SAT learning classes.



Ace the SAT preparations with SAT Institute Delhi

When it comes to SAT Institute in Delhi, EduQuest institute holding #1 position. Since 1993, EduQuest has been guiding students through academic excellence and all-round development. Our expert faculty follows a simple teaching methodology. Their aims to produce maximum results with minimum effort in SAT. When preparing for SAT depend on various aspects such as SAT score, CV transcripts, Essays, Letter of recommendation etc. We organize a lot of workshops on presenting and debating skills,  personality development in Delhi along with preparing for the SAT.  Eduquest Delhi has an exhaustive and comprehensive study material for SAT preparation developed through 25+ years of research.


  1. We provide coaching by preparing a roadmap for every student.
  2. Crash courses are also available.
  3. Personality development, skill development provided
  4. Providing Regular assessments
  5. End to end application support
  6. Our aim to score 1500+ scores with minimum training hours.
  7. Our teachers are coming from prestigious universities like NIT, IIT, world best MBA colleges.
  8. Improving aspirants communication skills, public speaking skills


While preparing for SAT always take the help of experts because they can provide full details of the scoring pattern and tell you about an average score. The SAT exam is divided into math and evidence-based reading and writing along with an optional essay. All the sections are scored on a 200-800 scale. The total score is obtained as a sum of all the marks obtained in individual sections. The SAT score can be valid for 5 years. SAT exam can be given at different intervals. This is the major examination whose scores are accepted by many good colleges and universities in various countries. On a scale of 0-1600, every college has a set bar for admissions in different courses. A good SAT faculty can help you to learn easy tricks and score the perfect marks with best SAT Classes in Delhi.

No age criteria are appearing for SAT examination. However, this examination is given for only taking admissions in undergraduate courses. So, most of the candidates are around 17-19 years of age. SAT exam does not include negative marking which reduces the chances of obtaining lowest scores. Eduquest one of the best SAT Institute Delhi which helps the aspirants to understand the pattern of the examination and provides detailed information of the entire syllabus. The SAT examination marks help universities to predict future academic success of a student seeking admission to undergraduate programs at various educational programs in India and abroad.


1, Online Test series for SAT

SAT test series are taken at regular intervals along with the course.  The pattern will be same as the live SAT exam. You can compete with many aspirants who are preparing for exam and know your strength and weakness.

2. SAT study material

 We provide full SAT Study Material for students to focus specifically on what is needed to achieve your score goal. The course also includes official SAT Papers and their detailed solutions for students to practice. We provide materials according to the key categories included in the examination.

3. Special Query Sessions

We provide doubt classes to solve every student’s doubts. Also having special doubt removal sessions for the students appearing in SAT Online Test Series.

4. Live & Interactive SAT Classes EduQuest provides online SAT classes so that you can earn at your place. SAT Coaching online sessions would focus on general preparation strategies, tactics and individual progress and on what subjects to focus more.


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