Why You Really Need to Wonder about Cost to Study Abroad?


Why You Really Need to Wonder about Cost to Study Abroad?

Seeking benefits from higher education can be rewarding when you head to foreign nation to get enrolled. Studying abroad is indeed a life-changing experience that brings you a chance to improve your skills and expand your knowledge. Nowadays, getting enrolled in your favorite university is never a complicated task. Of course, you can open up the doors of many avenues after completing your courses in foreign universities. Before you seek admission to your favorite foreign university, scoring best in SAT exam brings win-win results for you. 

If you are in a mood for grabbing the opportunity to study abroad, you should definitely go for the SAT institute first. It makes a world of difference to join the SAT institute and seize a chance to enhance the international future for both private and professional life. However, money matters a lot and could affect your decision of studying abroad. There is a lot to take into account. But, you can proceed in the right direction if you work hard and do homework accordingly. Doing plenty of research and preparation helps boost your chance of building your future the way you want. 



To help you decide whether or not to go on a study trip, you have to think about the common obstacles that may find your way when you wish to study in a foreign country. Even if studying abroad is your sole concern, you have to take a glance at confusion and questions that can squeeze your mind. The first and foremost concern is money. You may often think “How much foreign study could cost you?” Considering things that lie between the varying university fees for different programs and score you attain in SAT exam. To make things easier and simple, this post is made to answer all your queries from how much it will cost to study abroad to how you can get enrolled with the utmost ease. 

What Affects the Cost of Studying Abroad? 

Before you make a decision about pricing the average cost of studying abroad, many factors may come to your mind and influence your decision. Different countries and courses are not enough to determine. Since the estimates of costs for courses in different countries vary widely, there are common factors that may affect your decision of studying abroad. You can easily wind up the cost of study in foreign if you research thoroughly prior to joining the SAT institute. 

It’s not just about wondering how much your study will cost. You should also understand what expenses are covered and what aren’t in the particular course that you want to get enrolled for. Here are a few things unveiled to help you understand what can affect your overall cost of studying abroad. Let’s have a glance at the costs that you need to cover. 

  1. Coaching You Require 

First thing that makes room in your list of expenses is the coaching fee. Whether you want to join the SAT institute or any other program, tuition fees will vary depending on the courses you want to join. Every country has a different education system and so is the cost of studying. If it’s about SAT score and you don’t want to make a hole in your pocket, it will make a huge sense to join the SAT institute in Gurgaon

  • Cost of Living 

After determining the cost of coaching and tuition, rent and day-to-day expenses are the second major concern. The cost of living will help you decide whether you can afford to study abroad or not. Locating affordable locations to live in and evaluating the budget for other relevant expenses will be important to consider. 

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  • Transportation 

The last major expense is the cost or traveling anywhere in the country. From hostel to university and flights to local transports, you have to make sure your program fee covers everything to provide you the ease of studying abroad. It may sound like a burden. But, you don’t actually have to feel panic. Just take a deep breath and consider all the transportation expenses that shouldn’t cost you double. 

Generally, there are three major expenses that you have to take into account when you want to make your life easier by studying abroad. Embarking on the adventure of studying in a foreign country is not something that has to burn a hole in your pocket. 

Have a Look at Top Universities for Studying Abroad

Studying overseas seems interesting when you make the best choice for university. Many universities are there in major countries that people always dream of getting enrolled in. Here is a list of top universities based in major countries that you can opt for to reach your educational goals.

  • Harvard University, USA

When you want to get enrolled at Harvard University is the oldest institution for higher learning in the United States of America. Here you can pursue top courses such as MBA at INR 55.5 lakh, Bachelors of Arts in Computer Science at INR 37.5 Lakh, Masters in Architecture at INR 40.3 Lakh.

  • Stanford University, California (USA)

Stanford University based in California ranked among the top five universities in the world. The fees for courses may be bit expensive as INR 56.4 lakh for Masters in Business Administration, INR 41 lakh for Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering, INR 56.4 lakh in MBA in Entrepreneurship, INR 1 Crore for Master of Science in Management, and INR 41.9 lakh for Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture Design.

  • The University of British Columbia, Canada

The University of British Columbia is a large institute for open and regular courses. The university offers courses such as Full-Time MBA at INR 32.6 Lakh, Computer Science (BSc) at INR 19.4 lakh, Bachelor of Commerce in Business and Computer Science (Vancouver) at INR 25.9 lakh, Master of Engineering Leadership in Dependable Software Systems at 28.3 lakh, and many other courses.

  • University of Alberta, Canada

University of Alberta based in Canada offers many courses such as MBA in INR 15.3 lakh, B.Sc in Computer Engineering at INR 21.4 lakh, Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in INR 48.4 lakh, BSc in Engineering Physics at INR 21.4 lakh, and so on.

  • The University of Melbourne, Australia

Founded by Hugh Culling Eardley Childers in 1853, the University of Melbourne is based in Australia. The university is offering courses like Master of Science (Computer Science) at INR 20.4 Lakh, Full-Time MBA at INR 44.1 Lakh, Doctor of Medicine at INR 34.6 Lakh, Master of Information Systems at INR 20.4 Lakh, and other major courses.

  • The University of Sydney, Australia

Based in Australia, the University of Sydney is also popular for many courses such as Master of Business Administration (Leadership and Enterprise) at INR 24.6 Lakh, Global Executive MBA at INR 33 Lakh, Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at INR 22.9 Lakh, Master of Architectural Science (Sustainable Design) at INR 21.4 Lakh, and other 114 courses.

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  • University of Oxford, UK

Well-known UK based the University of Oxford offers 17 courses and some of them are MBA at INR 55.7 lakh, BA (Hons) in Economics and Management at INR 28.1 Lakh, MSc in Financial Economics at INR 42.2 Lakh, MSc in Law and Finance at INR 36.5 Lakh.

  • University of Greenwich, UK  

University of Greenwich has made its place among top institutes. You can pursue courses like Computer Systems and Network Engineering, MSc at INR 12.6 Lakh, Engineering Management with Industrial Practice MSc at INR 14.5 Lakh, and Pharmaceutical Sciences with Industrial Practice MSc/PGDip at INR 14.5 Lakh here.

All the universities mentioned-above are popular and most preferred by students. The fee for 1 year mentioned above may vary. You can also look for further affordable options as:

  • The City University of New York, USA

Also known as CUNY is a public university system in New York City, having 26 individual institutions. It is indeed a good choice for the affordable institute.

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Memorial University of Newfoundland with its roots in Canada offers affordable courses to enhance your knowledge without causing you a financial headache.

  • Staffordshire University, UK

Staffordshire University is among the most inexpensive university in the United Kingdom that offers you varied courses. You can consider this university if you want to study abroad at affordable prices.

  • University Of Divinity, Australia

Among cheap universities, University Of Divinity is known for providing a myriad of courses to students, interested in philosophy and ministry.

There is no shortage of options that you can make when it comes to getting enrolled in your desired courses. You can easily find foreign universities based on your needs and budgets now. You can also seek assistance from experts. Moreover, you can consider taking the SAT exam to chase better opportunities.

Join SAT Institute to Afford Study in Abroad 

Nothing could prevent you from making your career with foreign degrees. Saving bucks won’t be a cumbersome task if you join the SAT institute before applying for your favorite course in foreign universities. This way you will not only enhance your skills but also lower the cost of studying overseas. Without sacrificing any aspect, you can prepare yourself for abroad studies by scoring the best in SAT exam. In fact, you can easily make studies in abroad affordable by joining the SAT institute right away. Now, join a reliable SAT coaching in Delhi to improve your scores and pay for what you actually have to make abroad studies affordable. 


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