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Basics of Pre-College Preparation

What exactly is Pre-College Prep?

Pre-Colleg prep is a subject-specific course developed for students who are about to begin their graduate degree programme at an international university. 

This course will prepare students for university study skills by teaching courses that are directly relevant to the chosen degree programme. A student pursuing engineering, for example, will have a few core disciplines like Calculus, Engineering Physics, or Engineering Chemistry that require a certain level of “previous knowledge.” As a result, in order to bridge the gap in subject knowledge between high school and university, EduQuest provides a limited amount of subject-prep assistance.

How will students benefit from the pre-college prep course?

Being better prepared for a university course assists the student in achieving the level of knowledge, confidence, and subject mastery required to succeed on a graduate degree course.

Students can select the subject for which they require assistance based on the course they have applied for in college. Gaining subject knowledge ahead of time will better prepare a student to handle the college curriculum.

EduQuest helps students prepare for college by assisting them in the following topic courses:
  • Calculus, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Physics, Business and Economics Mathematics, and Chemical Biology
  • Courses in Engineering, Medicine, and Business Management are also available.
  • If you believe you require assistance in a subject other than those listed above, please contact us.
  • The following are the subject courses available at EduQuest. 

The following are the course details for EduQuest's 'pre-college subject courses':

Course length: 8-12 weeks (depending on student availability).
Weekly frequency: 1-2 classes per subject.
Each class lasts two hours.

Misconceptions about the AP Test

The AP Subject Tests are a great approach to highlight your talents by demonstrating your expertise in disciplines such as engineering, pre-med, and cultural studies.

Some institutions demand, and even encourage, the completion of a certain topic test in order to be admitted to a programme or major. Even if your preferred college does not have such a requirement, taking a topic test and submitting your scores is incredibly beneficial to your college application.

Furthermore, if a student performs well on a specific AP Subject Test, several universities will give an exemption from or credit for a freshman course requirement. Inquire about the policies of the college of interest.

Furthermore, most universities accept either the ACT or the SAT and have no preference between the two examinations. The ACT and SAT patterns are not identical. Both necessitate a distinct preparatory plan and skill set. Preparing for both can be a daunting and tough task. So, why should you take both tests?

As previously stated, few universities require or suggest additional AP Subject Tests in addition to the SAT or ACT. AP results are also utilised to determine course placement. You may be able to fulfil basic prerequisites or possibly obtain credit for introductory-level courses based on your performance. If you’re interested in specific fields of study, take AP to demonstrate to universities that you’re prepared for specific majors or courses. AP, in conjunction with other entrance credentials (your high school record, SAT scores, teacher recommendations, and so on), can present a holistic picture of your academic background and interests.

Scores on the AP Subject Tests do not entitle you to fee waivers in college. Instead, a high score on a AP test demonstrates your readiness in that subject and gives you an advantage over the competition. It is a method of demonstrating your preparation and aptitude in a subject before beginning college.

Proud Admissions

Every year, we receive acceptances to top universities. This is by no means a full list, but it does cover the most important topics ones. 


Our Courses


SAT Coaching

Modes: Online live, Hybrid, Classroom
1. First filter for colleges to see student’s fitment for admission.
2. It makes student’s CV competitive
3. Helps in admission in USA, where it is mandatory.
4. Helps in admission in other countries also, by adding another feather
5. It helps in making up for any other GAP in profile.
6. Helps in winning scholarship
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SSAT Exams

Modes: Online live, Hybrid, Classroom
1. It is mandatory in all top colleges.
2. It adds another feather in profile, where it is not mandatory.
3. It shows student’s ability to challenge them
4. It helps in getting favourite course in particular college
5. Cuts down competition for that student, helps in making up for any GAPS
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ACT Coaching

Modes: Online live, Hybrid, Classroom

LSAT Coaching

Modes: Online live, Hybrid, Classroom

UCAT Coaching

Modes: Online live, Hybrid, Classroom

SAT Coaching - Dream College

Special for Schools – Celebrating Education

Undergraduate Admission Abroad

1. Understanding what PROFILE is
2. Profile making needs years of dedicated approach
3. Learn what colleges are looking for, without getting misguided
4. How to make yourself different
5. Learn not to waste time on low threshold activities
6. Learn what should be followed and how
7. Choose colleges meticulously
8. Essay writing is time consuming
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IIT-JEE Coaching

Modes: Online live, Hybrid, Classroom


Modes: Online live, Hybrid, Classroom
1. Wants to come to India for prestigious colleges
2. Join IIT jee main course with us
3. Get what is needed.
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School Program

Special for Schools – Celebrating Education

AP Coaching

Modes: Online live, Hybrid, Classroom
1. Most powerful exam as it helps earning credits
2. Gets you assured scholarship
3. Total period of doing under graduation gets reduced
4. Not mandatory anywhere but yes recommended
5. It shows students ability to challenge themselves
6. Helps in getting favourite course and making competitive CV
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Online Tuition Classes

Modes: Online live, Hybrid, Classroom


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