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AP Registration for AP exams: Get to know about the process right here!

AP Registration: AP tests are a short form of the Advanced Placement tests that the students take on specific subjects. Usually, the AP exams are administered in the month of May. AP exams should not be neglected because a high enough score guarantees a student college credit in many universities and colleges. Along with your SAT exams, AP preparation and AP coaching should be kept in mind. Most students forget about the AP exam because they tend to focus on the SAT exam more, but this is not a good strategy at all because AP exams can have a drastic effect in reducing your college fees. It is wise to stay on top of the AP registration process.

AP Registration

While the students focus their time on AP preparation and AP coaching, it is important to get to know the process of registration for the AP exam. There are two different ways to do this.

Students can do AP registration through their school, where the AP coordinator takes the responsibility to guide the student through the registration process of the AP exam.

The other way is to self-register for the exam. Just because your school doesn’t offer the facilities for AP registration does not mean that you cannot figure out the way on your own.

In this article of EduQuest, we have described the two processes in detail for your benefit. The months leading up to the big exams like AP exams and SAT exams are crucial. It is important to focus all your energies on your preparation strategies instead of being confused by multiple links on the internet about AP registration. This information is well-researched and you will get all details in one place at once!

AP Registration through schools

First of all the student needs to join their class section online for the AP registration process. If your school has an AP coordinator, it is his or her responsibility to collect all materials and fees for the exam. Usually, the deadline for the AP registration happens in the fall, but your school may have specific deadlines. If you are opting for AP registration through school, it is important to know their specific rules in advance. Students should talk to their teacher or their AP coordinator to avoid any mistakes.

AP Registration: Step to Step Guide

We have compiled the necessary steps for you to complete your AP registration process.

  • Join class section online

As mentioned before, it is crucial to ensure that the student has remembered to join his or her class section online. They have to sign in to their AP account through their College Board account to complete the joining process.

  • Registration

Different schools have different policies, so if a school requires a student to indicate their exam registration, then the student will notice a Register button that will appear in the class section view. This will only happen after joining your respective class sections. The student wanting to complete the AP registration process needs to click on this button as this is the way by which the AP coordinator knows that the student wants to sit for the AP exam. Upon knowing this fact, the responsible authorities will order it for the students. Don’t worry if you do not see that above-mentioned button. If that is the case, it means that you have automatically been registered already.

If a student opts for registration for the AP exam after November, then that student might be subject to a late fee. If that Is the case, the student needs to communicate with their AP coordinator so that their registration can be updated. However, if the class does not start till the spring season or the student has transferred to a different institution, the situation will differ.

Then the AP coordinator can order your exam just fine, there will be no late fee applicable.

  • Communicate effectively

It is wise to talk to your respective coordinators about the AP exam fees for AP registration. The students cannot pay the required fees on websites, the AP coordinator has the responsibility to collect the fees that the student owes.

However, there is an update for the year 2020-2021. Due to the pandemic, various things have changed and it is better to stay updated on all new information available.

The fees that are unused or canceled will not be applied for this year. It is better to register for the AP exams by the deadline that your school offers. By far this is the best bet for AP registration because it keeps the options open. You can alter your decision and decide not to take the AP exams after all, and in this event, the relevant authorities do not charge the school in question. But the late order fees are still in place and the rules for this fee remain the same.

  • Review all details

In “My AP”, the student should get the date and time of the AP exam after the AP registration is complete. The information will appear in the class section of the view. The administration time differs for the exams, that is, the morning exam administration will begin from 8 am or 9 am (local time), while the afternoon AP exam administration begins from 12 pm or 1 pm. However, the AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism exam has a different administration time. It begins between 2 and pm.

The AP coordinator is a big help as he or she will notify the students when to report for the AP exams. These are the relevant details about AP registration for AP exams when you have the registration facilities present in your school.

Self-registration in the AP Registration context

But everyone may not be so lucky. There are students whose high schools do not provide this facility. But they are not to be excluded from AP registration at all. If the student does not have the AP classes option in their school or even if their school does not administer the AP exams, they can still register. Those students will not be able to order the AP exams directly, but they can arrange to sit for the AP exams in a high school closest to their location, which does offer the AP exams.

  • Decide first

Decide on the subjects that you want to take the AP exams for. This is an important step for the AP registration process because the choice of test centers will depend on your choices of subjects. So, students should start to create a list of all the AP exams they would like to give and thus register for. This will ease the process of AP registration because you can confirm which high schools have the option for providing the AP exams that you want.

  • First steps

The first thing that the student needs to do is to search the AP course ledger. This Ledger has the list of all the schools that have managed to pass the AP Course Audit. This comprehensive list will be of help o you as you can search by country or state or province. Narrowing down your results can help you to locate the school that is nearest to you. You have to figure out which school offers the course or courses that are relevant to the choice of the subjects in your AP exams and then contact them by their phone number.

Students has to pay to school then link your College Board account to Link to MY AP account:

  • Call them

When you find out their main phone number, be sure to call them and ask for the AP coordinator. When you have the chance asks whether the specific school is going to offer the choice to homeschooled students for testing in their institution. The task should be done as soon as possible. You can opt to do this as early in the school year as you want.

You might be eligible for specific testing accommodations, so remember to tell the AP coordinator of this fact if it applies on you. Be ready to talk to them and keep all the information you might need close at hand.

This is important because different schools might have different deadlines and policies. Especially, this year is going to be more tricky than usual. The schools may have a deadline for receiving requests from students to sit for the AP exams. Time is of the essence here, so make sure to contact them as early as possible. The Course Ledger gets updated so make sure to check it recently.

Contact Details

  • Phone Number: 888-225-5427 (Toll Free in the United States and Canada)
  • Email:

Last moments

The students should not wait later than the 15th of march for AP registration. We cannot stress the importance of this enough, but the test centers function on a first come first serve basis. Be sure to meet your needs in January is possible.

When you manage to receive a confirmation on your request, your main task is done. The AP coordinator is now responsible for your AP registration process and telling you when to report for your AP exams.


It is important to note that people can retake their AP exams too. Even though AP exams are administered once every year, they can opt for repeating in a subsequent year.

Final Comments

Now that you know how to do the AP registration, concentrate on the AP exams itself. They will have an important role in your future college plans so give all your focus to your AP coaching and AP preparations. We wish every test aspirant all the best!

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