What is the best way to prepare high school students for the SAT/ACT?

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)/ACT (American College Testing) is a standardized entrance exam which is organised for high school students for their college admissions in the United States majorly, and it’s not only US but other countries and basically top universities of the world where it is mandatory. There are many other reputed universities where it is not mandatory but in order to compete in this competitive world and in order to make your application impressive SAT always keep a student on safer side. The exam is conducted on behalf of the College Board by the Educational Testing Service. The main motive of the exam is to access the quality and readiness of the students. The students preparing for this test must know the best way to their preparation for a most fruitful result. Here in this article of EduQuest, we have discussed.

Know the difference between SAT/ACT: First of all, the students must know the difference between the test that they are about to appear for. There is a slight difference, the ACT includes a science section and the SAT does not have a dedicated science portion, along with time per question and total number of questions. So the student must know the differences between both the tests and plan their study accordingly to prepare in their best form.

Time management Skills: The students who want to appear for the test must choose their method of preparation i.e. the short term or the long term method. In the short term method, the student will have to work hard devoting 10-15hours per week for 2 months, whereas in the long term the student has time to make their schedule and work for 6 months. It depends upon the student as to how he/she can work best to prepare for the test. Though both the methods works, the longer is seen to be more fruitful as the student can take abundant time to practice and prepare.

Accommodation to the Structure: For best preparation of the test the high school student must know the overall detailed structure, instruction and type of questions of the test. They must become familiar with the content, sections, marks distribution, allotted time and so on. Only after that, the examinee should make his study plan.

Nonfictional reading: Apart from the syllabus, the student must make a habit of reading non-fiction such as newspaper, magazines, articles and so on, this is because in the test he/she will have to answer five long passages within an hour. The student must increase his reading speed, vocabulary and understanding capability so that during the examination he/she does not run out of his drive. Creating a reading habit is one of the best ways to prepare high school students for the SAT/ACT.

Basic mental Maths and Grammar: To score better in the test the student must be efficient. In one of the math section, the student will not be allowed to use the calculator. So to be efficient and to avoid silly mistakes which are most common, the student must practice doing mental Maths. He should start his mental math practice from the very beginning so that during the test he does not need to think twice for a sum. Also, a larger part of the Verbal section consists of basic grammar questions. The grammar that we all know but we tend to forget the rules. The students must clear the basics for this part. It’s not about learning new things but most importantly to refresh and brush the basics, the basic of both Maths and grammar.

SAT/ACT Practice Set: The student needs to know their status of preparation and the relative scores for which they need to practice based on the exam. The best way to prepare is by solving SAT practice test on regular intervals. They should review the practice sets and work on the mistakes. Reviewing is very important for the student to improve the mistakes and to not repeat it on the test day. Also practising with friends is helpful for students to discuss and solve the problem more efficiently. The students can create a group to practice test papers together. If the student feels to lack behind he/she can always opt for coaching classes for further help and guidance.

Score Target: The students must practice in full length as the practice is the only key for a good score. He/she must set a target as per what his goal is. There are three different sectors as to where the student aims for, for Ivy League Universities, for top tier universities and less selective universities. And whatever the choice is the student must plan his study schedule and score target accordingly. They must practice keeping in mind the real scenario that they will face in the final day. They should use a timer to get used to the time limit. And with each time increase their target with lesser mistakes. The scores will make them aware of your strength and weakness and the position where they stand. They can further increase their target and modify their study plan.

Overall, the best way to prepare high school students for the SAT/ACT exam takes a long route but the result would be fruitful.


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