Computer Science

A Wow, we love to talk about this advanced course the most as the students want this one in colleges, and on a flip side, this makes it a competitive field to prepare for. You don’t only need 5 pointers on this but also a technical edge over your competition. Additional technical language that we take in the classes will be – SQL, C, c++, Java, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, Web designing, Bootstrap etc.

We are providing experts from the technical field who will make students prepare their own apps, web languages expert, java scriptwriter etc.

We can’t really compare this to anything. Doing programming, and working on some projects before attempting the paper, so that you know what you are doing. Please know the fact that it is less of a theory paper and more of a Computer Programming paper. They ask you programming problems, not about the core or architecture of a computer. So extra effort will always help in extracting impressive scores on the exam.


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